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  1. Well, i did not find the bunker, but i did discover that trader catlin will have a laser workbench in her secret stash. Once again it has been proven that money will buy stuff, and that stuff will bring happiness.
  2. Good to know, i will try that later.
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply, i think i know what you are talking about, i recognized a big bunker with a "tank" in it from war of the walkers. I will go and check that out later. I have a ton of demon essence from closing the portals, is there any plans to make uses for them besides bio booster perks? i saw that you can't perk both tech booster or bio booster, and the nanite boosters are what i will opt in. I noticed that if you mod hazmat suits or power armor, you lose the rad protection, is this a feature or a bug? loving the mod, really improves the game quite a bit. Thanks for the hard work.
  4. Does the big map have the sci fi bunker? i found trader catlin but i have not found the sci fi bunker with the laser workbench yet. I am on the largest pregen maps. Spent about an ingame week looking for that bunker.
  5. Would a raccoon be acceptable? Or even a zombie midget?
  6. Maybe a simple answer is have screamers naturally spawn in the cities. Perhaps add a new variety called the "bebop" screamer that has a head that randomly moves around to make stealth snipers hard, and if it sees you spawns in a screamer horde? and inside each city have a "zombie nest" poi that has irradiated Wright sleepers, and spawns a wandering horde out of the building once an ingame hour.
  7. I never looked at it like this, but it makes a lot of sense. Maybe gamestage should not affect the sleeper spawns or loot, but the type of quests you get, and how bad horde night is. Maybe a high game stage should also summon bandit raids to where you sleeping bag is on the map, and if you are not there they just break in and steal stuff? To me the appeal of exploring are the disasters that can befall you while your exploring. Falling through a hole, encountering an irradiated cop, a random dog horde showing up from outside; all those things are fun. So maybe the difficulty in the poi's should be based on the tier + rng? Maybe some pois have a chance to spawn as death houses, full of only irradiated zombies, and others will have a good loot stash?
  8. Maybe it's a midget zombie that rides them, or worse, sentient zombie raccoons?
  9. Well that is a lot more than i could have ever hoped for. i will be patiently standing by for new developments. Though i may forget and start making random requests... Not gonna lie, a zombie apocalypse is more fun with friends, or is this more like a gehenna?
  10. NPC request: hank hill and homer simpson.
  11. I think i had this issue, you are missing a spherii mod that adds the dialogues. Try installing that, and if it was already installed, then maybe reinstalling it?
  12. I miss the old TNT that was used mostly for blowing up blocks. It would be great if there was a version of the demolition charge that did slightly less block damage, but had a massive radius. This would make tunneling and mining much easier. I would not mind it if it was a guaranteed screamer summons either...
  13. I also like the idea of finding strange notes and weird secrets in filing cabinets and desks. I once found a super corn recipe in dishong tower. Why was it there? Now what would be neat is if say there was a special safe in dishong tower like in the sham factory that would give the location of the supercorn house and reveal that some company was stealing the research. Maybe the quests should be small at first, and when you build a relationship with the traders they tell us rumors that will be in very far away pois, on weird locations in the map. Maybe have these unlock "horror quests" or "Mystery quests" that have a different icon: a skull and bones for the horror quests, and a question mark for the mystery quests. Have these reset the poi in a special way where the loot is gone but there is something bad/weird in a random room. An example of a horror quest is you fall through a fake floor, and instead of dogs, its 15 feral screamers.... An example of a mystery quest is you go to the day care after a trader tells shares his concern about the kids, and you click on the question mark, and you find that at one point survivors were there, but they made it out and now you have to find a bus. This starts a new conversation with a trader, who will tell you where some gas stations are. This will lead to a quest where you just have to look at each gas station, and when you get close to the right one a new question mark kicks off. I also would like to see some bosses in the game, like a shotgun wielding Jesus.... that would be a rare quest trigger for the gun factory or the church...
  14. Every time you run over a zombie, a loud extreme voice shouts "TEABAG"
  15. For the 4x4: monster truck wheels. For the gyro copter: grenade bay, water landing skids Bike: an electric engine that can be charged via peddling and you activate it via f. motorcycle: a belt fed twinlinked machinegun on front that is a blatant ripoff of space marine bikes.
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