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  1. I probably said they could be done fairly easily, not that they are, because you could reskin a zombie as a bandit, stick a weapon in his hand and say "look bandits!", but we are planning on doing something better than that.
  2. I don't know what extra traps there would be. Don't think drone is going to have any weapon mods. Traps might be referring to traps in POIs.
  3. A20 is on a newer version of Unity, so Vulkan may be better (or same, or worse).
  4. We have had the LightLOD code for 5+ years. I'm fixing problems in it, not making it suck the performance from your computer.
  5. Issues with LightLOD code and prefabs.
  6. There are 20 ticks per second. On any single tick, there will be no more that 2 sleepers spawned period. This applies globally to all volumes, so any remaining volumes will have to try on the next tick. Snow, probably not. The rest I don't know.
  7. In A20, sleeper volumes will globally only spawn 2 per tick. Wandering is the same.
  8. It is a new model. The AI acts the same.
  9. I added and edited a few things too.
  10. 1 Makes sense since you want the main thread and graphics threads on the the best cores by themselves. Don't know how we would make Unity do that. Added to TODO list. 2 boot.config is generated by Unity during a build. We do not change it directly. gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1 is already in A20's because graphics jobs is a player setting that was turned on months ago. I did not notice a performance boost, but it would depend on what your bottlenecks are. Thanks
  11. Features and the data formats that back many features will continue to change until beta. Beta should happen before gold. That means previous alpha's worlds usually won't load. The simple way to lock in and not break your worlds is to not update the game, which would be similar to us saying hey we are done now and everything in the future is 7dtd 2. Now if you locked in to a version, you would be missing all the new features. Like the massive pile of new block shapes coming in A20 and shape UI that goes with it. I'd prefer new zombies not act like old zombies, since then it is just a reskin, which is boring. Maybe, but not planned.
  12. It is just called the Rad zombie. It is an AOE attacker by using its special move. It can still hit you like normal. Feral weight? Don't know. Probably new models before gold.
  13. You are asking the wrong guy. I don't really know what they are planning with any of that. Yeah, that could go either way. I usually just make stuff up as I go based on what someone might have wanted modified by what I want. This guy needed something different, so today he got a vomit burst attack. Artists may change those particles, since those are just mine.
  14. That would be for grass and small plants. There is a new grass shader Justin did that I merged into the old, since the old one had vertex anim and fade out we needed to keep. That uses different calculations for lighting, so it looks better. Justin also improved a lot of the textures and tweaked the world's ambient lighting. I also cleaned up the grass/plant mesh generation, it has much more variety now, but with the same simple collider shapes for all of them. Biome decoration generation code and values have also been tweaked.
  15. No. I decided it was not worthy enough being the starter vehicle.
  16. Seems ok to me, but yeah the white is not the color I would use. Nope. Not part of the design. I did just commit the files, so the basic feature is done. May do some polish on passenger hand position or use a different anim. If modders change the xml, it actually can. You can add all kinds of seats at any position/rotation you want.
  17. Yes. Extra seats make it 5 vehicle mods for A20. Testing minibike now, which also supports another player on the back. It is probably final for A20.
  18. All the dye colors. You just put them in the cosmetic slot.
  19. How do you think he got that hair?
  20. Vehicle driving changes are not planned and feel fine to me. The gyrocopter is technically an airplane and they do not fly like a helicopter. Someday I would like to add a helicopter that will fly like a helicopter. It will hover and be easier to fly than the gryo, which I never intended to be easy to fly, since it is the starter crappy flying vehicle.
  21. First person view would probably come first. 1 Not locked at all 2 Same decals 3 Same speed, but yes it could use some improving 4 Just for testing. I have not started playing real games
  22. There are no plans for it, but it could happen someday.
  23. Trees will probably not change any more in A20 other than whatever changes happened over the last year.
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