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  1. Yes, it was a console command for 100% dismemberment. It is far from being done. It was not planned as an A20 feature, but looks like it will be in A20 for some amount of zombies. There will be a lot more tweaking as Steve and Ryan (artist) work on it and changes can continue through experimental and into A20 point releases.
  2. Four programmers will be discussing their work. I will be talking about optimizations, terrain, weather, AI, vehicles and block placement stability. Should be fun!
  3. We have a consultant graphics programmer who is doing benchmarks and has a second PC with low specs. I dug up my 4th old dev PC (i7 860) and have it running now, but it only has 4 GB RAM and an AMD 1 GB VRAM GPU. It will run the game on lower settings, but is very slow for testing as it hits the hard drive a lot (paging) during loading and shutdown and I could not run Unity at the same time. My wife's old PC has 8 GB RAM, which should work in that motherboard, so planning on trying that RAM. The problem with benchmarks is they tell you where you are at and maybe what is slow, but not how to fix it. Fixing is the hard part.
  4. Cores beyond 2 will only partially be used because other than the main thread and graphics thread, everything else is tasks that do not need to be done every frame. Like the new collision mesh baking thread. It only needs to bake when a chunk loads or is changed (damage, block added/removed). The fact that it can run on another core means that when it is running, it will not steal time from the main thread, which would decrease FPS.
  5. SI is basically the same. I think we increased wood to better match the others, but seems done. Mostly bugs. Currently short grass mesh improvements and fixing normals that today I noticed were wrong. Something can be done with hours/days/weeks of work. Not spending any time on it for A20 or maybe at all. We have plenty to do already to get the game gold. It is planned to be stream #6 on Oct 13th.
  6. I can't give you exact answers, since PC specs vary so much. It should have similar performance. The worse case currently is in the downtown of the new RWG cities, but they are working on a point system to help keep too many high resource POIs from being together. The game will use around 6 cores, but cores are not used equally because there are many different workloads being run. Many tasks have to be done on the main thread in Unity, which consistently takes the most amount of time per frame. The same with the graphics thread. Beyond that, other threaded tasks like mesh creation, collision mesh baking and AI pathing are on demand as needed. I have a 12 core CPU, but it certainly does not need or use all of those cores. Extra cores are nice to have, since the OS and other programs can run without using cores the game is using.
  7. 1 Or set it based on terrain quality 2 No. I plan to remove the weapon camera someday (a21?). This is overhead that we can do without, since clipping can be done in the shader. FOV is an issue that needs to be resolved, which is why I have not done it yet. The feature does nothing with what sounds like a bug. No plans for bullet holes.
  8. He seemed to be joking. Either way, not happening.
  9. It was already done like that. My opinion came after. That is how development goes. People do things. Others make comments. Sometimes things change. Round and round it goes. I often do things without input because I think it will be cool, then sometimes you have to go back and refine it from other's opinions.
  10. It will be the same as the past experimentals. They will probably load, but not recommended. Often people will get bugs using previous versions as we adjust data throughout the experimental period. I have pointed this out. The more distinctive they make then, the more repetitive it looks. I see 5 soldiers and they all somehow died the same? Having special characteristics be optional would be a good place to get to.
  11. Sure, I can always see it. 555 555 500 500 555 555 005 005 555 555
  12. When switching to exclusive mode, wait 10 frames and check if Screen width/height what you wanted. If not then switch back to the res you wanted in windowed mode, so the user can try again. Possibly later. I don't know that we have the time before A20 experimental to upgrade and test it.
  13. Probably Oct 6. I increased the clamp by 5 degrees. That should help and still looks fine.
  14. Why not use names instead of index? The names may not be that consistent either. Maybe tags? (Actually I added a E_BP_EYE tag on those last week). What about LODs? They have multiple GameObjects for those, so if 0 they would be 0,1,2 or 0,1,2,3, since LODs vary in count.
  15. Yes. Zombies ducking down so they don't hit their head and get stuck on blocks.
  16. No changes there. Sounds like polish for later.........
  17. 1 Handling when fullscreen exclusive fails and Unity plays pick some stupid resolution that I don't want. 1b Seeing Justin's tweaked short grass art. Looks awesome. 2 5 programmers covering - drone, modding, DMS, quest, Twitch, Feral Sense, AI ducking, block placement stability, optimizations, gfx options. Maybe vehicle mods. 3 Not heard about that. Not something I would use.
  18. Nope. That is a whole can of worms.
  19. That picture covers those cases. Hard to see, but that is me placing a block on top of a plant. It would fall.
  20. Because you probably would not know IRL. Maybe think it feels flimsy. Is a skill part of game. In any event:
  21. I like cookies! I found that Unity has some problems with exclusive mode and multi monitors and it is even worse with a 2nd monitor in portrait like mine. We already have resolution choice issues and our UI with putting the game window on my 2nd monitor that we should fix someday, so this is just more fun.
  22. Exclusive is added. Making a build for final testing now.
  23. Cores are not used equally in games. Splitting work equally across all of them is very difficult and most games have the majority of work on a few cores, which is the bottleneck. 7dtd's main thread does more work than any other thread as many interactions with Unity have to be on the main thread and is what limits your FPS if the GPU is done with a frame first.
  24. This is a Unity issue. New gfx tech tends to only be supported by their HDRP (hi def render pipeline), which we don't plan to use because it would be a large time consuming rewrite of our graphics code. Next game we hope to use HDRP. I play at 4k on a 2070 at around 55 FPS, but use the High preset. 1440p would be 70+ FPS. Ryzen 3900. Your CPU could be the bottleneck.
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