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Alpha 19 Question "New Game"


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I would expect you would be best served by starting a new game (required or not).  Remember that you can always choose to keep playing your old saves by downgrading (or not upgrading) your version of the game.  Every old version back to 7 something is available there if I recall correctly.

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Yes. Your old saves will not be accessible in a19.  This is the same with every major build.


Once the experimental goes out to streamers, you will be able to lock-in 18.4 if you want to keep playing your current save.

Heck it's a few weeks at least before it goes stable, and your client won't auto-update until then anyway so you have plenty of time.


You can also check out this recent thread of how to run multiple copies of the game client. Get the best of both worlds.

Running two versions of 7D2D ?

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1 hour ago, hiemfire said:

How? I personally want to wait till stable.

The way it's worked in the past has been you have to intentionally "opt-in" for the experimentals.

In Steam program R-click over top of game (7dtd) choose "Properties", in pop up window go to "Betas" tab and in drop down for "Select the beta..." choose ... something obvious. It's not currently showing any betas.


If you don't do that then your game will not be automatically updated to an experimental build.


To stay running A18.4, even when a stable A19 is released, you can go through the same steps, right now, and opt-in to "alpha18.4 - Alpha 18.4 Stable"

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