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"Delete Game Data Folder" What Folder are they referring to?


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On steam, on the alpha 19 page, it states "We also advise you to delete you 7 Days save Game data folder before playing A19"


Forgive my lack on knowledge. This is my first time downloading a new alpha since buying the pc version. 


I don't know what folder they mean and I don't want to accidentally delete the wrong folder and screw it up.


Can anyone help?


Thank you in advance!

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17 minutes ago, Boidster said:

For Windows with default settings:



Best to just rename it/back it up elsewhere if you have concerns or want to recover 18.4 save games later.

Hmmmm.... im not finding that at all. I can't even find the AppData folder


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There's also a simple way to empty the old save data using Steam. From your Library page click the Play button for 7DTD, and select the Show Game Launcher option in the pop-up.  and the click Play.  This gives you the 7DTD launcher .  About a 1/3 of the way down you'll see 2 tabs "Start Game" and "Tools". Choose the Tools tab.


This gives you 4 choices. You want to choose the "Clean game data" one at the bottom. Select the first and second,  "Game settings" and "Game Data", and then hit the Clean button. I think we're supposed to do that every time there's a new experimental version. This wipes your game settings and also any saved character portraits, so you'll have to redo those in-game.


After that, either go back to the Start game tab and run the game, or exit, and then start the game again. (I think the original instructions were to exit the launcher, reboot your computer, then start the game.  But I didn't need to reboot after cleaning.)


Hope this helps.  


ps There used to be a sticky post about this on the old forums.  Maybe it could be re-posted?

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