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  1. You still don't understand that many games still get developed after getting released or "done" how you put it. Nobody says TFP should instantly abandon the whole game after it's been finished. In fact they can just delete the alpha label off the game and do live updates only on a special, prototype server or something and only add updates to the real game when it's basically bug free or at least not destroying anything. Or they could just delete the label off without changing anything at all in their developing scheme and voila the game would be suddenly one of the few finished games that get frequent and big updates rather than a game that is forever in alpha.
  2. @warmer Ofc the beta options (thanks Steam for using the proper term for this game) are extremely useful, but they don't fix the main problem - that the game is just not finished, not even officially. As long as the game remains in alpha it will have the label of a forever-going, never-ending project or something often not worth even reviewing because it's only alpha. Also people will be hesitant to invest their whole time and effort into this game as long as it's alpha. And what the OP wants in this topic is not to live in the past by selecting an older alpha but to keep game up to date without getting all his stuff destroyed every once in a while and I think it's a reasonable request.
  3. Yes, release it as it is, slow down updates a bit and problem solved. I bet many people find it hard to attach themselves to something called alpha. Besides, the longer this drags on, the more bad, Star Citizen-ish, rep the game will get.
  4. I kinda feel the author on this one. It seems to be a very weird concept. Good thing is that they allow us to play the old alphas so you can stay on any version you like basically forever, but I have never seen so many alphas in a game in my entire life. Also what TFP consider alpha, is what some devs (and often also me as a player) consider to be beta or even a finished product. Hell a few years ago I got the game I wanted, they could have just slapped "done" on it and done minor improvements, only to find out now it was never "supposed" to be that way. Whatever the case, the whole prolonged alpha weirds me out big time. Not only the game has been working better than some AAA finished titles and been fun to play for years, but it seems each alpha some things are added (no need to be in alpha for this, you can add vehicles etc. after finishing) and gameplay is overhauled for no reason. Maybe that's why the game has been in alpha for so long. One step forward one step back and here we go.
  5. Also doesn't work on vultures by default, I believe they are in a different class than the zombieMaleTemplate.
  6. Well if the devs go smart about it, then it won't make life any more difficult for me. Just put all special zombies in one category and then I can keep one mod forever where I just disable special zombies and I'm done. If they keep adding them one by one without grouping them up, then yeah, that will be a big pain in the ass.
  7. Haven't tested it yet, but I think I'm quite ready to begin a fresh game without creative menu now so I guess I'll see. And if sleepers won't wake up, all the better. I would actually prefer them not to because then they won't hiss all over the place or jumpscare me. Although if they do wake up they won't jumpscare me anyway cuz they'll just idle about so EDIT: Just tested it in my fresh game and sleepers really don't wake up. They do wake up when you hit them of course. For me, this is ideal state of things.
  8. Thanks to @Boidster we can now all have "passive aggressive" zombies (passive until you attack them, then aggresive) by doing this: Open entitygroups.xml in 7D2D/data/config folder and under "zombieTemlateMale" find this line: <property name="AITarget-4" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" data="class=EntityPlayer,0,0,EntityNPC,0,0"/> <!-- class, hear distance, see dist (checked left to right, 0 dist uses entity default) --> Then remove the part Boidster made red in the text above. That's all, now zombies will only attack you if you attack them first.
  9. Sorry @Boidster, didn't read the edit of yours before applying. Now that I've only altered one of the lines, it's working perfect! Much love for you I'm gonna copy paste this and credit you in the mod request section where I asked for exactly this. Thank you once again.
  10. What you're looting in game is obviously something no-one has ever touched before, so no, it doesn't make any sense there are more guns than ammo there. In later game, sure, why not, at least if people only keep taking ammo and not the guns, but that's it.
  11. Cool. Thanks. That's some strange coding if zombieMale refers to female zombies as well, but whatever, I'll do it and see how well it works. EDIT: So far so good. Of course they don't attack back for now, but I can already feel the peace.
  12. Oh come on, last week I started a thread in the forum asking for game changes and people were like "fk off get mods or get out of this game. Absolutely unheard of to change game to how YOU like it, the game must be the way WE like it or how MM wants it". This thread has some helpful people in it but I bet most of posters here disagree with the game having a casual mode in the future or getting easier (via server settings), which is what I'm rooting for. Without mods. I'm only modding because there is no other way yet. And it's logical that there are more dislikes than likes on this topic too, because people who agree with me usually stopped playing this game some time ago and they don't even go to the forums anymore. @Boidster Thanks for the effort boidster, although from the picture and the text above ti it seems you were trying to molest Arlene . In any case, did you change that property specifically on Arlene or it applies to all zombies?
  13. I'm looking for a mod that will basically change zombies' behavior to that of the boar. In other words, they will not attack me unless I attack them first.
  14. As far as vultures go, you can see the previous page on how to deal with them right now. I think turning them into chickens is a fitting revenge. Then you just wait for devs to fix them. I somewhat agree with the guns. I really liked it when there were molds in the game and you just crafted the parts and then crafted the weapons or just found the parts and stuff. Nowadays guns are more frequent than friggin' antibiotics and funnily enough, than ammo. Makes no sense there are more guns than ammo. Not only it doesn't make sense (compared to real life) but it straight enrages me when games do this to me. I have like a million pistols and no bullets to shoot. Total absurdity. Thank god for the creative menu where I can spawn my ammo. As for 4x4 I have used it once and then never after, because it's super slow, basically like a bicycle, so why bother. Haven't really noticed any terrain deformations other than street signs and stuff, but I surely heard the sounds when I crashed into something. Anyway I'm just using bicycle and gyrocopter and I'm happy as can be.
  15. Yeah I swear everyone on this forum looks at me like I'm some kind of a terrorist that I don't enjoy constant buttrape while playing the game and that I dare to ask for a less buttrape version of the game Don't know what your intentions were @BFT2020 but I'm pretty sure the guy above you was being sarcastic so there's no need to defend. BTW anyone figured out why setting the enemies to isenemy false didn't work at all?
  16. You do whatever you want, that's the point. Sometimes you want to build something, sometimes you want to clear a POI full of zimbies, sometimes you just want to kill a few zombies, sometimes you just want to dig some treasures. There is a million things you can do when the friggin' zombies are not pushing you around.
  17. Well I changed the true to false in the zombies, zombie male class, but zombies regardless of sex attacked me still.
  18. By the way, now that we have the replacement business finished, I would like to ask something. Would it be easier, the same, or harder than replacing the zombies if I wanted to reprogram their AI? Specifically, I want to take away their ability to attack me on their own. This would allow me to keep vanilla game, and even use literally any server config, but at the same time give me room to do whatever I want and face the challenge I want by only allowing zombies to attack me if I attack first. Is it in any way possible for me to do that? And would it be more or less work than doing what I just did with the xml?
  19. @BoidsterYou're a real MVP man! I'll get right to it. Man, I've never even known there were fkin radiated vultures. Anyway, good sense of humor with the "bear". The Family Guy cutaway comes into mind as well . As for your mod, I really don't want to force you to do anything, especially when I will do the xml for myself, but since your mod is already up there, you should think about replacing anything that can run or fly (including animals) with something that can only walk, such as basic zombies or with docile animals. Only then can you call that mod a casual mod and people will be safe from stress and harassment. If they want to get some hostile animals back, they can do it on their own risk later.
  20. Well like I said, I only met wolf once in my entire new playthrough and also I got the animal tracking perks as soon as I could because then I can detect them. But of course, if they start chewing on me or jumpscaring me I'll get them the hell out of my game.
  21. @BoidsterBro, I need to applaud you again. I have just tested the mod you uploaded the other day and it's working pretty neatly. I'm on gamestage 340 and in the short time I was using the mod I checked a couple POIs and surrounding area (one in forest one in burnt forest or whatever the biome is called). I have only seen standard zombies and one fat one, which I guess isn't standard cause it gives more exp, but I still consider it normal because it's slow and melee. The only downside I could see was that there were still vultures in the game. Can you tell me how to remove them?
  22. While we are adding notes to that suggested "casual" server setting by Roland, there is a crapton of loot in the game with 100% loot abundance already, at least if you're playing singleplayer. Also the "walk day night" is broken like I said a thousand times, if you depend on it saving your life, don't, because it won't, dogs will chew you up, cops will nuke you from distance and also sprint while doing it, so mod the game. Chain is always just as strong as the weakest link, and if you have 99% zombies walk and 1% run, you're dead anyway so.
  23. @RolandMan you should've told me the number of XP you specified was just a small boost. I had to do it more than 10 times, although after that I just added a zero or 2 to finally get all the perks. In any case, thank you, now I can finally do everything properly without handicap. But I'm definitely not turning zombies on until I get the above mentioned mod working for sure
  24. Thank you man, always awesome to see when people don't only pretend to care about you but directly help you. Anyway, as for your earlier question, special zombies for me are all zombies that can run or move fast by default (zombie dogs, vultures) and zombies with special abilities (screamers, acid shooting cops etc.). As for wolves, I hardly ever saw one and they are just normal animals so I would keep them for now.
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