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  1. Yeah. I remember the first time i played the mod and could not find the bunker or Catlin. At first it was a little frustrating, but looking back that was some of the most fun i had in the game, because i had to explore the most dangerous biome. i did it on motorcycle and went into any sort of bunker style complex. 7 days needs some sort of exploration quest like that. As it stands darkness falls fixes the repetitive poi problem by having so many pois. but eventually the quests get repetitive.
  2. Should trader Caitlyin be in a bunker? i have been thinking about this, and currently it is imperative to fortify her outpost, and to fix the damage done by zombie spawns, but what if it was a secret underground concreate bunker that looks like normal wasteland debris? now that would be a poi that would be hard to find without the quest and would not be attacked as often.
  3. That's good news. I was let down. i wanted a hand held warcrime but instead it was just another auger. speaking of warcrime, is it possible to get an upgraded Molotov, and call it a "white phosphors grenade"?
  4. Is it me, or is the flame thrower kinda useless? it does not do a lot of damage, and at higher gamestage it is just not effective, even with mods. is there a way to use it that i am not aware of? Personally since we have radioactive elements in the game i would rather see it get replaced with a fat man launcher....
  5. Are there plans for the guard captians to be their own faction? will caitlyn also sell perks if you get a high affinity with her?
  6. Yeah, started new game on small map 1, and yep, that is the correct darkness falls experience. I like the way that map is set up, it's very intelligent. Also started by putting as few points in crafting skills and buying them from the traders, and it does make the game a little harder. Not sure if that is just my play style or if those skills are needed. Still digging the increased trader usefulness, because holy crap does it make doing missions for them worth it. not just for the recipes you can buy, but also the ability to buy master level perks.
  7. Quick question from someone that has lived through the horrors of morrowind and oblivion modding, but did you try creating the folders? maybe the issue is that those folders were not there?
  8. well fugg, i wish i had known that earlier. i will keep that in mind when the next version launches.
  9. when the next version launches, what is a good map to use if you like player made pois? i am in df large2, and it does not have enough player made pois for my liking. when the next update for the mod hits, i think i will start a new game on a new map, so are there any recommendations for a map that is not too bumpy but has a good mix of player made pois and funpimp ones?
  10. I will not miss the burnt biome. For navesgane, it sorta made sense, as that was the forest fire after an atom bombing, but in rwg? it made things weird, sorta like the planes biome did. So no i won't miss it, and this sounds like the mods will become really awesome. I am not knocking the base game, but the mod scene will probably pick up after the A20 update.
  11. How do you get the swimming while freezing one? is there still a way for you to raise your temp in the water? I think it's the polar bear club or something is the name?
  12. We have a perk that reduces cave in damage, so why not give the mining helmet a cave in resistance as well?
  13. Oh no, we really need to be talking about the health bar, it's great. So you took a bunch of critical debuffs and your health is crap now? Pop a health bar. the health bonus counters the health debuff, and the bar makes you heal faster. depending on how prepared you are this will be what determines if you limp home or heal yourself.
  14. Maybe with railroads have a straight line of train tracks that splits the map in half? the tracks will have various states of damage, and can have rail car pois spawn on them? It would add realism, and while not being a usable block it would be a flavor block/good source of iron scrap. I also like the concept of opening up a cattle car and having a flood of zombies come out.
  15. I am making a small request: a tier 7 hover vehicle. Something where the parts are made in the lazer workbench but is assembled in the vehicle workbench. Like a star wars landspeeder or a hover jeep...
  16. If i am doing the math right, three health bars is what it takes to halve a splinted broken leg.
  17. You are making a huge mistake, don't melt the coins, use them to buy brass and ammo. also rotate your guns a bit. bows and shotguns don't need brass, so are an important alternative to the other weapons.
  18. It is now two super corn for one glue. What that means is that with a point in living off the land, each super corn crop is one glue. Each cotton crop is now two cloth. You now have duct tape farms. For dynamite folks this is great. I used the dynamite for tunneling. I dig tunnels to the traders now. Having a giant tunnel network to the traders and the cities is great! it saves time and gas to be able to straight away bike everywhere safely.
  19. Honest answer: drugs and candy. I see a lot of youtubers ignore the health bar. HA! scrubs that deserve their painful debuff death! the health bar is the spinach of the game! did a dubuff lower your health? Not only does the health bar cut the healing time in half, it also gives a buff to the health and speeds up the healing. combine that with fortibites, painkillers, and beer and you are good to go in a bad situation. The moment you have those debuffs hitting you is the moment you need to pop all those items. It's why i take the 4x4 to the big pois, i have it kitted out with those items for w
  20. I love the dog packs. Just when i finish a poi i open the door to see 10 zombie dogs coming at you. Really adds some horror to the game.
  21. Maybe if they improve the quality of the gun? So you install the new parts at the work bench, and a tier 5 gun goes to tier 6, and a tier 6 gun gets slightly better stats. I would like to see some cosmetic parts for the guns too.
  22. We need more quest variety, and some end game stuff. What would help, is for special trader quests to have a special quest once a week for a higher spawn chance for certain loot. If you do not have a gun by day 5 there should be a trader quest for " i am looking for a gun" and he sends you to a tier 1 or 2 poi where the loot room will have an increased chance of a gun, or they sell you one if they have one in stock and you have the dukes. also "missing courier quests". We now have bodies at the pois, so why not a body that has the courier satchel in it's cold dead hal
  23. Those stacks are no joke. i take all the consumables for the high level purchases, + a magnum AND the cigar. I have a full level 6 solar array for my screamer smg turret setup around my base, two gyro copters, and box that is almost full of 20k stacks of dukes. If dukes were a place able item i would have a scrooge mcduck money bin of dukes.
  24. The tracker skill should give a hint at what direction the horde will attack from for horde night. low levels should be a flavor text at the bottom: You smell rot from the east. At higher levels it give stronger hints.
  25. the sad bit, is that there was a time when that would have been considered top notch loot for the fertilizer.
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