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  1. Screamers work the same. No changes for demos planned. It was talked about, but not yet.
  2. Finished a wish list item today. Early tester feedback seems good. More zeds in towns. Added biome spawning supports disabling spawn types using POI tags in an area. Added commercial, industrial and downtown biome spawning types (more and faster respawning zombies).
  3. The sky is basically the same as a19. You can often see the sun. Probably just the weather combination at that time.
  4. biomes.xml <biome name="snow" topsoil_block="terrSnow" biomemapcolor="#FFFFFF" lootstage_modifier = "1" lootstage_bonus="20"> Comments in the file: A20 Biome Loot Modifier and Bonus Biome Modifier A.K.A lootstage_modifier percentage added to the loot stage calculations Pine Forest 0 Desert 0.5 Snow 1 Wasteland 1.5 Biome Bonus A.K.A. lootstage_bonus whole number added to the loot stage calculations Pine Forest 0 Desert 10 Snow 20 Wasteland 30
  5. Because once new programmers come up to speed they can be a net positive to the team, you just don't want to be doing that while you are trying to get an alpha out and fix a hundred programming bugs. That is why one of our new programmers is working on player outfits for a21 and not a20 tasks.
  6. As Roland said, people have specific roles. Programmers are not interchangeable. Over time two can be if they both learn a system well, but that rarely happens, since there is plenty of work to spread around. New programmers can be a time drain, since they often have to ask other programmers how stuff works and sometimes you could of just spent that time fixing it yourself. Then you get new bugs while fixing bugs, which just happened recently when a consultant tried to fix a bug where they don't understand all the game features, then I spend time looking at their bugs and trying to help, blah, blah, blah.
  7. Stripper is now party girl. I think football player and cheerleader. Maybe old timer and a few others. Not A20. We have a new programmer who is working on it. Should be A21. The details are probably in a document, but I don't know them. That could all change anyway, so I would not count on anything.
  8. Nope. Designers, artists, programmers are all still tweaking stuff and working on features, while also fixing bugs. If we even have a real content lock, it would probably be the final week. It is there. It works like you would expect. It was done by an outside programmer, so is not in an area of any of the programmers in the streams.
  9. 115. It will be a while yet.
  10. But what does the Magic 7 ball say?
  11. It could. It is not working as a whole, but the parts are there. We have model/textures. We have vehicle buoyancy/forces code. It all needs to be put together, tweaked and tested. Recipes and icons made. Added to loot lists. So many hours of work, which could be done for A20, but don't bet on it.
  12. I'd consider it, but not like that. That makes me want to hit nothing, since my vehicle would be quickly trashed. There could be mods for that, but not in A20. It is possible if we wanted to spend the time on it.
  13. It is possible, but I don't know. You asked a design question to programmers. We typically know the designs of the systems we are working on, but as far as extra content outside the scope of what we do, we would only know if someone mentioned it to us. Additional content to an existing and working system tends to fall into the polish category of if someone has time and desire, then maybe there will be more of whatever.
  14. If I get to it means period. I'm not talking about any alpha is particular. It does not animate. It is hand IK on a steering wheel and actually I may not even show your hands or the steering wheel. Needs are subjective. What you consider adequate may not be what we decide. In the end if someone does not like how first person or third person works, they can just not use it. Now if they don't like either, I guess they have a problem. Close. I actually added a distance scale variable that changes with mouse wheel. That then scales the vehicle's current distance, which allows the vehicle to still zoom in/out with speed like it does.
  15. Worked on vehicle camera and stutter bugs and decided to add this: Added vehicle camera zoom in/out. Uses mouse wheel or controller d-pad up/down (30% to 120%). First person driving, if I get to it, would be an extension of zooming in. 30% is close, but not the same.
  16. Should be the same as our other audio files. Resource folder wave files that Unity imports and compresses to Vorbis.
  17. The text to speech is not in the game. It was used to make audio files, so you would have to replace the files.
  18. Text to speech. Plenty of tools out there that can do it in a convincing fashion.
  19. There is no date. We just feel we are getting close. There is a water bug currently. In Nav and maybe RWG too, it is floating high in the sky.
  20. They are only going to get so dumb. You build small bases and you limit their choices. Build bigger bases and since distance is a path expense, they will tend to not go the long way. One solution is just adding some totally stupid filler zombies.
  21. Ha ha. I don't care for traders. Makes the game too easy. I pretty much just use them to sell junk to and buy books. Do the occasional quest. I want a survival experience, not a social one. Trader stock would be a good setting. I'd go 10%, but when you have hundreds of things to do, features like that will often not happen or sometimes team members will object to a feature and it does not happen.
  22. Is possible. Added to todo list. They do still look for long paths, but they use reduced block health precision and may quit on the paths, based on intelligence, and do destroy area instead.
  23. I don't see any news stands. We have this newspaper dispenser.
  24. Yes, it was a console command for 100% dismemberment. It is far from being done. It was not planned as an A20 feature, but looks like it will be in A20 for some amount of zombies. There will be a lot more tweaking as Steve and Ryan (artist) work on it and changes can continue through experimental and into A20 point releases.
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