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  1. CSMM v1.14.0 released! https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.14.0
  2. Forgot to post here yesterday but CSMM is working for A19! Make sure you grab the patch for Allocs fixes (I posted it in the announcements channel on Discord but I'm sure it's floating around in other places aswell). You will need this unofficial patch until a new update for the official fixes comes out
  3. A few days ago, someone requested a way for players to exchange their ingame currency into CSMM currency. That is not really supported by CSMM but Prisma had an idea on how to do it with a CSMM hook! After some regex magic and testing, we had the feature done. Looking back at it, I thought it was an excellent example on how to compose several CSMM & CPM features together to create a new, unique and powerful feature. I explain how we built this feature here: https://docs.csmm.app/en/CSMM/advanced-feature-guide.html Hope you enjoy
  4. CSMM Updated Fixed an issue with how CSMM extracts data from a log line when a player connects to the server. This caused all sorts of weird issues that shouldn't happen anymore PS did you see the updated configuration examples in the docs? https://docs.csmm.app/en/CSMM/configuration-examples.html If you made something cool with CSMM/CPM and would like to share it, please add it to that page by clicking the link at the bottom of the article
  5. That's touched upon here in the form of an example: https://docs.csmm.app/en/csmm/common-admin-tasks.html#scheduled-commands Just a word of warning, we're redoing that page right now. Once the PR on github merges, this'll be the link to check https://docs.csmm.app/en/CSMM/automation.html
  6. We've actually got a pretty good guide on managing CPM claims & regions. https://docs.csmm.app/en/CPM/claimcreator.html In 'Intro' you can see how to access the CPM UI and if you scroll down there's a step by step guide on setting up reset regions
  7. CSMM has no integration with enjin. CSMM does however have its own store using virtual currency.
  8. I can't speak for other managers but CSMM is 100% A18 compatible
  9. CSMM Updated Main addition is a banned items list to punish players who have normally unobtainable items in their inventory. https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.11.1
  10. Small update for CSMM: - $status discord command does not execute 'mem' anymore as it crashes high pop servers - Fix an error when setting server status to inactive causing rogue loggingObjects to exist (sometimes doubling events) - Fix some issues when controlling economy settings, there were all kinds of shenanigans going on there
  11. CSMM now has over 500 servers in the system! Thank you all for the support! Happy A18'ing
  12. CSMM is A18 ready! If you notice any errors please let me know.
  13. Indeed, CSMM is 100% open source. You can easily run it on the same server behind a firewall
  14. CSMM Updated - Added vote rewarding Allow your players to vote for your server on https://7daystodie-servers.com. Rewards are done by a CSMM custom command. The default gives a player 50 currency but you can change this to whatever you want of course. Spawn a lootbox, give some specific item(s), ... - Server roles are now displayed on the user profile page - Fixed a error when accessing server settings page & server is offline - Better handling of command errors
  15. CSMM Updated You can customize command replies now. Check your server settings -> ingame command options -> Custom command replies. A lot of the replies support some sort of variable(s). You can see those in the default values. You can also use ${player} (as in the player that executed the command) and ${server} variables like in custom commands everywhere. Have fun translating CSMM for your server and/or writing snarky replies
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