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  1. You're right: I had the same problem with my turrets (they disappeared when I was close but were still working). I deactivated the occlusion and everything worked out.
  2. Rekt told me the same thing about you.
  3. Thanks Roland. I just launched a new game with all the settings you mentioned x 2, it's a nice nightmare. One thing I'd like to see is the possibility to mute the zombies voices. This could be a terrible game changer.
  4. Alpha 19 sounds better every day. Hype train ! Too soon ? Ok.
  5. Too scary. If at least he was dressed as a clown. No wait...
  6. It's beautiful. Water looks amazing, very good work. And it's a shame... Maybe you're sarcastic, I don't know, but I would be so happy if you could find some time to allow us to interact with the environment without HUD. I made a video a year ago to show how immersive is the game without HUD : And, by the way, I saw recently in the settings that we can reduce the size of the global HUD and I was like whaaaaaaat it's awesome, but in fact no, because the more you reduce the size of the informations, the more they are centered and it's not usuable. Maybe have a look at this feature
  7. Can we get a 4% chance of being electrocuted by the vending machine? Not being electrocuted would be a cool feeling, just before being poisoned by what we bought. You know : risk - risk - reward.
  8. Yes and it's very well done. That was an alpha 17 annoyment. I like the rifle now, didn't use it, never, in previous versions. Finding one the first day allows to play long range, it's lethal and very fun. Later, fore more DPS against angry fluorescent people, find the marksman.
  9. Ok, not bad... Let me try again.
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