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  1. Edit: I don't need help anymore I figured out what was wrong.
  2. I'm having a issue selling the fish net. When I try wall of red text something about divide by zero.
  3. Thank you so much I am using many of your mods and enjoying them. If I may, can I request a HUD mod from you if you're able to? That would be awesome Thank you for responding
  4. I also have a question about this for the 187 slot backpack. Im not a modder and barely can add mods without screwing stuff up. I'm not good at math either I restarted so many times today because I kept getting 300 skill points leveling up finally figured out the backpack progression xml was why. <stallionsden> <set xpath="/progression/level/@max_level">999</set> <set xpath="/progression/level/@exp_to_level">100</set> <set xpath="/progression/level/@skill_points_per_level">1</set> <----I changed it to 1 point yet I'm not sure what to do with
  5. Thank you for responding. I did that and for some reason I can't seem to enable these other mods. I'm not sure if this is the cause its still not working same error message.
  6. I am using the launcher and getting a error that says No scripts or patches found Not running SDX. Game launches with Fun Pimps logo, music and then goes either black or gray then unresponsive. Any help to fix this would be appreciated.
  7. Is there a button to unload guns?
  8. I can't get lockpicks to work. I have completed covert class and read the schems am I missing something?
  9. I'm not sure if you mean the dufflebag maybe? I'm new to this mod I have no idea what's going on. I'm having a issue (maybe it's intended) with looting bodies. Once I open the body "container" and if I leave that window the loot goes into a dropped backpack and immediately disappears. Mostly I find something even better looting and try to make inventory space and end up losing the loot altogether
  10. Is there a bigger backpack that can be added?
  11. Could someone please walk me through a elevator build? Im not sure out of all the parts what gets placed in what order.
  12. Is it just me or does the iron and steel fireaxes have a lot of hits that are not registering? Stone axe is fine and so are the pickaxes.
  13. I can't even say this ever occurred to me *facepalm LMAO. I think I did try to do something like this before and it was with a different mod when I first started using the launcher. I tried to download mod launcher/mods stuff to a folder named 7 days to die-name of the mod I was trying to play at the time and it wouldn't recognize it in drop down menu and I gave up. I was thinking that the mod was to copy original game but I didnt see a copy in my files. Anyway I made this way more complicated than it had to be and thanks to your suggestion it's working now.
  14. Yes all files are in their correct places and I just double checked. The error going on about the composter Ill try to dig and find out why this is happening. Im not very experienced with modding stuff. I have downloaded this manually 2 times before and didn't have any issues. I change the progression xml's and when I use the launcher it overwrites it so that's why I need to be able to manually do this. Edit: I'm doing a clean install now hopefully I can get this working
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