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  1. I think what you need to edit is Data\Config\Xui_Menu\windows.xml. Search for "xuiGameSettingsAdvanced" but make sure you look at all three matches because the options are referenced in three separate sections. You may need to make modifications in more than one section, IDK. You should probably look into existing XUI modlets though. Maybe someone has already done what you want, and even if not, looking at the code will be educational.
  2. I've never used ends-with in my modlets, but I doubt it would be mentioned in the XPath tutorial thread if it straight-up doesn't work. In any case, if you want helpful input you should probably post the code and resulting errors. The SO question seems completely unrelated based on the accepted answer.
  3. I'm gonna assume the space in the filename ("dtm_prcoess ed.raw") is just a typo. The IOException error usually means another process has a lock on the file. There's lots of ways to troubleshoot that, but you could always just log out and/or reboot. Well, even if you can do that, the OP suggests otherwise:
  4. QUOTE=Dracula;n1723751]It's fun to imagine a sort of "Omega Man" situation in which I'm the last man alive and I've taken to rebuilding society. Be careful. Back in the day I liked to imagine myself in place of Will Smith in "I Am Legend" and I've since become a miserable old bastard.
  5. Another @Boidster experiment, baited breath ensues!
  6. Indeed, I hadn't noticed that. My apologies, @bobross.
  7. SHUT UP AND GET IN THE TRUNK OR YOU GET NO HOBO STEW! I haven't tried the 4x4, is it really unsuited for offroading? That would be really disappointing IMO.
  8. Yeah, but it's kind of disappointing there isn't a stickied thread that's periodically updated to keep us apprised of said transition...
  9. Exactly. I don't think there are even any plans for placing buildings beyond the rare, very rundown hovel-shacks that exist now.
  10. When you phrase it like that, I can't help but wonder if the complaints about its lack of player capacity would be ameliorated by allowing additional players to board as cargo, taking up some storage space...
  11. I'm a fan of RW (moreso than 7D if I'm honest), but I'd say it's actually less suited to OP's desires than 7D. The survival aspect is very shallow ATM. Not to mention it doesn't seem like he wants to construct buildings himself, much less take the time to do it with RW's plank and beam system.
  12. Our respective understandings of the game's design are apparently very different. From my perspective, in 7D realism is pretty much always sacrificed in favor of gameplay and balance. That's not a complaint, just an observation. Even when someone criticizes a mechanic I both like and find realistic, I'd never try to justify it to them on the grounds of realism because I have come to accept how absurd that would be. Thus I get a certain "cynical amusement" when people try to use realism to justify mechanics in areas they are most knowledgeable or passionate about.
  13. This is academically interesting, but why enforce realism on a niche mechanic when it plays no factor in the overall game design?
  14. To prevent the sprinkling of desert and snow in the middle of the map, you have to use the sliders to disable mountain and desert. IMO it sucks to have no mountains though, plus having just mountains sprinkled in the forest isn't so bad. So I set the sliders to F 8 / M 4 / D 0 / R 4 / Rn 0. You could also look through the options for the 'landscape' setting, but there is no option for "no deserts & no mountains". Note the sliders and the 'landscape' setting don't affect/override the option you chose for 'north/south'. You get craters when 'biomes' is set to "add burned & wasteland"
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