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  1. You're right: I had the same problem with my turrets (they disappeared when I was close but were still working). I deactivated the occlusion and everything worked out.
  2. Rekt told me the same thing about you.
  3. Thanks Roland. I just launched a new game with all the settings you mentioned x 2, it's a nice nightmare. One thing I'd like to see is the possibility to mute the zombies voices. This could be a terrible game changer.
  4. Hek Harris

    I wish...

    I wish you were here. I'm talking to you, bandits !
  5. Alpha 19 sounds better every day. Hype train ! Too soon ? Ok.
  6. Many people are unaware that zombies have evolved considerably since Romeo's movies. Learn to recognize them or you will meet your creator earlier than expected.
  7. Too scary. If at least he was dressed as a clown. No wait...
  8. "Intimidation with a 44 Magnum no longer works on vending machines" after testing, the bug still remains with a shotgun...
  9. It's beautiful. Water looks amazing, very good work. And it's a shame... Maybe you're sarcastic, I don't know, but I would be so happy if you could find some time to allow us to interact with the environment without HUD. I made a video a year ago to show how immersive is the game without HUD : And, by the way, I saw recently in the settings that we can reduce the size of the global HUD and I was like whaaaaaaat it's awesome, but in fact no, because the more you reduce the size of the informations, the more they are centered and it's not usuable. Maybe have a look at this feature
  10. Just sell him stuff and never buy anything from him. He will eventually file for bankruptcy, leave his shop and the protection zone of his land claim block.
  11. On my last game, I scrapped all the canned food I found. I only ate cooked food and vegetables. That was great and the food poisoning made sense. Vitamins too ^^. You should try.
  12. Can we get a 4% chance of being electrocuted by the vending machine? Not being electrocuted would be a cool feeling, just before being poisoned by what we bought. You know : risk - risk - reward.
  13. Asking for changes is gonna be very hard now... But let's try... can we talk about food spoilage ?
  14. I can lend you my account... - - - Updated - - - Well, I can select it, so why not ? It's my most played game after all.
  15. Trader Joel : "Bring me Rekt head". No problem, don't need a reward.
  16. What I really would like to see in A19 is : - Frequent random hordes, with zombies coming running. An irradiated who comes from nowhere. A demolisher approaching the base. The return of regular screamers. In short, anything to spice up life between two blood moons. - A balanced loot (too many finished products now: bandages, teas, cooked food, clothes, etc... : on my last game, I didn't cook at all, nor did I pick a single aloe. I'm swimming in a painkillers sea, because healing bandages are everywhere.) - An inconvenience related to the consumption of canned food. - A permanent infection (the current system is perfect but absolutely not exploited). Other than that, I'm waiting for the bandits who should make the game dangerous and difficult again. Take my dough and publish a DLC, it will fit me perfectly.
  17. The Steam Awards are available. I guess it's better if we choose the same category to highlight this good old "7 Days". So what do you think of "The Labor of Love Award"? https://store.steampowered.com/steamawards/nominations?l=english&snr=1_4_autumnsale__autumn2019-SteamAwards
  18. In this regard, the French lottery had a slogan: "100% of the lottery winners had bought a ticket". This slogan had greatly increased the number of punters;)
  19. Ok, let's try this : let's say you have 1% chance to have an accident when you go to work. According to you, if you go 100 times to work, you have 100% chance to have an accident. Am I right ?
  20. That's why I miss wellness and what could have be done with that feature Vehicle breakdown should lower your morale and add a risk to get sick later... Depressiveness should have is own bar...
  21. I really hope that we will get events that are as random as they are difficult to manage. Madmole seems slightly obsessed with the blood moon but to be honest it's far from being my favorite feature. During many alphas there was no blood moon and the game was no less awesome. In a survival, we all seek a form of routine to ensure our safety. This routine must be jostled regularly by vicious devs (who said with a german accent ?) to keep the game exciting. So yes, I want REAL random hordes that come running, I want my vehicle to crash, I want to be sick at the worst time, I want everything not to be predictable. And I want rivers of tears on the forum, of course.
  22. Credibility has just called: it won't come until you've worked your maths. But thank you, it's good to laugh sometimes.
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