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  1. Thank you I appreciate it
  2. 2 Questions 1-Regarding tiers for the Carpenter's workbench. When are you able to upgrade or are they strictly blueprint items. 2-I was watching someone else's playthroughs and in the early game they were able to create cardboard boxes but I can not do so. They are not in the workbench menu or my own crafting menu.
  3. Working on doing a Walking Dead style world and was wondering since I am eliminating the blood moon is there a way to create larger wandering hordes or will that bog down the CPU?
  4. I started doing that initially. I went into the prefablist folder renamed the gas stations by assigning an additional letter to the front of the name. Fixed it in the prefablist as well and that seemed to help somewhat. Of course being a masochist I decided my first wasteland only would be a 16k map. Thanks for the help.
  5. Where are these tags located? Been going over the individual POI XML files and I am missing it. Sadly google has not helped much.
  6. I just started playing with Nitrogen so I am a late comer to this. It seems that Pass N Gas owns half the towns on the map. Is there a way to limit the frequency of a POI?
  7. So I got a bit miffed a while back with the pipe bomb bug killing me so I decided to do some redecorating of the Red Mesa base. I just need to change the sign out front to make Cornholio proud. I apologize for the crappy video quality still getting the hang of recording them.
  8. Interesting, still makes me wonder why the youtubers don't suffer from constant spawns.
  9. Been playing on a few random gens and Navezgane and been noticing a different experience between what happens at my home base vs what happens at people's like Glock9, Skippy and Capp00. On the Randoms I usually set up next to the 1st trader you find during the intro quests. A lot of times I setup literally across the street. Usually at least 3 times in a 7 day cycle I get a horde banging on my doors. On Navezgane I setup down the road from Carl's Corn since it was close to trader Jen. I seem to still get the constant spawn even in the early game despite at the most having a single torch going with my crouching. Is there some mechanic that the zombies tend to follow major roads or some areas have a higher chance of spawning?
  10. I haven't seen this in the sense of zombies respawning and I am running max out zombies. At the most I usually will get them when I start going loud with a shotgun or pistol. Other than that I might get the odd one or two that show up.
  11. Yeah once the client restarts the issue clears up. I went to get my screenshot and it was gone.
  12. I general use stealth as a play style but the dungeon style POIs don't really lend well to it. I rarely if ever enter the path I am supposed to go in but instead choose to ingress from other locations. This does cause zeds to spawn sometimes on top of me. However I find I rarely have to go loud in the early stages of the game. Usually I use a bow for the bonus damage against a sleeper, then toss a spear, and finish off with a sledge on most zombies. If it is more than one I usually kill them one at a time and try to dance around them. So I can keep fairly stealthy in most POIs. I'll have to check later tonight working at the moment but I am fairly sure if looked like a sight but I could be mistaken.
  13. The compound bow aims fairly easily and there is a bow sight schematic I noticed when I typed bow into the crafting menu.
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