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  1. It is now two super corn for one glue. What that means is that with a point in living off the land, each super corn crop is one glue. Each cotton crop is now two cloth. You now have duct tape farms. For dynamite folks this is great. I used the dynamite for tunneling. I dig tunnels to the traders now. Having a giant tunnel network to the traders and the cities is great! it saves time and gas to be able to straight away bike everywhere safely.
  2. Honest answer: drugs and candy. I see a lot of youtubers ignore the health bar. HA! scrubs that deserve their painful debuff death! the health bar is the spinach of the game! did a dubuff lower your health? Not only does the health bar cut the healing time in half, it also gives a buff to the health and speeds up the healing. combine that with fortibites, painkillers, and beer and you are good to go in a bad situation. The moment you have those debuffs hitting you is the moment you need to pop all those items. It's why i take the 4x4 to the big pois, i have it kitted out with those items for when i get walloped like that. Three health bars turn a 30 minute broken leg into a 15 minute broken leg. That feature alone NOT something to ignore.
  3. I love the dog packs. Just when i finish a poi i open the door to see 10 zombie dogs coming at you. Really adds some horror to the game.
  4. Maybe if they improve the quality of the gun? So you install the new parts at the work bench, and a tier 5 gun goes to tier 6, and a tier 6 gun gets slightly better stats. I would like to see some cosmetic parts for the guns too.
  5. We need more quest variety, and some end game stuff. What would help, is for special trader quests to have a special quest once a week for a higher spawn chance for certain loot. If you do not have a gun by day 5 there should be a trader quest for " i am looking for a gun" and he sends you to a tier 1 or 2 poi where the loot room will have an increased chance of a gun, or they sell you one if they have one in stock and you have the dukes. also "missing courier quests". We now have bodies at the pois, so why not a body that has the courier satchel in it's cold dead half eaten hands? or maybe even a courier zombie that has the satchel on him/her? As it stands, once you hit tier 5 every body sends you to the same pois, all the time. It's like all the zombies want to live in the shamway factory now and you have to clean the place out every hour on the hour, and the only reward for doing it is 5 bandages or a tier 4 double barrel shotgun. Bandits should attack your horde base two hours before horde night, and they need demo charges. That's if you do not pay protection money in time.
  6. Those stacks are no joke. i take all the consumables for the high level purchases, + a magnum AND the cigar. I have a full level 6 solar array for my screamer smg turret setup around my base, two gyro copters, and box that is almost full of 20k stacks of dukes. If dukes were a place able item i would have a scrooge mcduck money bin of dukes.
  7. The tracker skill should give a hint at what direction the horde will attack from for horde night. low levels should be a flavor text at the bottom: You smell rot from the east. At higher levels it give stronger hints.
  8. the sad bit, is that there was a time when that would have been considered top notch loot for the fertilizer.
  9. Agreed, do not deviate from the path in the tier 5 quests. If you do you will have a bad time.
  10. Maybe they should just have quality affect durability and mod slots, but leave the damage the same values? Otherwise if they want to go the full random route, then go the full random route and have cool descriptions for the items, like crummy items could be "made in china pickaxe" and durable items could be "military grade shovel" and top notch items could be "professional grade" and then add other descriptive modifies like "destructive" for block damage and "sturdy" for durability. Go full looter rpg instead of this half assed approach.
  11. What the hell? That's some junk right there. no wonder my last play through was so easy, i maxed out better barter and just bought the good stuff out of the special stash when it came up. Things would not be so bad if the tier 5 quests did not dominate the quest list. It's almost as if you are better off not progressing at all.
  12. The sledge turret has a lot of usages. I put one by the doors of my crafting base in case a screamer shows up. once it activates, POW right in the kisser.
  13. Next time i will build the bunker on a wedge pyramid, and have a blade trap ceiling on the top. while the wedge pyramid is not as cheese as it used to be, it still slows them down a bit and will help line of sight for shooting them from the bunker.
  14. The shovel is my main gripe. the stamina usage is too high, so it's either stone shovel, steel shovel, or auger. The only purpose iron shovels serve is to be scrapped or melted down into iron in a forge.
  15. Those are similar to the perks i pick, but i go heavy armor, so i do not put points in cardio. I usually put those points in pummel pete or better barter. That price decrease goes a long way, especially since sugar butts stack with pumpkin cheese cake and awesome sauce.
  16. We need an armor mod for helmets or backpacks that allows another robotic turret to be placed.
  17. The iron tools need some buffing. as it stands they are not worth the stamina usage. A modified stone shovel will use less stamina and take out ground with the same number of hits as an iron shovel. Maybe the iron pickax is fine? but i find myself rushing for steel tools and skipping the iron stage. The need for repair kits just does not make them economical and stamina usage despite proper perks is too high for them to be viable compared to the stone tools.
  18. Biscoitoso has asked to see my horde base. Here are some screen shots of my latest setup at Navesgane. It is a pillbox surrounded with blade traps, and a punch turret on top to deal with vultures on horde night. Currently working on fallback positions for catastrophic failures, but so far that is not very likely.
  19. No, i am not jawoodle. However his base building has taught me quite a bit about the game. I copy and modify his ideas a lot.
  20. It's this one. Instead of the iron spike traps, it's a field of steel with blade traps above it. The caveat is that under the field of steel, is an underground section that houses the generators for the blade traps. The blade traps are placed atop an arrow slit, so that i can maintain them from underground. Very useful as i can repair them while they run, and every solid block on top gets a plate under neath it, so it is technically two steel blocks thick. I put a punch turret on top, to deal with vultures. It hits them, as i see them get knocked straight to the ground every horde night. The main weakness of the hamburger base is it is too short, the slants do not keep the zombies off anymore. So when these get destroyed i replace them with a solid block followed by a plate on the outside. Underneath the main bunker, is an escape tunnel, so should the bunker fail, i can escape down into a concrete corridor and have an epic last stand there. the tunnel connects to my main base. The big caveat, is that there is an epic hollow chamber under my main base where i found a giant node of:iron, nitrate, lead, and coal. I am turning that into a giant concrete chamber, and the walls around my main base are topped with solar powered smg turrets so that i am not bothered by screamers while i run my wall of forges and chem station. When finished the chamber will be turned into steel, and serve as yet another last stand place, though i doubt i will need it. Pictures will be forthcoming soon.
  21. It's not the gas i am after, it's mechanical parts and oil. I need another chem station, i have like 200 minutes worth of gunpowder cooking in my current one, and i only run it when i am at home. that would speed up my oil production. Granted, once you run a bulk amount, you never have to run it again. but i also need engines for generators. I have a hamburger bunker surrounded by blade traps. as a horde base. Most of horde night is just siting comfy passively gathering xp from the meat grinding. occasionally i need to shoot something. My next horde base design will be a similar bunker in the middle, but with a ceiling AND floor blade traps.
  22. I find a good derelict poi to use as my base, one with nodes outside or nearby, and i find an empty spot near by for the horde base. I then hoard everything i find, and do quests until i can afford a good gun. I collect as much ammo and dukes as i can until day 5, then i construct the horde base. I use the night cycle to mine/tunnel under my main base in a way to avoid collapse and safely gather resources. I do not throw anything away, i save as much as i can so that way i don't have to make it later. With daring adventurer i get enough reward choices and dukes to get a good weapon before horde night, with a few repair kits too. I make sure to point one of the first 5 points in living off the land, so by week 2 i have a wall around my main base and start my farm plots. I do a strength int build so what i can not gather or craft, i can buy for cheap. I dunno about that. While food regenerates health faster, the healing factor is very useful for speeding up critical wound heal time. It's also why i stack health bars in my jeep for tier 5 quests, so if i get a serious booboo i can recover in 5 minutes vs 30.
  23. Yeah, the thing is most of the good loot is in the loot room. This is where lucky looter, the loot goggles, and the candy shine. I get all my tier 6 loot that way. The big issue for me now is i do not have enough engines for my generators for the blade traps. Or enough oil for the blade traps, so i scrap cars, tons of them. Hence why resetting the big pois is important.
  24. yeah, i stopped doing the T5 quests unless i want to reset the building for stuff. They are good if you want to reset the entire building to scrap it down again. That is the only value in the t5 quests at the moment.
  25. Started playing they are billions again, really like that game, and i think a mod for 7days would carry over nicely. not too much would have to be added either, maybe a wind mill generator, and a flame thrower and it would pretty much be it. The caveat would be to change some of the zombie behavior, like having businessmen run like the football players, and maybe giving the cheerleaders the same jumping abilities as the spiders?
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