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  1. Picking up the forge would turn it into an item. The item would not have data on what materials were in the forge. I don't know that we would ever change that.
  2. Usually when someone says "Nobody likes x", they are automatically wrong. The world is a diverse place and I can probably find someone who likes to play the game blindfolded while juggling chipmunks. I like stealth and mostly play agility. Does the fact that some sleepers somewhere might always see me invalidate the fact I can make stealth kills elsewhere? Stealth does not mean invisible in all circumstances. Out in a field in broad daylight being a prime case. Normally I don't put points in From The Shadows, since Hidden Strike with a bow is fine, but Hated was wondering if knifes could ever be used for stealth kills, so last night I put 2 point in Hidden Strike and cleared a POI with stealth knife kills. Only a few hit me, since at certain angles you can't get a head shot for the instant kill. Looking forward to trying it with more points. This was the game I'm playing with my daughter, so I was not going to cheat to find out.
  3. That is how terrain blocks are merged together. It is core tech and not something that is likely to change.
  4. Added night is darker when the moon is not full. There are 7 moon phases, so 7 variations of darkness now. I know about it. Probably be fixed some day, but not a high priority.
  5. Possibly. AI will continue to change as we improve the game. Vsync On is what would cap it at 60. Turn it off. Also check your gfx driver settings, since vsync can be force on there also.
  6. It works nothing like that. Blocks don't have pathing. Pathing is based on colliders, with some block checks, but not faces of blocks. If you used half blocks it would be 8x the data, since there are 3 dimensions.
  7. I liked it, but stopped playing around 20 hours in. Will probably go back to it eventually, but most likely will start a new game, since the beginning of games is generally the most fun for me and I tend not to remember where I was at anyway. I won't play permadeath. The journey ends when I want it to, which is usually when I get bored.
  8. Indoor lighting decreases ambient at all times of day, not just night. Indoor vs outdoor is a vague concept and the calculated percent is not perfect. The old block ambient occlusion tried to light inside/outside, but was buggy and we disabled. The new system simply adjusts ambient, but since it is a global value, you get the transitioning that we have now.
  9. Common sense is not common. People vary greatly in what they want. 90% of TV and movies have darkness way too bright and it annoys me, but the people I watch with generally don't care. I would like it darker at night too, but TFP is not the Borg. Others have different opinions. Indoors at night it gets pretty dark, so that part makes me happy. Linking the moon phase to the ambient would be cool to get some darker nights, when the moon is not full.
  10. Same here. Love agility. For BMs I just make murder holes and look them in the eye and stab zombies in the face. When I run out of stamina, blunderbuss or shotgun them a bit or pistol, then back to stabbing. Rotate though targets to maximize bleed damage. Bow is also great now for stealth damage.
  11. I did the day 2 BM last night. I did not have those frames around the edge. Was just fighting them from inside, because they can't get over. WRONG, 2 of them used others and jumped over. I lost half my heath before I climbed out. Killed those from above and dropped back inside to kill the rest through the openings. My GS was 6, so I only had about 6 or 8 zeds.
  12. Drone has not been enabled. The note does apply to you though, since when we enable it, it won't be shot by your turrets.
  13. If you want to be a builder, you can always lower AI block damage. I started a new game last night using pregen1. I'm playing blood moons every 2 days, 50% AI block damage and I'm not allowed to live in POIs, so I have to build something. My day 2 base.
  14. Doors look like the same issue as using edge poles. They don't get attacked because the AI can walk through them. Added to my todo list.
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