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[Alpha 18] CompoPack 39 Modlet


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will try it out


nice Modlet but you need the Prefabs to, want be nice for link.


Yea I didn't add the prefabs in as that would increase the size. I wanted to load the prefabs from the mods folder, but it doesn't seem to work like assets.


- - - Updated - - -


What exactly does it have patched in?


It makes it so you don't have to overwrite your rwgmixer xml file. You can just use the modlet to enable it. Or remove the modlet and go to vanilla.


Doesn't work. Dedicated server crushes with null reference exception


Can you post the error log? Make sure your server has the prefabs and the modlet installed. Also I didn't test on servers.

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Thank you for bustin @ss to get this out quickly, but it looks like Magoli is just as fast. CompoPack_40 is out: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?28057-Compo-Pack-for-Random-Gen


Not sure about language barriers, but perhaps the two of you should get together for a joint project?


Thanks, but he did all the work. I just rewrote it in modlet form to make it easier to install. I am a developer and when ever you modify code its better to make a copy and then modify it. Always keep the original untouched if you can help it. I'll also update the modlet soon.

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