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  1. Probably not. If you profile the game, it shows neither one of those things as issues. We plan on continuing to optimize the slower parts of the game, not parts that already run fast enough.
  2. That has not happened yet. A20 is on 2019.4.17, but may get another update if any good fixes happen before we get to experimental.
  3. 1 This week: Fixing holes/overlaps in block meshes/colliders (added shape ModelOffset). Testing (using) Unity 2019.4. Changes to skin quality settings, so can change on a per entity/LOD basis. Fixed a playtest load bug. Improved shape loading. Improved chunk debug grid drawing. Improving chunk mesh generation. 2 That will probably be A21 3 Saw some new screenshots today. New POI placement system is looking cool. 4 Artists are working on new weapon, block and zed/animal content, but nothing that has needed programmers for, other that the skin change I made.
  4. No. That would require a ton of code rewriting, which is not going to happen. That is not likely to happen. We have many other tasks that need our time.
  5. A correct random number generator gives you random numbers. We use an industry standard random number generator, so it does work. Truly random does mean you could get the same thing many times in a row, which people often don't like and want something less random. Now the seed used for the random generator could cause issues if not varied enough or reused/repeated.
  6. Weather changes were not planned for a20, but after noticing the state of the code, that it was not gold quality, I ended up spending a lot of December overhauling it. The overhaul is basically done, but the simulation parameters are still being tweaked and needs testing/feedback. Now the players reaction to the weather is completely separate, so this does not change what happens to the player being hot/cold/wet/etc. The amount of logic we already run from xml adds a good amount of overhead to the game. It could be added, but it would be slow, so not likely.
  7. It is calculated by scanning through neighboring blocks. That algorithm is old and actually something I'd like to look at and see if it can be improved, since the results don't seem that great.
  8. The best reason for fighting anything is not dying. Granted our death penalty is not that bad, but maybe someday.
  9. The effect is not eye adaptation, which is a post processing screen effect. It is not about your eyes adjusting. It is about going into a dark house and it being dark. Ambient light from outside should not be brightening up a dark basement or mine shaft, so ambient is decreased when you go indoors. The old block darkening was buggy and slow, so it was disabled and replaced with the current system, which may or may not be what is in gold.
  10. 19.3 is not showing available in Steam at all. Is this something you all can fix or is it on Steam?



  11. Hopefully everyone can get it now, since Steam just installed it for me.
  12. Next year. We have been working on other things.
  13. The higher your FOV, the more fish eyed it gets. Decreasing FOV should help, but you will see less.
  14. Wandering hordes randomly skim along the edge of where a player is, so maybe you just got (un)lucky and they have not been noticing you? That would be an interesting thing to bring in closer as their target's GS increases.
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