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  1. Sorry, I've not seen any skeletons.
  2. 1 Don't think so other that addition of primitive guns 2 No
  3. That is generally true, but not all the time. At 4k on a RTX 2070 with higher video settings I become GPU bound, so end up turning some video settings down. DLSS would potentially save some GPU, giving a higher FPS without having to turn down some settings.
  4. Unity games don't make their own render pipeline. You use the built in one or one of the new scriptable ones. The scriptable ones let you make a ton of changes, but Unity is still doing the heavy lifting. Unity is still what talks to the graphics API (DX, OpenGL, Metal, Vulkan). Not in A20. I think we all like it. Not sure why anyone would not. I think it is top secret at this point, so if I showed you, I would have to....
  5. Yes, but it is a scale, not distance. zombieTemplateMale is <property name="AIFeralSense" value="1.5"/> Currently only zeds that are different are zbear at 1.2 and zdog at 1.6. It does not mean anything expect our next game will probably be HDRP.
  6. Not likely. Any new graphics tech that Unity adds to the engine generally is done to the HD render pipeline (HDRP). We use the built in pipeline. Updating to HDRP is a large amount of work, so probably won't be done until our next game.
  7. Yes. Blood moon zombies are given targets. Senses don't matter.
  8. Feral sense is currently just Off, Day, Night, All. We don't plan on more options changes for A20. Maybe by gold. For now you can change some of that in entityclasses.xml.
  9. It is not planned, but it could happen.
  10. I don't know what Lathan is testing, but the next version will be 19.6.
  11. 1 That would be 19.6 2 Twitch and localization changes 3 Should be a normal release 4 No AI behavior changes in A20 I don't know of anyone using it and I could see it going away at some point.
  12. Artists are working on the 3d models and textures.
  13. Probably not much different. Performance should be the same. The shaders are doing the same amount of work and the c# code changes were trivial. Just committed it: Added wind simulation speed changes grass and tree movement (improved wind handling, added grass shader wind time and use constant sin offset so we can interpolate wind values without ugly shifting). Added grass and tree wind gusts (visual. adds to wind simulation). Improved biome wind values. The art is coming along. There will be no code work done on it until after A20.
  14. Yesterday I got it mostly working. Still tweaking. The direction will be the same, it just varies in frequency and intensity. The flag anim is just math in a shader and does not change. (someday?) Maybe in a month or two?
  15. There is a global wind zone that the speedtree shaders use. Grass used a constant shader value, but now a global shader variable. Weather will be changing the value now, once I get to it.
  16. Yes. No other changes for 1m are planned for A20 apart from bug fixes like AI often attacking while crawling. Wandering sleepers probably not A20. Water not A20. Mostly been fixing bugs, so they don't all get stacked up at the end of A20. The weather simulation has been improved for A20. Weather changes more often, for shorter duration and with a more controlled randomness. Stronger fog can happen. Wind speed should change the now variable tree and grass movement, but that has not been done yet.
  17. RWG code changes are maybe 75% done, but there is a lot of designer content being worked on that goes with those changes.
  18. This is probably an issue with occlusion. You can try turning it off in the video settings.
  19. A crude estimate would be early fall.
  20. Saw some new town pictures Monday and was impressed with the look and density of the streets and buildings. My kids, who are adults, thought it was cool.
  21. I get 6-8 usually. Had food poisoning Sunday, so still a bit tired from that. I lost 5 pounds in 2 days, but was wanting to lose some more weight anyway. Working from home is a nice bonus time wise. Years ago, I used to commute to Chicago and that was 10 hours a week of wasted time. Probably, but I don't deal with that.
  22. No changes planned, but what you describe may get adjusted someday. Yes, if they were like that, but all those objects add draw calls, so meshes are generally one piece. We may have a few extra parts at some point. Like bandits may have some of the armor as separate objects. It would be possible, but I think we have spent enough time on dynamic music as it is. Sure. A few days here and there. I took two days off a few weeks ago for a 4 day weekend vacation in IA. Yesterday I was off closing on my new house. Lots of moving stuff in my future. A lot of meetings today, but determined a reason some sleepers were not spawning for the designers and fixed, but need to finish testing tomorrow and maybe adjust some of the spawn delays.
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