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  1. If you start getting null errors out of no where, check to make sure that your images are still online and/or the website you’re using is not down. - - - Updated - - - Are you using the correct url? Also the “@“ needs to be kept in the beginning.
  2. Very nice! Didn’t understand a word of it but looked pretty cool
  3. Dont uncomment that last bit, thats just there to tell you to make that change in your server config. If you leave the "ServerLoginConfirmationText" value to "" in your serverconfig.xml, the welcome screen will not pop up.
  4. Here is a modlet to add images to your Login screen as well as your Crafting Menu. Requires some editing on your part. To use, your image has to be online and replace "YOURIMGHERE" with the direct url to that image. Enjoy. Ragnarok Screen Mod.zip
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