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  1. Dumb question, but will there be an option to have players add their own npcs to the mod then? for their own personal games? Surviving the wateland with a vroid or Tifa companion would not be so bad.....
  2. I was thinking about that. instead of it being real time, it would add a counter to the poi, and you would take a quest from the trader. the more counters the more zombies in the poi, and if it was over a limit then instead of them being sleepers it would trigger a massive horde that would storm out of the poi. Part of why i want to see this, is it seems that the hoard exists just to harass me. On one hand it's a video game, but on the other it feels like a waste if all they do is just wonder around to be a big fight. Since they despawn after a while and leave loot bags it really is better to let them wonder off. That feels kinda cheap to me and i would like to see them become a dangerous risk if left unchecked.
  3. If a wondering horde is not removed, instead of despawinging it should hit a poi and infest it. To complicate matters, have these infestations stack, to the point where it is like a clown car full of zombies. This type of mechanic would explain multiple things: Infested clears, and recover supply quests. How did the zombies get there? they moved in.
  4. Got back into the mod again. I must say that with a21 that this is peak. absolute peak.
  5. Is the newest version in the mod launcher? I am not seeing it there.
  6. I am glad you told me about tppoi, i was going to go and fly around with the gyro copter and try to find something that was not there. I did not realize that there were other pois missing until i did the reinstall. I was missing a prison and woodbury town. So it seems i was missing walking dead reference pois. I think it's because he put the bar brawling perks under both blunt AND bladed, so if you put points in that you get those benefits. If your wellness is taking a hit, then i recommend beer, which adds 5 wellness each time. i also recommend popping vitamins every time you see them. Wellness is a very sneaky mechanic and i see why the fun pimps dropped it, because if you keep it high then it makes the game easier, but if you take too many beatings at once, then the game becomes drastically harder. The beer + beef stew combo is 8 wellness and goes a long way AND beef stew fills you up.
  7. not only did i start a new game, after deleting the old one, but i had it download from steam instead of copy an existing version. So it looks like the pois are there. I am suspecting a botched install, because 1: i was not getting poisoned in the last two games. 2: there was no mayburry poi on the last krunch map, there is one now next to where i spawned, and 3: i see eves camp. Not sure what i did to botch the install. i had downloaded the hospital bed mod AFTER i installed darkness falls, as a means to cope with all the beatings i was getting. That mod did not work so i had to resort to getting good again.
  8. Whelp, i do not know what the hell i did, but somehow, on DFalls-krunchMap-large-12k I caused it to not spawn eve. Gonna have to nuke and pave I am hoping that mod is the culprit. It's not a loss because it never worked right to begin with, which is a shame because working hospital beds, even in french, would be a cool thing to have in a base. A working base infirmary. but it's in french and i do not know how to make a hard mattress that the mod needs. Gonna do a full nuke and pave. Thanks everyone for the help with the troubleshooting.
  9. Ok. so far it looks like everything is working well outside of the eve quest. I found dr anna on accident because of the smoke coming out the chiminey. the interstate is there on the krunch map, and the interstate rest stops and merchants are there too. Where are eve's coordinates on the big krunch map? i will check to see if she is there or not or if something bugged out on my end. I used the mod launcher to install the mod. Is that how everyone else does it, or are they downloading from somewhere else them putting it in the mods folder?
  10. It was krunchmap large 12k. I found anna, and razor, but i auto fail the eve quest i will try that tppoi command later on to see what happens. Also, are there supposed to be bandits? i am not seeing bandits.
  11. Still auto failing the quest for eve on the big crunch map in 4.02. I am wondering if this mod is responsible: Healing medical device set at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)
  12. Can this be a feature? That honestly sounds like a blast! could you imagine if too many demons stay in a spot too long on horde night a portal spawns. Also, the map i was using is dfmeduim 1, NOCP. So not sure why eve did not spawn. I am on the big krunch map and i like it better so it all works out.
  13. I am pretty sure i went with the darkness falls mediumcp with that one. I will double check later. I decided to start up a new game with the big krunch map. the one with the highway system. Hopefully i won't have that problem there.
  14. It's the medium map. I got the quest from razor. I don't think he would spawn with RNG.
  15. Bit of a dumb question, but i am playing on v4.02 on the medium-cp map, and when i do razors quest to find eve, it fails immedietly saying she is not on the map. Is this normal, or did i screw up the install in some way? I am assuming that the CP = compo's map?
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