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Recreational Vehicle - Possible?


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Been asking for something like this for a while but no comment from MM or the modders on if it is even possible. It would get horrible gas milage, go as slow as the bicycle and would punish you for daring to take it off the roads. But have basic amenities like a stove/campire and several storage locations. A ladder on the back for going to the roof. More than 2 seats would be ideal and of course we all want to be able to stand/sit on the roof and shoot zeds while driving around.


If they ever make it so the school bus in the game becomes a drivable vehicle that you can make, you could possibly mod that for the look or give you something to work from. But as it is the vehicles in the game are a solid singular object, not a "base" you can build off of and add things to like multiple storage boxes or a stove. So the game limitations may not even allow it.

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1) they'd have to COMPLETELY fix the disappearing vehicles in order to implement it


2) it'd have to be unacceptable as a horde base (slower than zombie running speed or something)


3) it would probably have to have a set amount of storage that couldn't be added to...like 2-4 boxes in preset spots and you couldn't actually add to the interior of the RV


4) would you make it able to be picked up and carried? That seems kinda silly for a mobile base. On the other hand, if you didn't, it's WAY too easy in this game for your vehicle to get hung up on terrain...possibly permanently making your base useless (it bounces onto a boulder in a trader-zone).


Honestly, I'd LOVE a mobile storage and crafting area (or them to fix vehicles enough that I wasn't rolling the dice on disappearing vehicles every time I left one outside a POI) so that I didn't have to make so many treks back to my stationary base and could more easily roam further.


Or they could just increase backpack storage, which would solve the problem completely for me.

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