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Was ist dass ??


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OK as serious answer


This is a placeholder block that during Worldgeneration will be transformed in one of the containers of the "Loot Forest" list.


<!-- When unwrapping a prefab into the world, replace the lootForest block with one of the following -->
<placeholder name="cntForestRandomLootHelper">
	<block name="cntTrashPile01" prob="0.1"/>
	<block name="cntTrashPile02" prob="0.1"/>
	<block name="cntTrashPile03" prob="0.1"/>
	<block name="cntTrashPile04" prob="0.1"/>
	<block name="cntTrashPile05" prob="0.1"/>
	<block name="cntTrashPile06" prob="0.1"/>
	<block name="cntTrashPile07" prob="0.1"/>
	<block name="cntTrashPile08" prob="0.1"/>
	<block name="cntTrashPile09" prob="0.1"/>
	<block name="cntBackpack01" prob="0.03"/>
	<block name="cntBackpack03" prob="0.03"/>
	<block name="cntDuffle01" prob="0.03"/>
	<block name="cntSportsBag01" prob="0.03"/>
	<block name="cntSportsBag02" prob="0.03"/>
	<block name="cntPurse01" prob="0.03"/>



So its still blue. Damn can say its a Bug or i get problems with DC


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