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FPS survey


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I know the game is far from optimised so this questions is not even remotely about that.


The questions arises "Is my FPS lower than it should be given my setup"


So to help answer this question I'd like to know a few things

1. What FPS are you getting. Also what do you personally considder to be the minimum to be able to enjoy the game?

2. What is your setup: Hardware and game version (display card, monitor resolution, CPU, ram)

3. What graphics quality settings have you selected and/or changed from default?


Any other comments you'd like to add, eg things that makes a big difference to either get better FPS or to make the game more visually appealing.


Hopefully people will be able to come here and compare their own settings and from that know whether they should expect better performance from their current setup or not.

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The game is CPU-bound, and is loading a lot of data from the hard disk. As a result, CPU speed, and number of cores will make a huge difference. Even just adjusting the RAM timing has a big effect. I have covered this in detail here, and here.


i7-3930k overclocked at 4.2GHz

32GB DDR3 RAM at @2000Mhz

GTX1060 6GB SSC that's overclocked a tad past what it shipped with.

OS and game on separate SSD's, save data on ultra-fast SSHD's in RAID 0


I'm currently getting an average of 100-110FPS. Dips for BM hordes might drop me into the 80's. (I play with 32-per-wave.)



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avg. 40fps (even lower in snow biome around 30, bit more in forest biome (45-50ish), indoor >90)


8700k (4.9Ghz)

vega56 8GB (res: 2560*1440)

32GB Ram (3400MT/s, tight timings)

950pro nvme ssd


most performance gain a setting gives me, without making the game look extremely ugly, is the reduction of af from 16 to 4x. useless post fx turned off (bloom, blur)



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Between 40 and 60 frames, all vid settings maxed.


i7-9700K not OCed

Gigabyte RTX 2070

HyperX 16GB DDR4-3000

970 Evo Plus (500GB so both OS and more demanding games)

WQHD screen (XB271HU)


40 frames is the absolute minimum I guess. Not sure how people get in excess of 100 frames with considerably slower rigs, I guess vid settings play a significant role. I might try with other settings as well to see if I like the higher frames or not.


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MacBook Pro 15" 2018

i7-8750H - 2,2 ГГц

RAM: 16 ГБ

AMD Radeon Pro 555X, 4 ГБ GDDR5

SSD: 256 ГБ

Terrain setting - lowest

disabled blur/reflections/water particles/shadows and things like that

Textures : Full

View distance: HIGH

get an average of 40-45 FPS outside, during blood moon or screamer massacre can dive to 20-25 fps and im playing 64 creatures at once.

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