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  1. I copied and pasted it, now it works! Thanks!😉
  2. Hello Andyjoki Top Mod but EgyptAnubisVanilla is missing? <entitygroup name="EgyptAnubisGroup"> <entity name="EgyptAnubisVanilla"/> </entitygroup> is not in the enitys xml
  3. belfegor

    True Survival

    super coole mod.Thank you✌️
  4. belfegor

    True Survival

    i cant find the securescanner for the military card😢 in red mesa i find it,but where is the cdc?
  5. belfegor

    True Survival

    Where can you get a refund quest for example jz_TraitRefundSlowDriver
  6. belfegor

    True Survival

    The mason has the wrong loot group mechanic.A😉lso lootcontainer 227 instead of 218.
  7. belfegor

    True Survival

    No hurry. The mod is very cool. With new ideas with the career choices. I like this rpg touch. Thank you for the time that you put in this mod
  8. belfegor

    True Survival

    Good work!! But Unfortunately, some icons and texts are still missing in the progression
  9. <!-- the max cap for lootcontainer id is 1023 --> loot and block change till 1023
  10. hello khaine how exactly does it work with animal breeding? So I'm looking for a wild female and male cow then I take the items DFbabyCow and DFbabyBull I convert these into animalFarmCow and animalFarmCowMale so far correct? how does it go on? do i need a fenced area? do i need special food? how do I bring the cow that she gets pregnant or offspring? then how long does it take? would not be bad like the starvation that is explained by quest
  11. the sound in the night too:upset:
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