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  1. The download link for the Alpha 17.4 version is still incorrect, the hyperlink takes you to the A18 version, which is: http://crongame.com/nitrogen/NitroGen_WorldGenerator.zip Anyone got the A17.4 version to share?
  2. The linked version for A17 links to v0.441, which is for A18. The generated world is built for A18 as well, causing the A17.4 dedicated server to throw a bunch of errors. Any chance of getting one of the older builds for A17?
  3. Yes they are, as I used WireShark to see exactly which connections were being made whislt the firewall was enabled. I then disabled the firewall, leaving all the ports open, to see what other connections were being made through the process. Only difference was that one of the IPs in that Steamworks server list was now connecting successfully. Re-enabled the firewall, created a rule to allow that IP, and now the server can be connected to through Steamworks, which is what 7 Days To Die uses to handle connecting players to servers.
  4. The devs added random crafting bonuses for some dumb reason, and didn't make it toggleable. So I've made an XPath mod that just removes those bonuses from all weapons and tools. Now it's like A17.4. Download Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/650/
  5. Literally explained why to you, in the same thread I found that out: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?127515-Ports-needed-for-Steamworks-NET
  6. Those ports won't work for the Steamworks server that tries to connect to it, as it will use a random port above 3000.
  7. The quest system is horrible. It's literally just going to instances and running back. At least with Skyrim's horrible radiant quests there was the novelty of an intricate environment to traverse through, and they weren't a huge benefit. The solution would be to just remove the quest system, and XP in general. Make it predominately gear based, and add competing AI factions. More sandbox, less instances.
  8. Yeah they don't have all the ports listed that you need. You need to allow a specific Steamworks networking server to connect to your server, and they don't use fixed ports. They do, however, have static IPs. Here's the thread where I found out how to do all this: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?127515-Ports-needed-for-Steamworks-NET Here's the list of the Steamworks servers: https://bgp.he.net/AS32590#_prefixes You'll likely need something like Wireshark to see which Steamworks servers are trying to connect to your server, then allow their IPs through the firewall. There will only be one that you need to add.
  9. Fixed the compiler error, it was just the wrong opcode index. Fixed that, now it actually works for real this time.
  10. No idea, but it's easy to make an account.
  11. Reflections being a CPU task due to all the added draw calls. Reflected shadows being a CPU task due to all the added draw calls. What's your CPU? What resolution are you running the game at? Are you using Vulkan?
  12. Updated for 18.2 support
  13. Updated for 18.2 support
  14. Edit: Nvm, got to update it for 18.2. Had a brain fart because it was 3am. Updating right the now. Edit2: There we go, updated.
  15. What we need is a way to see how many draw calls are being issued. I wonder if it's a problem of too many blocks being rendered unnecessarily, as that is exactly where Vulkan excels. When there's a large number of objects being drawn, Direct3D 11 and OpenGL crater once you pass 6,000 draw calls. Vulkan, on the other hand, will eat as many draw calls as you can throw at it without any driver-related performance drain. And if the renderer uses multiple draw call submission threads (Vulkan has parallelizable draw call processing that scales almost 1:1 with core count), you can throw more cores and see your performance shine even in ungodly complex scenes. The other possibility, is that the Vulkan shaders are far more efficient than the Direct3D 11 ones. I'm guessing that the Direct3D 11 shaders got borked somehow, and either the Vulkan shaders themselves are just better written, or the Vulkan driver is so much more clean that it chews threw the shader that much faster. Could even be both.
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