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  1. Of corse does that mean, that you also whish to have the rate of fire of the compund bow reduced to that of the crossbow. Or am I wrong?
  2. I don't think you can argue, that only the raw damge matters. Lets assume for a moment the pimps would have changed pelletshells in the following way, without changing the damage: Spread is changed to 180 degree, damge fall off 50% PER meter, to 0 damage for ranges for more than 5 meter. I think we can both agree that that would be a brutal nerv to pellet damage. Slugs are still verry good. They do more damage at range and at armored targets. And don't forget, that you don't want to shoot at demolishers with shells. 😉
  3. Can you tell mee, at which range did you shoot the soldier boy? Point blank probably. Where each and every pellet hits and there is no damage drop off because of range. Please do us the favor and do the same at 5m, 10m and 20m range. Then you might have the answer.
  4. Also recomendet information did you run only tier 1 or higher pois. Woodland or a biome with a bonus to gamestage?
  5. If any kind of balance is going to happen. At the moment there are so many things broken. Using stone tools with one perk point in miner 69er and going out of stamina. Finding weapon crafting magaines at the rate of 1 per day and I am talking of a 4 men group doing 2-3 quests per day. Day 12 bow 12, handgun 13. The state of agility in general. At the moment it would be an improvement if you remove the complete attribute from the game. Good luck trying to nerv acquiring. Even if you can not buy any good items at the trader (deathsentence for the daring adventurer and better barter skill) and can not get good items as a quest reward. No problem, go to the wasteland and use quests to reset your favorite poi. If you don't get better loot by looting poi, no problem stay in the wood biome and use quests to reset the book shops.
  6. I can remember the times, where I did not care to go to the trader or look into its inventory because there was no reason to do it. If I can not expect the trader to have a good item, why bother to look into its inventory? Raw resources? Who cares if you can grind them in even greater quantities and for free with mining and wrenching? Parts? You find loads of parts while looting, if you craft every 2nd or 3rd tier improvement? At least it would free up one inventory space because you smelt your dukes into brass and can throw away any one you find while looting.
  7. With our 4 man group we do about 2-3 quests per day. While 2 of us kill the zombies the other 2 loot and pillage (wrenching, shoveling, etc).
  8. Solves nothing and makes it only worse. At the current state of the auger and the chainsaw, why bothering about machine parts. They are not better than steel tools, but need fuel and cause screamer problems. It also don't solve the endless stream of dukes. I think a better way might be to remove the automatic money reward and add them as a fith option. Also should daring adventurer at lvl 4 be changed so it gives automatically the fifth reward option the dukes and only one choice of option 1 to 4.
  9. What about placing a landclaim block, picking them up and putting them in a box? I don't like the watechanges, but complaining about a workstation generating heat, is not the thing I would protest about.
  10. Like I said. If you go for raw dps. But you have to pay it with ammo. The shotty gives you the time to regroup, so you can either go on shooting or do some more wetwork with your meleeweapon.
  11. I am with you in so far, that slugs need more resources and should be the better kind of ammo.
  12. Probably if you fixate only at dps. I think the pipe shotgun ist far more vesatile as a "oh-@%$#-weapon". You get good DPS, plus the slowing effect (at even more than one zombie) and if you take thetier 1 quest reward shotgun ammo, you get 60 rounds more than enough for a long time. All in all you get the most bang for the buck,
  13. Are you REALLY complaining about something, that might be a nerv to shotguns. IMHO the most imbalanced and best weapon in 7dtd. If you use any kind of shotgun, you get the best damageoutput per ammo combined with the best kind of crowdcontrol (slowing effect) AND in case of the autoshotgun you can get compared with the rate of fire the biggest ammocapacity. Try to use any kind of pistol or the SMG. If the pimps nerv shotguns down to the level of agility wepons, than it is time to complain about brutal nervs.
  14. Great idea, but than tell me, why should ppl invest a lot and I mean A LOT of time to run tier 4 and 5 poi's and get the same reward, as running a tier 3 or 4 poi? Money? I am at day 5 and sitting on over 16.000 dukes because there is nothing wort buying on the item side. XP? I get the same or more XP if I run 2-3 tier 3 poi's instead of one tier 5. Nerving the rewards is the best way to ruin the endgame. Hey lets restart the game, maybe there are mods out there, where I can have fun.
  15. Sorry Roland but magazines are STILL the de facto reward choince. You get 3 x 2 magzines each worth 300 dukes. Thats 1.800 dukes, I know no quest reward for a level 1 quest worth 1.800 dukes.
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