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  1. I should hope vehicles can drive off road and I have no plans to change it.
  2. 1 Tons of code changes. 2 This is all c# code. Not much to do with Unity. 3 Way too early to tell.
  3. No, since our current list is subject to change. Top goal is water that does not suck.
  4. We are aiming for performant water that does not have holes in it. Beyond that, it will depend on how slow the simulations run and how much time we have. Boats could be done at any time if we wanted to, with old or new water. Water is still block based, but it is not a block. Meaning it is the size of a block and shares the space of a block, but any block could have water in it. There may still be water block(s) for placement or other reasons, but when placed it would become water data.
  5. Water is still stored in the chunks we already have. It will just not be as blocks. Vehicle tinting and mods have already been worked on and should be in a20. Three of the mods need code support, but it is not major work. Not sure, but currently water blocks just convert to the new water data format.
  6. No time for playing in the dirt for a20.
  7. A20 NEWS!!!!!!! Started on the water overhaul this week. I'm working on the water chunk data and another programmer will be doing simulation/mesh changes. My plan is water will not be a block, but additional chunk data, which is a pretty big change. It makes more sense, since any block could have water in it while still being whatever block it is.
  8. I love new Unity versions, but as we are getting into a gold mindset and have been talking to Unity, we plan on using LTS releases. A20 should be on 2019.4 LTS and next year hopefully move to the 2020 LTS for A21, so would be able to get those benefits. Not likely. Vehicle speed is limited by chunk loading speed. Last week I make an improvement to chunk deco spawning speed, but a lot more would have to be done to the total speed. No. The current one may get a few tweaks and will probably go stable within a month. A lot of team time is now going into A20.
  9. It would be a performance issue in the current way it works. We need a corpse manager that deletes oldest/farthest corpses, in addition to the current timer. Many sounds originate from the player. Hopefully that gets improved someday.
  10. Console command spawnwh will spawn a wandering horde. AIDirector does not spawn them at the same time, but it is one per tick, so 20 a second. 2 seconds is a lot of time and may not be feasible in POIs due to players being able to see them pop in. I added a wh spawn delay of 1 second. That may be enough in that case. A common load delay and/or precaching solution may work, but these are not trivial changes with the randomness of spawns and spawning across different systems. Thanks
  11. It is not something I've tried and I don't know of anyone on the team that has one. I use a 32 inch 4k 16:9 monitor for my main. Running in windowed mode would allow us to test any aspect ratio.
  12. That post is basically backwards. There is a huge increase going to low, which is the point of low, to disable terrain visual features so it runs faster. The difference is bigger on lower end hardware that has trouble with those features. The recent changes to the terrain shaders make those features run faster, so what they want is already done.
  13. No specific work yet. Probably both. Special infected will likely cover a range of behaviors allowing common zombies as the more stupid ones, but the whole range can't really be balanced across the entire game until there is an entire range to balance.
  14. We are definately CPU bound. Profiling last week after the terrain shader update and related tweaks, show that even more. Just tested a build and 4k res is running better than I've ever seen it at high quality, which is what I normally play at. I would be interested to see your numbers when 19.2 comes out. Thanks
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