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  1. CSMM v1.26.0 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.26.0
  2. CSMM v1.25.0 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.25.0
  3. CSMM v1.24.2 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.24.2
  4. CSMM v1.24.1 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.24.1
  5. CSMM v1.24.0 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.24.0
  6. Hello everyone We've added 2 new pages to the docs which talk about advanced usage of the custom commands system. They use the new Handlebars syntax extensively so if you were unsure how to use this, these examples should help you. - Notification when players are dropmining (Thank you @Bap for creating this hook!) https://docs.csmm.app/en/CSMM/advanced-feature-guide-fallingblocks.html - Deadly air drops, scaled to player level https://docs.csmm.app/en/CSMM/advanced-feature-guide-deadlydrops.html Big thanks to @saminal for writing these guides!
  7. CSMM v1.23.0 released Big update today, we are releasing an extension to the custom commands syntax. Even though I call it "custom commands syntax", this is active in a lot of places in CSMM: hooks, gimme, banned items punishments, voting reward, ... In short: the new update allows for a TON more customization when creating commands. You can use loops, conditional statements, logical operators and a whole lot more! The new system will unlock a lot of crazy things, I can't wait to see what everyone will come up with. If you need some help figuring out the syntax, don't hesitate to ask in the CSMM support channel. For more info, check the docs: https://docs.csmm.app/en/CSMM/advanced-handlebars.html Changelog: https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.23.0
  8. CSMM v1.22.2 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.22.2
  9. CSMM v1.22.1 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.22.1
  10. CSMM v1.22.0 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.22.0 Highlight of this update is a rework of the custom Discord notifications. You can now use regex to match log lines, allowing you much more precision in what gets matched. You can also set a custom message for your notifications now, with variables! See https://docs.csmm.app/en/CSMM/custom-notifications.html for more info ----- Yes, CSMM works on any 7d2d server where allocs fixes are installed!
  11. CSMM 1.21.2 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.21.2
  12. CSMM 1.21.0 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.21.0 EDIT: Previous version had some issues during update, here's a patch to address those https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.21.1
  13. Hello everyone This is a hard announcement to make. For years now CSMM has been hosted for free. However, CSMM has grown so much that this is no longer maintainable. You may have noticed over the past few months that there have not been many new features added to CSMM. This is because practically all of my dev time is taken up with putting out fires and making performance improvements. However, please do not fear. CSMM is still (and always will be) free to use, but usage of my servers will be a perk reserved for donators. Installing CSMM on your own hardware has never been easier. We have extended the installation documentation (https://docs.csmm.app/en/CSMM/self-host/installation.html) to include a Docker installation option and a one-click deployment on Digital Ocean. Running CSMM on your own server has several benefits, notably that performance will skyrocket, you will be able to use location and inventory tracking (currently a donator-only perk) and you will have much more control over and insight into the system. If you start hosting CSMM on your own server and would like to import data, please create a ticket and I will give you a JSON export that you can import into your private instance. Concisely, here's what is changing: * All the public instances (EU, US and AU) are becoming donator-only starting tomorrow. * At the beginning of February, all free servers will be removed from these instances. * CSMM is still (and always will be) open-source and free for anyone to use without limitations. * We will continue to provide support for self-hosted CSMM installs. Support for general Linux issues will be best-effort as it is an open-source project with limited resources. We appreciate any and all help the community can provide for this.
  14. CSMM 1.20.2 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.20.2
  15. CSMM 1.20.1 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.20.1
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