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go into someones thread that has the table already click on reply with quote then copy the table that is on the reply quote area and then paste in your O.P and change all the areas like download link desc etc to your stuff.


Did a template for you if you wish -




- - - Updated - - -


looks great btw man

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@PeNa1979 Yes, the video is from 1.0 Release, we are now in version 1.2. Biggest Changes are the glass blocks aka border, invisible pillar to build flying prefabs and the doors.


@noname835 Lights are planned, but I running out of time with last update ~ there are still many mods that want to see the light of day ? #TrueDarkness

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True Inventory (both):

Update 1.1 - Add new line in loc.txt / "Use Drag and Drop to equip this item!"


Use recommended way - worst case is to have it selected in toolbelt and use hotkey; out of inventory should work with hotkey.

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Ostara Features



This mod add a seasonal event called "Ostara", where you have to find colored eggs to summon and rescue the corrupted spring spirit. You can that the quest after finding your first Ostara nest, which spawn in forest biome. Craft it into a starter item and read it. After it collect more eggs to obtain the boss spawner. Prepare yourself good and place it to face the corrupted spirit. He is immun to damage! To weak him you must throw Ostara eggs on him. Than he also slow down and start a jump attack - dont get hit! After you beat him harvest the boss to free the spirit. You will get a reward egg that unlocks a recipe at reading and gives you the ability to use raw eggs to call the spirit back again. The spirit will follow you as loyal companion and you can give him commands with Ostara eggs (right click) or call him back (left click). Beside that funny egg hunt raw eggs get a rework, so you can throw them into player faces to hinder there view.


* 100% Vanillafriendly

Only server need the mod

To stop the spawning comment conten of spawning.xml out or remove it


* Egg Hunt

Ostara Nests - Spawns in forest biome and contain Ostara Eggs

Ostara Eggs - 5 Different colored eggs to find


* Questline

Craft 1 Ostara egg into a quest starter item

Collect more colored eggs (20 each color)

-> Get a Boss spawner as reward

-> Prepare for fight!

Spawn the boss and beat him!

-> Harvest Boss for spawner

-> Place the spawner

Finish the Questline

-> Get a reward egg to unlock recipes/ability


* Corrupted Spring Spirit

Ostara Quest Boss

Is immun to damage - weak him by throwing Ostara eggs on him

-> Spirit is now vulnerable

-> Spirit stop running and start jumping (care about stomp)

Attention! Place the spawner on a free and open field.


* Loyal Companion

Small rabbit that follow you

You must use the quest reward first

Can get commands via Ostara eggs

-> Left click - Call back (costs 1 egg)

-> Right click - Stay here / Follow me

While holding a Ostara egg in hand you see him on compass

While in 12 block range to him you get a buff

-> Jump strenght +1 block

Attention! Place the spawner on a free and open field.

Attention! If there are to many animals around it can bug.


* Raw Egg Rework

Throw them into other player faces to hinder there view

If you have used the quest reward item you can also use call back on left click


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2 new Mods available "True Darkness" & "True Communication"!
I hope you like them ~ a thumpsup on YT would be awesome 👍

The True Darkness Mod changes the existing lighting system (torches / candles / lanterns / fire bowls). These must now be ignited with a flint. Then they burn out slowly and may need to be re-ignited. The mod also includes a completely new fear system (SP). Dark places fear you – stay in the light! The highlight of True Darkness is the Samhain event – transform yourself into the Boogeyman and chase your friends!

True Darkness
New Light System

Light sources no longer burn infinitely. To ignite you need flint / lighter. Downgrade to unlit light sources (no torches / lantern). Torches can be lit directly from fire sources.

  • Torch / flint / short burning time (disappears)
  • Candle / animal fat / medium burning time
  • Lantern / animal fat / medium burning time (disappears)
  • Fire bowl / coal / long burning time

New Fear System (SP)

You get afraid in dark places. You can reduce it by enough light. You have to be in a building at night. Sweets calm the nerves a little.

Flashlights are very important now!

  • Afraid 0-50 / Noises
  • Afraid 50-90 / Poor vision + sounds
  • Afraid 90-99 / Very poor vision + sounds
  • Panic / Don’t try it!

Not possible in multiplayer – create an MP fix from the Duke note at the beginning!

Samhain Event (SP/MP)

New findable book including background information on the festival day. Teach you Making the Butzemann Costume / Knife.

Morph into the monster and fearfully your friends (15min) Use knife to hit other player and raise there fair. Use knife to launch a scream that raise other players fear (aoe) Use rotted meat to lower your sugar level.

Banish the monster! (3h) Beat the monster with the polkagris club. Use candy to appease the monster.

True Communication

The **True Communication** Mod adds a walkie talkie and headphones to the game, with which you can send/receive radio messages. There are a total of **11 combat** and **11 social emotes**! The range and frequency can be changed.

* **Walkie Talkie**

    Left-click: send radio message
    Right-click:change selection
    F-button (standing): change range
    F-button (crouching): change frequency
    **Warning - after entering the game you must reselect the walkie talkie to work properly!**
* **Headphones**

    F-button: Deactivate

* **Radio station (planned)**

    I need your support!
* **Language packages**

    English: Capp00 & Ramble_on_Rose
    German : Wautscher & Fehu
* **Financial Support**

    Stefan Hagemann


I dislike this new forum ... tables dont work like expected, maybe I am to old but that is why there is now a picture instead of a table.


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I played with your mod ( dungeon blocks ) during the A18 and I found it excellent.

Since this update A19 your mod is messing around, I only have glass cubes even when I select the wooden cubes.

The iron bars are also transparent



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I have the mod for the dungeon blocks, but if something damages a block I could not figure out how to fix it.

It says you need You need the Dungeon Block Variant Helper to repair it. ---However, where do you find this?

Help please


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