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  1. Burnt Forest is actually pretty in a dark way in A19. I'd bet in a future version the artists will do some cool stuff with the Wasteland too.
  2. Blood Moon has a variety of uses: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_Moon
  3. It seems to be fixed in a19. If you are asking for it before a19, there are no plans to release any other versions of a18.
  4. Sounds like occlusion. Trees are in groups with a bounding box around them. If box is too tight, it can lead to edge trees being hidden. I have increased the padding before. Might need more.
  5. The game will be fine going gold without ECS. Now if Unity improves their tech, we might find some use for it if time permits. Our A* algorithm works fine it is our usage rules that will get tweaked over time.
  6. If that happened, the entity would still be loaded, could be seen with le console command and nav icon would be on it. In recent reported cases the entity was just gone. It may have failed to reload when the chunk was loaded.
  7. I analyzed and tested that, but never could get anything bad to happen.
  8. Working as intended. They don't have kickstands.
  9. Whatever breadcrumb system was in before a17 is not in the game. The one I added in a17 or a18, can't remember, is used for AI seeking noises. The breadcrumb makes seeking noises less accurate, so it is helpful to the player.
  10. Backpacks teleport randomly above where they started and will retry it thousands of times. I've thrown many through the ground and they always recover, so that is probably not what is happening to them.
  11. Well, I've looked at backpacks several times now. They never want to disappear for me. That is why it now logs every step of backpack creation, destruction and teleportation. It may require some type of death, respawn, teleport loop automation to track down.
  12. I think the clock is just a texture an artist made. You would not see hands moving on that.
  13. That has been done for months.
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