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  1. its not an individual block or POI so didnt know what to do there. Will post it where you linked and put output log
  2. This keeps happening to me at my base not a POI. When I start my game base is fine but when o go off to scavenge and come home it happens over and over. Crates and door flicker and vanish. I can access them bit its annoying. Any help to fix it?
  3. I get same issue here and there especially if I ALT tab out of the game for a moment.
  4. PM me if you got a solution in case I cant find this thread thanks.
  5. Had this in many versions. Building a base away from POI's trying to place a block 4 blocks up off the ground and there is 2 spots next to each other that I cant place anything there. I can build around it but not in these empty 2 block areas. Also its 2 block wide and from the ground up through the air is unbuildable there. P.S. It it a iron bar catwalk around my outer walls all sides built the same and just 2 blocks wont let me palace there. Can anything be done to fix this?
  6. Says could not initialize steam steam client not running since I updated... Disregard restarted steam after update its working now
  7. When will you do in depth optimizations for performance? A.16 my bro plaid medium settings 30-50FPS now on any setting its around 16FPS at best, unplayable.
  8. pics look amazing, so bored here.
  9. Steam name:JayzenFreeze https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012945144/ Hours played: 1,082 hrs Started on Alpha: A1 Day 1 Discord name: Jayzen Freeze#5061 Native language: English Any way to know how/where/when we will be notified?
  10. Been away for some time here. I know they dont do ETA stuff but is there any news on how far along they are into A19?
  11. I tried dirt wont work no block does. tried digging around and under it, nothing worked.[ATTACH=CONFIG]30497[/ATTACH]
  12. I dont think thats it, I destroyed The blocks under and around it so if it was even invisible it should of disappeared.
  13. how do I fix this bug? I have it here and there where I cant place a block in an empty space. I cant place a ramp in that spot or place anything one block above that. I tried destroying blocks under it etc nothing worked.
  14. two things one what happened to barbed wire? Two Since last update when I open my inventory my FPS goes from 60FPS to 5FPS for a second or two and horde night its drops so bad i cant select stuff
  15. why was regular barbed wire removed? Cant craft it now.
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