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  1. So i had been thinking about it, and from what i understand, each rng map has a limited number of cities. So just have the same names for the towns on each map. That way if i hear "dinkyberg" i know it's a tiny town with one gas station, but if i hear "Centerton" then i know it's the big city in the middle. So the maps lose some of their randomness, but you also have an organic way of knowing the lay of the land if you have experience in the game. when they optimize better, i would like to see maps that are just giant cities. Now that would be interesting...
  2. The new RNG maps are amazing. I would love to see each town get a name, and each street in the town get a name. The towns could reuse the same street names. This would make navigating the streets easier, and it would also make quests different, as instead of getting "house old Victorian number 4" it would be "number 3 elm lane in Springfield"
  3. Update: upon further exploration, i found traders. So no mod conflict has been found at this time. I just spawned in a part of the map without elite traders.
  4. Did they do that for balance reasons or did they rage quit after they could not get it any better?
  5. This is pretty much a mandatory mod for me. This raises the question: did the fun pimps make the vanilla electricity like this on purpose or are they going to fix it later?
  6. Hmmm, i will have to to some more investigating. I have tons of pitfall traps, tons of scatter bug nests, but i have not found an oblivion trader yet. The other caveot is that i spawned at the far end of the map. I am going to do some more exploration. Maybe i am in a spot with no traders? I assume we will have to do a fresh install when the mod gets updated, hopefully with the npc stuff.
  7. I have not seen the oblivion trader on a new map. Have they been dialed back? i have meanclouds mining installed as well and that adds new ore nodes. would those conflict with the oblivion trader?
  8. Is that a npc mod issue or a 7 days to die issue? i have witnessed this with the Age of oblivion turret clones. They just magically disappear. I have also watched a sledge turret get sucked beneath the ground too, and have fallen through the bedrock from time to time. It may be a npc mod issue? How often have you seen it happen and is there a detail: terrain, location, time of day; that sets this off?
  9. I wish there were other drones or drone modifications. I would rather have a trashcan dalek with treads and both the punching arm and the shooting option then the hover drone. So it carries stuff? meh. if you are at the stage to have the drone, you are at the stage to have the 4x4 and the 4x4 is a better friend than the drone ever will be and can hold more inventory, and is an easy jump out to get, especially since frame shapes can be made into ladders so if you want to go outside at any point in most tier 5 pois, it's cheap and easy.
  10. I think i see Gazz in the vintage story forums from time to time.
  11. Is the deep fryer a separate random schematic or is that supposed to spawn with the quest? i started the quest but can not make a deep fryer at the moment and do not see how to make one.
  12. Good call. Every branch needs a defense and harvesting skill. We have ranged and melee covered, but not the other stuff. Over time i have grown from missing the old system to enjoying it's absence. one advantage is that it is easier to add new skill trees via mods. Muzen made a fist of the north star mod that causes zombie heads to explode from being punched. Works great in most overhauls, as long as they do not mess with the skill system. The main issue is progression. Do you feel like you are making meaningful progression? I think so far it does a good job with that. Osirus new dawn ruined their system by getting rid of stat points, and now that game is completely unplayable. On the flip side, maybe we should not completely spec into one particular branch but should mix things up? Maybe if you put too many points into on skill tree the price should go up a few levels, and the price for other trees should go down, maybe even have a 2 for 1 deal if you meet certain criteria? So far with recent alpha's the balance is good. Sure i don't farm as much as i used to, but if find myself attacking bears out of hunger desperation, and i find using guns i am not perked in still viable. The only mods i add for skills are meme tier where it adds crazy anime stuff because it's fun. The new building system and shapes make horde base construction easier and more creative. pillbox bunkers, which are my favorite, can be built in 4 in game hours and last a horde night. Useful if you play like i do wihtout horde night warnings and with shifting horde nights.
  13. Those construction crates used to be toilets in the past. If they are now boxes then that site is worth the doing.
  14. I think it does need a tweeking. Right now there are 5 stats, And these stats follow the traditional pattern seen in many games. I believe they need to be tweeked and the stat screen should say "Seven" and each letter represents a group to put points in. Those groups will be called: Sadism, Evasion, Violence, enlightenment and Nerdery. Bam, it's an acronym for seven and it contains the 5 elements of the universe and when those powers combine you become captain apocalypse. Sadism will have blade weapons and explosives, enligthenment will have mining and living off the land, nerdery will be most of the science skill, evasion will be stealth related skills and weapons. Violence will be mid range guns and melee skills and some support skills. Those also represent the archetypes of survivors who can be seen in the zombie wastes. the system goes from being dollar store S.P.E.C.I.A.L and becomes something a little better. When a group gets maxed out you get the apocalypse person perk associated with that group.
  15. Ah good. I was afraid i had put myself in mod conflict hell. This is a good alternative to darkness falls if you like the current leveling system or play with mods that add skills.
  16. Speaking of clones, i put down the pumpkin man, and it caused a buttload of null object errors. I have yet to get that clone to work in this mod, in either alpha 19 or 20. mod is installed via the launcher.
  17. Can npcs level up or are they just static?
  18. Will that carry over to clones? right now they are just people shaped turrets.
  19. Just like the generator missions, only these would involve staying alive in a poi during horde night. Maybe for extra challenge/masochism have drop box missions that require running an errand during horde night too.
  20. Ok. Thanks for the quick answer. I will also update my game now. I had mixed feelings on the survivors. On one hand they were nice to see them and the bandits out and about, but on the other they were kind of pointless if you can't recruit them. Is the new update at the launcher?
  21. How can it be impossible if i am still doing it?
  22. It's out and the fist of the north star mod is also updated. I am not seeing any bandits or survivors. is my install messed up or were they removed in AOO .4?
  23. Calipers. Everyone that has been around for a while knows what i am talking about. I miss them. I really do. If you use those irl then you will have them in your desk, they are a very important tool. I wish they would bring them back, but instead of being necessary they would add a 10% chance for crafted items in the work bench to be one tier higher. I am wondering about OP's looting habits, level, and install. Is there a mod conflict going on? I have seen some threads here about the loot table being changed and at some loot stages things will be empty. Could this be part of op's problem?
  24. I live a humble subterranean life at bedrock, where i tunnel to traders and only surface to see my farms, buy stuff, or do missions. What are these screamers that you speak of? Do you not have 50 chests full of iron and other ores? are you not running 100 forges continuously? Embrace your inner dwarf and reject the surface! no one bothers me at the bottom of the world.
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