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  1. I was only there for a few minutes and learned a buttload, thanks for sending me there.
  2. I have a few questions, but i will start with the big one: how do you add a new skill attributes?
  3. I am going to have to play around then. I am not seeing it in the mod manager. Will i have to install this manually?
  4. Heads up, i think the entity count also means animals too, so the more animals you get, the less zombies. I too was inspired by his playthrough to have those massive hordes. But i also have horde nights, with no warning and a random interval...
  5. Hmm.... So 64 entities period, does that count the players, animals or the zombies, or is it just the groups? If it is just 64 per group, then the trick would be to have a line of code that spawns three hordes in at once, like an n!=3 statement. Anyway, started the apocalypse now mod, it plays well with that fist of the north star mod, so i set all the numbers to 64. <gamestage stage="03"><spawn group="wanderingHordeStageGS5" num="64" maxAlive="64" duration="09"/></gamestage> Gonna see what happens now.
  6. I have been playing the fist of the north star mod in war of the walkers, but it does not work well in darkness falls. What would i have to do to make it compatible? I get a full discipline tree, and all the perks import well, and even a discipline icon, but punching zombies with the bare fists does not level it. I am starting to into the xml adjustments but in this case i am completely lost as to what to mess with. DF does a lot of things really well. I find that thanks to the traders selling perks, i am inclined to actually go to trader and trader to do their quests just to buy perks. That fixes a balance issue with the main game that i did not realize existed.
  7. Ok further update. I have a darkness falls instance and a war of the walkers instance. i screwed something up with wotw and it scrubbed my fist of the north star mod. I suspect it is not compatible with DMT. further investigation is required. So i shame quit and started playing darkness falls. now the XML for that i have configured where the variables are increased for horde spawning, but i left the max size alone. The result? Small hordes. almost as if they are the minimum size. I suspect that the max size has to be increased. <gamestage stage="03"><spawn group="wanderingHordeStageGS5" num="65" maxAlive="30" duration="09"/></gamestage> So this gets me in the darkness falls instance 9 to 15 zombies <gamestage stage="03"><spawn group="wanderingHordeStageGS5" num="65" maxAlive="65" duration="09"/></gamestage> This gets me in the war of the walkers instance a hard time. I will modify the xml with the darkness falls instance to 100 for max alive, and see what happens. If it stays the same, then it means that my massive battles were the result of an infinite screamer loop. My end goal is a game mode i call "hard times" where the horde night is random with now warning, and zombie hordes are big.
  8. "Not sure if they have steam workshop now, but they didn't." The original skyrim did have steam support, and some of the best mods are there, BUT, the legendary addition uses Bethderp.aids/cancer for their mods now. It's terrible and the licensing is shady. Granted this was before the microsoft buyout so maybe bethesda modding will get better? Now, here is the weird thing, the mod launcher we have is very nice. I like it better than vortex. If you have tons of space you can have multiple games with multiple mods, so if you want to try war of the walkers with some mods, then do a darkness falls play, then a sorcery play, you can have three different versions. It's great for testing too. I have been fiddling with xml changes for zombie spawns. and found some interesting results.
  9. Ok, so i went in, and changed both the spawn values and the max spawn to 65 for all the wondering hordes in war of the walkers with the fist of the north star modlet. Tons of zombies. tons of beatings, tons of exploding heads. Also added that mod that throws screamers into the mix, so i get the infinite screamer loop. So far the computer has not crashed, and the beatings will continue until morale improves. Horde night is set to max and it is now a break from things. So yeah, looks like changing those variables is the way to go, unless there are some mod shennigans afoot on my end, but regardless i am having the time of my life.
  10. So i changed the values in darkness falls, to be 50 to 100 in all those wondering hordes. I have not seen one yet. I will know if they are limited to 30 or not. However, i also got distracted and started playing chorno trigger again.... I really wish i got into xml editing sooner. This really is a game changer, it's fun and educational. I saw a fist of the north star mod on the nexus, which means we are close to a dragon ball zombie mod...
  11. I just found this mod 7 Days to Already Dead 2 at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com), and it looks like it may be compatible with this. If so then darkness falls is going to take a back seat because making clones AND exploding zombies with martial arts is cooler. does this work with random gen? or does it require special maps? Also is it compatible with sorcery?
  12. What does this do :maxAlive="30" does that limit it to only 30 zombies on map, or is that the upper limit of the zombies?
  13. I have mixed feelings on easy to use mods. On one hand it's great, no headaches, jump right in and away you go. But on the other hand mod troubleshooting develops marketable skills. Being able to figure out which mod i screwed up based off of when the errors are showing up on game load has been useful in my work. Understanding how xml works becoming more important now. It's getting complicated out there, and muddling through unity issues has taught me quite a bit.
  14. Agreed. also agreed. We should wait until the game is finished before steam integration. One of the things that really @%$#ed me off about minecraft, was how those bull@%$# updates that did not add much, would break all my mods. I am still salty about that, and now i must go shout obscenities in a corner because of all the angry broken mod memories.
  15. Dumb question: is this compatible with darkness falls? Never mind, just saw the response and it's a nope.
  16. Yeah. I remember the first time i played the mod and could not find the bunker or Catlin. At first it was a little frustrating, but looking back that was some of the most fun i had in the game, because i had to explore the most dangerous biome. i did it on motorcycle and went into any sort of bunker style complex. 7 days needs some sort of exploration quest like that. As it stands darkness falls fixes the repetitive poi problem by having so many pois. but eventually the quests get repetitive.
  17. Should trader Caitlyin be in a bunker? i have been thinking about this, and currently it is imperative to fortify her outpost, and to fix the damage done by zombie spawns, but what if it was a secret underground concreate bunker that looks like normal wasteland debris? now that would be a poi that would be hard to find without the quest and would not be attacked as often.
  18. That's good news. I was let down. i wanted a hand held warcrime but instead it was just another auger. speaking of warcrime, is it possible to get an upgraded Molotov, and call it a "white phosphors grenade"?
  19. Is it me, or is the flame thrower kinda useless? it does not do a lot of damage, and at higher gamestage it is just not effective, even with mods. is there a way to use it that i am not aware of? Personally since we have radioactive elements in the game i would rather see it get replaced with a fat man launcher....
  20. Are there plans for the guard captians to be their own faction? will caitlyn also sell perks if you get a high affinity with her?
  21. Yeah, started new game on small map 1, and yep, that is the correct darkness falls experience. I like the way that map is set up, it's very intelligent. Also started by putting as few points in crafting skills and buying them from the traders, and it does make the game a little harder. Not sure if that is just my play style or if those skills are needed. Still digging the increased trader usefulness, because holy crap does it make doing missions for them worth it. not just for the recipes you can buy, but also the ability to buy master level perks.
  22. Quick question from someone that has lived through the horrors of morrowind and oblivion modding, but did you try creating the folders? maybe the issue is that those folders were not there?
  23. well fugg, i wish i had known that earlier. i will keep that in mind when the next version launches.
  24. when the next version launches, what is a good map to use if you like player made pois? i am in df large2, and it does not have enough player made pois for my liking. when the next update for the mod hits, i think i will start a new game on a new map, so are there any recommendations for a map that is not too bumpy but has a good mix of player made pois and funpimp ones?
  25. I will not miss the burnt biome. For navesgane, it sorta made sense, as that was the forest fire after an atom bombing, but in rwg? it made things weird, sorta like the planes biome did. So no i won't miss it, and this sounds like the mods will become really awesome. I am not knocking the base game, but the mod scene will probably pick up after the A20 update.
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