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  1. Justin is adjusting all non tree plants, which would include all biomes. Don't know what he is doing with winter ground textures.
  2. New plant changes (not finished):
  3. 1 Last 3 days has been block placement stability colors not working with multiblocks. Today is falling blocks using world space UVs (from previous shader changes) causing the block to swim through the texture, but also cleaning up falling block code (not looked at that before). 2 Eventually 3 We just announced Sept 8 4 Probably not. Lathan likes to stream in the evening, but it could happen 5 ?? I want it out as much as the players, but not until it be good! I was. Mesh generation and collider changes. Justin just committed a bunch of grass and plant texture/shader/settings changes, so getting there.
  4. Programmers are currently scheduled for the 5th stream. I'll hit a variety of topics but not everything.
  5. Zack has made improvements and I think we have more tracks, but he would have to tell you the details. We already support Vulkan, but we have little control over it. That is between Unity, drivers and the OS. In any event, performance is not much different.
  6. You can try settings shadows to off or lower while it is happening and see how much better it gets. I'm pretty sure the sewers are just part of the POI, so only certain POIs would have them. I don't think POIs can stack. Working fine in A20.
  7. I think I fixed that months ago.
  8. 1 Looks great, but I was not playing the game. Just flying around 2 Not much. Crouching would be the main one 3 Crouching helps there, but there is a bug with them swiping as they walk 4 Hard to compare since there are other general optimizations that make up for it 5 May be better since chunk mesh/collider creation is faster 6 I was checking that optimization/cleanup to biome decoration code did not have errors 7 Seems fine to me 8 Should be the same 9 Same? 10 Don't think so 11 Probably tweaks to some, but a lot of different assets have LODs with separate settings 12 It should be used at some point
  9. 1 Yes 2 Just blocks 3 Don't know 4 Same as a19 5 Don't know
  10. Doing some biome testing and tried RWG.
  11. Sure, that 2 ton backpack you are carrying does not fit. No changes. No weapons in A20. Not decided, so yes there could be more.
  12. Basically we have these threads: Main GPU Mesh building Mesh colliders (a20) Pathfinding (1 to x) Dynamic mesh? Misc? Yes, you could always improve stuff, but it comes down to time vs benefit. Do you have the time and is it worth using the time on that. Mesh colliders is a good example that was added to a20 to get PhysX collider processing off the main thread. It was not super hard or time consuming, but I've had to fix bugs in it twice now. I think it was worth the time.
  13. No changes. I would not play with streaming off. Not sure where we are at with that. I did some code/xml for it months ago and Ryan has made some prototypes, but think it was put on hold. He might be working on it again, but could end up in A21. It should not affect FPS. I give is a 50/50 we change it at some point.
  14. 1 A20 is not the last. Unknown beyond that. 2 Don't know 3 Definitely not the old ones 4 Don't know 5 Not planned for players Don't think that is decided. I reworked the AA settings today so it goes Off, Low, Medium, High, Temporal. AA Type is now AA Sharpening, which allows you to set temporal's sharpening from 0 to 100 percent for more control. Team feedback has been good, with little performance loss and only a few complaints of too sharp, hence the changes. After talking about some gfx settings changes and seeing that 55% of players use the medium preset, which is the default, I decided to add an auto detect today, which should get some of those people on better settings. "Added auto setting of graphics quality preset (6GB+ VRAM sets High. nVidia 2080, 3070, 3080, 3090 or AMD 6800, 6900 sets Ultra)."
  15. Well enough that I made it the default on High and Ultra presets. I am still performance testing, but it looks like a few FPS drop. The game looks much clearer with the sharpening, so worth the FPS to me, but TAA can be easily turned off. Currently we have FXAA for lower and SMAA for higher settings. These are still there if AA Type is set to Standard.
  16. Yes. It time travels and exterminates them!
  17. Today I decided to finish my temporal anti aliasing testing and get it in the game. Mostly done but going to finish testing on Monday before I commit.
  18. I do. No special ability changes and very little in terms of general AI changes other than feral sense and crouching. Blood moons should be the same. Biomes the same. Would like to do some changes with cities, but may not happen in A20.
  19. Raycasts are on the main thread, but all the code doing them are also on the main thread, so there is no issue with waiting. Other than a new bear run anim, it appears all the primary animation changes are for player weapons and tools usage (attack/aim/holding/reload/etc).
  20. Sure you can just say did it hit anything, but that sounds like of lame and I don't want to spend time on that. Poles and doors are blocks, so that is checking blocks. Raycasts are cheap. You should see the massive amount of raycasts the path grid uses.
  21. It could, but should what you hit block the sound? Say it is a pole or other small obstacle, it should not, which means block shapes would have to be flagged for it. We have a lot of shapes. Don't know. Robert could tell you.
  22. Have not heard about any new sounds.
  23. The inside detection is not that great and could use more research. You also end up with cases like you are inside, but zombies are too, so it should not be muffled for them except maybe their indoors is really adjacent to yours in another room/building, so it should be muffled.
  24. Not on the radar right now. It will add some performance overhead, so we would have to evaluate if worth it.
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