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  1. I'm gonna assume the space in the filename ("dtm_prcoess ed.raw") is just a typo. The IOException error usually means another process has a lock on the file. There's lots of ways to troubleshoot that, but you could always just log out and/or reboot. Well, even if you can do that, the OP suggests otherwise:
  2. Indeed, I hadn't noticed that. My apologies, @bobross.
  3. Our respective understandings of the game's design are apparently very different. From my perspective, in 7D realism is pretty much always sacrificed in favor of gameplay and balance. That's not a complaint, just an observation. Even when someone criticizes a mechanic I both like and find realistic, I'd never try to justify it to them on the grounds of realism because I have come to accept how absurd that would be. Thus I get a certain "cynical amusement" when people try to use realism to justify mechanics in areas they are most knowledgeable or passionate about.
  4. This is academically interesting, but why enforce realism on a niche mechanic when it plays no factor in the overall game design?
  5. To prevent the sprinkling of desert and snow in the middle of the map, you have to use the sliders to disable mountain and desert. IMO it sucks to have no mountains though, plus having just mountains sprinkled in the forest isn't so bad. So I set the sliders to F 8 / M 4 / D 0 / R 4 / Rn 0. You could also look through the options for the 'landscape' setting, but there is no option for "no deserts & no mountains". Note the sliders and the 'landscape' setting don't affect/override the option you chose for 'north/south'. You get craters when 'biomes' is set to "add burned & wasteland" or "more burned & wasteland". The craters are the wasteland. AFAIK the only other way to get some wasteland is to set it as the border biome. The same settings for 'biomes' will produce little scribbles, that's the burnt forest. Again, AFAIK the only other way to get some burnt forest is to set it as the border biome. FWIW, the biomes are a bit more obvious if you look at biomes.png: wasteland is orange and burned is purple.
  6. Not that I know of. helped me understand how to use a mask, but I learned how heightmaps and biome-maps work by looking at other worlds. The heightmap is a greyscale image where black (RGB 0,0,0) indicates the lowest elevation and white (RGB 255,255,255) indicates the highest. Water spawns at "height" 33 (RGB 33,33,33) so anything lower will be underwater. One thing to keep in mind is that POIs have elevation limits. For reference, this is part of one of my early attempts at a custom heightmap: Due to the POI elevation limits most of the landmass got only mountain POIs. Cities, towns, and other POIs were relegated to very near the coastline. You can change the POI elevation limits by editing the config file though. As far as Nitrogen is concerned, the biome-map only matters for creation of the preview image. But it's pretty straightforward, five colors represent the five biomes. The only thing that can be tricky is making sure no colors are used other than those. When you make your own, you have to make sure there's no color blending, anti-aliasing, transparency, etc.
  7. Have your biomes.png ready before you generate the map, somewhere outside the working folder. Start generation and watch the text output. When it gets to the point "counting sheep" copy your biomes.png to the working folder, overwriting the one that nitrogen made.
  8. Maybe they'll change their slogan: Winamp... it really whips The Fun Pimps' ass.
  9. That's a reason to have a recipe for snow → murky (which OP didn't question BTW), not a reason to not have a recipe for snow → boiled. The lack of the latter is a strange thing to get so worked up about, but IMO it's equally strange that it was cut.
  10. Nah, insanity is looting a few residences and not finding a pot. Who TF doesn't own a pot? -_- Anyway, I assume OP forgot to mention he's talking about melting snow...
  11. You have to provide radiation.png. It doesn't need to match map size, the engine will scale it. Water is spawned at elevation 33, pretty much anything lower will be underwater. The mask tells nitrogen where to not place POIs or draw roads, it has nothing to do with spawning water. Biome-related settings are ignored when importing. You pretty much need to edit the biomes.png or provide your own. I prefer to have my custom biomes.png ready before generation, so I can copy it to the folder during generation to get an accurate preview.
  12. I wanted to share a little QOL suggestion for working with custom heightmaps: I found I frequently want to test my heightmaps by making empty maps (really just for the preview image) to reduce generation time. The preview of an empty map also makes for the easiest way to mask water areas IMO. Rather than manually change the drop-downs each time I want to use different settings, I set them once and copy the resulting configUI.txt. For example I set Nitrogen to make an empty map, then copied configUI.txt to configUI_empty.txt. Then I set Nitrogen to "final map" settings and copied configUI.txt to configUI_final.txt. Now when I want to generate an empty map, I just have to run a batch file: copy /Y resources\configUI_empty.txt resources\configUI.txt java -jar nitrogen.jar When I want to make a final map, I launch Nitrogen with a batch file that copies 'configUI_final.txt' instead.
  13. I know you made it as a request, but FYI "Find Vehicle Parts In Airdrops" doesn't seem to be scaled properly for 18.3. Everything in the vanilla airdrop is prob=0.2. With bicycleParts at prob=1 and minibikeParts at prob=0.8, my first airdrop contained nothing but parts.
  14. I've encountered a couple of small issues with hand-made maps. Larger POIs (or their 'circles of flatness') often end up extending into the masked zone. I guess this is because only the center point is considered WRT the mask. Any chance of taking into account the full footprint before committing POIs when a mask exists? Something (I think road generation) is causing little dots of raised terrain in masked areas in and around water: (The shaded area indicates the mask)
  15. Thanks for the help everyone, I've now gotten it all figured out. I even created some HMs completely from scratch using just Gimp tools. The filter that I assume was used to create "TEST_512_REL_TILED_NoiseTurbulence.png" can make a great start for an entire map. One thing I can't figure out is what are the light blue 1px dots usually found in groups on the preview map, surrounded by deformed terrain.
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