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  1. No more of a stamina issue. 5 min and I need a nap.
  2. I am worried about performance. I keep having to turn mine lower and lower and my friend now plays at minimum settings with 20FPS
  3. Oh god the wait is killing me. Are you all close to a A.20 release? Also what are the biggest hang ups slowing it all down?
  4. Says could not initialize steam steam client not running since I updated... Disregard restarted steam after update its working now
  5. Been away for some time here. I know they dont do ETA stuff but is there any news on how far along they are into A19?
  6. is there a way to just use the extra zombies only?
  7. I checked my brothers PC he didnt download the mod to join server and as stated I even copied his game and replaced mine with his. also something is not right this says EAC needs to be off but the server needs it on to join
  8. something in your install didn't go right, would try again. i didnt download it, im trying to join a server that has it. Even my brother didnt download anything. I even did a full copy of his 7 days folder to replace mine and it still gives me the same error
  9. Please help if you can. My brother and I have clean install he can join a server with this mod but when I try to I get an error EXCEPTION: Class 'BlockTakeAndReplace, Mods' not found on block boardedWindowsSheet_weak! dont know if you know whats going on, if you got an idea please PM me I might miss it otherwise. Thanks
  10. Got burned out playing in general been waiting for A17 to play again. I would of quit a long time ago if it was not for the combo pack. I hope A17 makes it easier to do but with the dungeon system etc I dont know what most of these prefabs will be like compared to them lol.
  11. JayzenFreeze

    True Survival

    there is to much to look through to ask and without a PM I will probably miss it, how much strain will this put on the game? Got a decent rig but the setting have to be turned down more and more as they make new versions. Used to play on max now default, still have shuttering with 100FPS+
  12. I hope the combo pack conversion dont stress you out to much. The world is so empty without your combo pack. P.S. Floor looks sweet.
  13. Hey Mag we finally hit A16 stable. I hope you can get the RWG combo pack working soon. Then eventually adding the sleepers if possible. The prefabs get really boring seeing the same couple instead of all those extra buildings. Keep up the great work mate.
  14. Alright mag, Cant wait for the Stable A16 and your pack to be ready.
  15. I hope A16 makes it easier for you. As hard as you keep working to keep fixing this after a patch/update breaks it, it would be nice for A16 to make it easier for you to work with. Keep up the great work mate. Its been a while, been waiting for A16 for what feels like forever now.
  16. bout damn time lol jk you the man mag, keep up the great work havent tried out the A14.x version yet trying the redone nazegane map. How it this working compared to the A13.x versions anyways?
  17. Hey mag here is to hoping the combo pack wont take to much work to get it compatible with A14. I know you can do it and happy holidays.
  18. Yeah things never run smooth at all times It was strange how I was able to use it but 5 minutes later I got a PM asking me to upload it for him he couldnt download it. Hell even dropbox was acting up it kept saying error unable to upload file. I didnt look but does the rar say what you changed since the last update? Also how new is this version? Newest combo pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/0v0093sxi8...17-54.zip?dl=0
  19. just got a PM from someone else here it is if you have issues I just tested it and it downloads fine just click download from the top right https://www.dropbox.com/s/0v0093sxi8fkkeh/compo_pack_17-54.zip?dl=0
  20. Hmm thats strange kickz I just downloaded it fine, PM me if you want me to upload it somewhere else right away for you. just seen it was a post from 5 hours ago maybe it was fixed
  21. Its cool I just wanted it to be a reminder to others that is messed up because of how A13.8 was built.
  22. Some of these issues are not mags fault the game seems to have trouble with the bubbles that are supposed to keep all the buildings smooth with the ground. Even vanilla has issues with things like buildings floating etc. I do hope A14 does not put to much strain on how much work he has to do to fix his combo pack. The game is to bland without it. Hell the devs should add them to the game by default lol.
  23. Yeah probably best to wait for A14 before making any changes. I hope they have it ready in time. Its been over a week since they talked about it.
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