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with some trepidation I scrapped my crossbow to make a compound bow


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Don't regret it one bit. Bows are faster.  Makes them better than a crossbow when you're cleaning out a building and have a multiple encounter.


No matter how hard I try, I always forget to reload my crossbow. Bows reload automatically


Damage with the compound crossbow is only slightly less than my iron crossbow. They don't have scopes. I would give the nod for a crossbow in a 4X scope but you rarely need a scope cleaning out a building. You want one when you're hunting in the open world. Of course that's very important too.  I one shot deer and bores. Piss off bears, direwolves, and pumas with either weapon.


Rabbits and chickens are still hard to hunt with a bow. Yet that's part of the fun in hunting them because it takes some skill to do it good.



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