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Alpha 18 - high server CPU usage > huge delays in game with low ping


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Started a new world, dedi server, pre gen 03. First it took like 5 min after starting the world I could actually join. We saw the server online but it would giving timeouts to everyone while trying to connect. Next it started working, but since then (like half an hour ago) its been lagging hard. Taking an item, looting or watching a zombie die, everything works after a huge delay, literally a few seconds. Even chat is delayed.


ping itself is unstable but 50~ most of the time, not compatible with how much delay we are getting. CPU usage on the server 100% full time, surpassing 100% sometimes (I don't know how to explain this).


Used to work well with A17, and although I could see this being more resource intensive than the previous version, the insane delays for even 1 person connected - on a server that worked well for 12 people until last week - seems pretty weird.


I'm looking for tips on improving performance server side, aside of the number of zombies. I see some servers working well, so..



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response I got from the host company:


"We have heard the new update is very resource-intensive (this follows along with previous new versions as well).

We will need to give it time for the developers to optimise."


still looks weird as I logged into another server and it was smooth.. :(

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There is definitely something wrong with the server. I am also a hosting provider. We host 7dtd only on linux and there is some strange performance with the A18 version.

We have some servers with ubuntu 18.04 and 14.04 and it is just really bad on 18.04, dont know why.

7DTD A17.4 used to take around 5-10% cpu at most when idle on both Ubuntu 14.04 and 18.04.


Now with A18 it takes around 40-50% cpu on Ub14.04 when idle, but whopping 120-150% on ubuntu 18.04 when idle.

Tested on different HW (Intel 4930k and 6700k), same outcome.

(idle server = no players, 100% cpu usage means 1 full core)

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hello guys. Yes it lags to everyone, its something on the server. The company however assured me there are no issues on the hardware, and installing a17 works well.


Like.. I was playing with 12 people until last week on A17 (smooth), now it lags like hell with just me on A18. I'm considering some issue between the new version and that specific hardware, a bug.


I appreciate all ur input, I feel like this is not even taken as a "known issue" by TFP because of most servers working fine. Didn't get a single response from them in any of the posts/comments I made. :(

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I've confirmed this behavior on Ubuntu 18.04.


Running Alpha 17.4 at idle with no one connected used 2% cpu.

Running Alpha 18 b143 at idle with no one connected used 38% cpu.


This test was on an old xeon quad core with 16 gigs of ram.


Edit: This is running the Dedi Server.

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is that a dedi server or shared ?


heres my info btw

Mono path[0] = 'C:/[-------]/7DaysToDieServer_Data/Managed'

Mono config path = 'C:/[-------]/MonoBleedingEdge/etc'

Initialize engine version: 2019.1.0f2 (292b93d75a2c)

Forcing GfxDevice: Null

GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=0


Version: NULL 1.0 [1.0]

Renderer: Null Device

Vendor: Unity Technologies

FMOD initialized on nosound output

Begin MonoManager ReloadAssembly

- Completed reload, in 0.077 seconds

UnloadTime: 0.394531 ms

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.064 INF Awake

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.116 INF Version: Alpha 18 (b139) Compatibility Version: Alpha 18, Build: Windows 64 Bit

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.116 INF System information:

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.117 INF OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.117 INF CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1270 v6 @ 3.80GHz (cores: 8)

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.117 INF RAM: 65484 MB

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.117 INF GPU: Null Device (128 MB)

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.118 INF Graphics API: NULL 1.0 [1.0] (shader level 3.0)

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.118 INF Last played version: Alpha 18

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.118 INF Local UTC offset: -3 hours

2019-10-08T19:10:02 0.124 INF Command line arguments: C:\[-------]\7DaysToDieServer.exe -batchmode -nographics -configfile=SLserverconfig.xml -logfile C:\[-------]\7DaysToDieServer_Data\output_log.txt -TelnetEnabled=true -TelnetPort=25002 -ControlPanelEnabled=false -maxplayers=12 -ip -dedicated



* [-------] = hidden info. No idea if that could compromise anything :indecisiveness:

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Experience high Framdrops and lags, especially when outside or high up.

Serverstats are I5


Ubuntu 18.04 with latest updates and fresh boot.




2019-10-12T09:20:07 0.087 INF Awake

2019-10-12T09:20:07 0.149 INF Version: Alpha 18 (b139) Compatibility Version: Alpha 18, Build: Linux 64 Bit

2019-10-12T09:20:07 0.149 INF System information:

2019-10-12T09:20:07 0.192 INF OS: Linux 4.15 Ubuntu 18.04 64bit

2019-10-12T09:20:07 0.192 INF CPU: Intel® Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (cores: 4)

2019-10-12T09:20:07 0.193 INF RAM: 32115 MB

2019-10-12T09:20:07 0.193 INF GPU: Null Device (128 MB)

2019-10-12T09:20:07 0.195 INF Graphics API: NULL 1.0 [1.0] (shader level 3.0)

2019-10-12T09:20:07 0.195 INF Last played version: Alpha 18

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