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  1. My personal experiance with having LL5 in a group of 4 is the following. We all loot, we all found good loot and thats the point, I don't have the feeling that you must have LL5 to find good loot. So if you have fun doing so, just do it, but don't feel oblieged to do so.
  2. Jepp. Skyscraper. But I must admit, that I did not follow the path through the POI. I creared out a way though the stairway to bring down loot into a chest at the lobby. Probably causing zombies to despawn. We also did not wipe the game instead only updating to the latest version. That could also be a reason.
  3. BM is fun. Se same T5 quest locations over and over again, and bugged are not fun. Better no quests than no-fun-quests.
  4. The drone would be really cool. Man I hope the can fix the quest system. Atm 3 out of 5 quests (tier 5) are not worth the efford. Most of time I cannot find the last missing zombies. I mean you waste 2 and half day on the skyscrapere and have to quit the clear quest because hordnight is comming. Just a waste of time. I hope they reduce the number of t5 quests to 2 per trader and add more t4-t1 quests. Better to drive 2km for a t4 and can get it done in a day.
  5. Steeltools and steeltoolparts become vendortrash. I probably looking to the moment, when I start scrapping them for iron.
  6. I can deal with it, but I would not like it. And I would NEVER play a mod with item degredation.
  7. If I would find the perfect item, I would not use it, I would still use mediocre items and it would sit in my inventory rotting for the moment I would need the best items. I always try to bring back ANY loot into base. But I do not collecting garbage in real life. But I know myself, that I will always tell myself: that situation is not that worse, that I have to use your precious items. But what is more important that I know from my experiance as a gamemaster in P&P-RPGs, that most of my players doing the same thing. So consumables sitting in their inventory and waiting fo
  8. The theme of the thread is, that back in A16 everything was better. The weapon degrading back there could be reworked with the combine station, so yes there was weapon degrading but it was weapon grinding in A16. As a horder under the sun, I hate systems where your toys cannot be repaired. It doesn't prevend the point where you are so overpowerd that you have to restart. But it steals away the joy to use your shiny new toy. That is the reason I absolutly hate those mechanisms.
  9. If you don't want to spend any points into perception and/or lucky looter. Than it is better. Because the skill is now so balanced that you must not perk into it to get good loot. Like I said, the should rename the skill into FASTER looter. A nice quality of life option with max skill you can sweep though loot boxes.
  10. It was just stupid grind. Get the corresponding parts and put it into the combine part of the workbench: voila shiny new toy. Then use it some time and get more parts and agin put it into the combine slot. Rinse and repeat. Same with LBD. Craft heaps of useless stone tools to grind to maxskill. Zombi-Ai was also terrible in A16. Zombies running in circles. No means to funnel them or play with AI.
  11. The old system was not good at all. If I want to play a collectorgame I would fine a lot of them out there.
  12. Agreed! But realism is not emmersive. Espacially if ppl start arguing how zombies are displayed realistic. Or other things, like what kind of caliber you feed into what kind of weapon.
  13. I would always prefer games who ignore "realism" to create a better game play. Whats a game worth that is realistic and imersive, but is grossly unbalanced and makes no fun.
  14. That would be a great feature. I still love to that and at the same time, curse you for all that pain. 😉 Any chance that we could more specific loot bags from the zeds. Back in time I loved to hunt down soldiers and nurses.
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