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Twilight zone or Bermuda triangle


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Ive seen weird sht happen in this game but last night topped it all.

Earlier we had a thread that was asking if players still lose their vehicles and I replied that yeah, lost my minibike to a game crash liek 3 weeks ago.

So last night I got my gyro and took it for a spin. As I was flying back home my character was suddenly teleported to a minibike driving along the road where I lost my minibike 3 WEEKS AGO. I look up and see my gyro falling down and when I exit the minibike I teleport back to my gyro but I cant do anything but fall with it. After that I couldnt move so I logged out but that didnt help so I had to close the game. When I came back, my tool belt was gone, backbag was ok and I was standing next to my gyro. So I ran back to that minibike and look inside its storage and ITS THE SAME BIKE I lost 3 weeks ago.


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You can tell Evil minibikes from alternate universes because they will always either have a van dyke,

or one of these:




riding it.




If you just can't tell, then say you're going to have to shoot both for the safety of our universe, and wait for reactions!




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