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  1. Well let players decide how they want to play their game. Log spikes were fine and there was a reason to put them upside down.
  2. Im pre-syncing df exp from modlauncher and it looks like it will take half a day. Is it always that slow?
  3. Actually its part of the mod so I'd say this is the right place. I think that looting those things like sewing kit and welding torch is affected buy your level.
  4. Read them in your toolbelt and youll get notes by scrapping useless books.
  5. So is Trader Caitlin in every map and its located in wasteland only?
  6. Its in the wasteland and could be anywhere underground. Be cautious on wasteland coz those behemoths are nasty and most likely one shot you.
  7. That doesnt happen after the update. I have a quest to kill some lumberjacks. Went there, killed those that spawned but none of them counted for the quest. Went to snowbiome to kill some more but same si I cant finish it. (edit, just noticed I have to use axe) And could you update tooltip for Security mastery so it tells that you can craft mil. armor.
  8. So how can I make military armor. Cant find any skill/perk that says so.
  9. You dug it two blocks deep? - - - Updated - - - So I found 1 welding torch after maaaany boxes but still no sewing kit or tanning rack, where are those?
  10. Well its definitely not 35% from stiffy boxes. I've gone through like 70-90 stiffy, gas, car boxes and nothing. I even raised my scavenging. Most things are behind that torch, even that minibike, so making it this hard is silly.
  11. So where do I find a welding torch?
  12. This, its quite annoying on asfalt and ruins your roads.
  13. Win 10 has been out for some time now and have been found solid platform for gaming. I would never suggest Win 7 for newly built rig.
  14. I played starvation for quite some time now but didnt know that powering up nuke plant give electricity to my machines. I just never did it coz i didnt see any benefit doing it. Other thing is, its been a awhile when i when to the rad zone and before i was just doing fine with my full rad suit but has this changed? I did go mental but otherwise was doing ok, though heat was another issue.
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