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  1. Football player and cheerleader are gone. You can hope. Tweaking will happen right up until gold and after.
  2. Not what I work on. Art and design will do what they think best and have time for.
  3. You can change it in vehicles.xml. <property name="velocityMax" value="9, 14"/> (normal, turbo) <property name="motorTorqueMinQ" value="5000"/> (was for quality levels, but we just have 1 quality now) <property name="motorTorqueMaxQ" value="5000"/>
  4. We have no control over that. Unity would have to support it.
  5. Probably no. We support what Unity supports in the built in rendering pipeline except for TAA. Maybe someday for TAA.
  6. Wandering hordes should not be changed. They are random, so perhaps you are just randomly getting none.
  7. Music is being worked on, but don't think sounds are getting major changes. Vehicles textures have been changed, so they can be tinted by dyes.
  8. Ironically, that and rabbits were discussed yesterday, but don't hold your breath.
  9. A20 probably not A21 possibly so
  10. Not likely. It may be even worse this time around with the huge amount of new blocks and all the RWG changes. Fixes to those types of features during experimental will often require restarts.
  11. I consider any tech Unity makes available in the engine, but that new feature, like DLSS support will probably need HDRP, which we are not upgrading to. Probably because eventually someone might notice and edit the sound data. After 19.5.
  12. Artists often preview/render/show a model with an environment map around it so the reflective surfaces have something to reflect.
  13. See these changes in 19.5 release notes. Voxel mesh pooling Distant terrain decreases mesh detail when farther FindTagInChilds does not make garbage Distant POIs to use a shared material Improved chunk LOD update Optimized chunk object handling and frame timings Optimized terrain mesh generation Optimized terrain control textures to not update with every mesh update Optimized distant terrain tile size Optimized VoxelMesh AddMesh Optimized distant terrain render order Block preview for normal blocks leaking a mesh on each update ItemClassBlock CreateMesh having to destroy unneeded colliders Empty voxel meshes were being created Distant POI mesh and material leaks Distant POIs could load and leak extra invisible objects This game is not done. Pretty much all games go through an optimization and bug fix period for the last x months of development. Being early access, this game goes through a small version of that with each alpha.
  14. A20 is currently on Unity 2020.3.1. I'm currently on 2020.3.10 for testing. A20 will probably end up on a slightly newer version than that. None of that means DX12 or Vulkan will be working great. Unity may have fixed issues, but there can easily be more. In the Unity editor, on the version I am testing, DX12 started to have a huge drop of 40 FPS, so I went back to DX11 and it was fine. There is a reason they still have DX12 marked as Experimental.
  15. It might be better or not. UE5 would not just make the game magically better. The code would probably be c++ and might run a bit faster, but c# compilers have been making good improvements, so probably about the same. Release speed would be really slow, since we would have to learn a whole lot of new tech and redo a ton of work. 1 Don't know what they are planning. 2 Sure, but I doubt it will be your list.
  16. Lol. Yous guys crack me up. Exactly 3 months from the day i said that would be really low odds. That leaves us with a 99.5% chance it is more or less than 3 months. Well, I was counting since adulthood.
  17. 1. Nope 2. Maybe 3. Possibly 4. Never
  18. I don't know. It probably just picks one from choices or none and replaces the blocks in the area. Not likely. Clothing would not change like you think. That is all one mesh and full textures. What might change is accessories being hidden, like a hat. provided the artists split them into separate objects.
  19. Today's work. New tech that should stop loot containers from floating by attaching them to what is below. We had that happening in the new sewers, so needed a fix.
  20. 2001: A Space Odyssey. The dawn of something new.
  21. Maybe not that high, but there are a lot!
  22. I did mention bandits. There are actually multiple types of collision. The collision that would be disabled is the character controller collision checks. If something entered/changed the volume then collision mode would change. We do know how to make this stuff work and if it didn't, I'd have 5 testers telling me in 1.2 seconds. Ironically, they would possibly be cheaper that the current sleepers, which do have their character controllers on while sitting there. Not on my radar. I probably have 20 or 40 things to do before that, so likely time will run out.
  23. Yes since spawns in POIs are controlled by sleeper volumes. So enemies can wander around. Like bandits would move about. Because someone added it to the project many years ago. I can find all kinds of models and anims on the internet and slap them in, but artists generally like to do high quality specific case assets for their games. Besides some bugs, trying to get client side block stability to be calculated to work with changes to block placement visuals.
  24. That is not as simple as it sounds. Is that a hill or a staircase or a bunch of blocks placed like a stair case or a combination of all of it. Should the AI beat the side of the hill because you are 5m up it? No. It would not make sense. So you have to looks at all those blocks, which is slow and try to figure out what the 3d cube of blocks around and between the zombie and you mean. Tons of edge cases for nonsensical behavior. They are sleepers that move about in a small area. The will cause more overhead, but hopefully that can be balanced by optimizations that allow them to say, follow a rarely generated path with world collisions disabled. We have several artists that do zombies. There is a shark model and animations in the project, but not being used.
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