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  1. The stealth check is in there. It is per zombie.
  2. Not disabled. Using in New game UI or Advanced gen UI are both enabled.
  3. Nice! What CPU/GPU and video res?
  4. It is a Unity effect and Justin and I have already tweaked it as good as we could. Increasing the blending actually causes motion blur, so we kept it low. We would have to customize their code to get it any better. Or they could update it, but they don't really improve the built in rendering pipeline anymore.
  5. I spent many hour this weekend fixing some block entity culling issues. It should be greatly improved. Sleeper volumes are 3d, so they are already managed vertically.
  6. In New Game it should show as a choice in Game World, like pregens do.
  7. The meeting was at 11 AM, but I said noon in a post/chat/something since anything can change and people don't need to know every exact detail, since they love to tie you to it. Just a lot of things hitting the main thread leading to spikes. I've spent the last year occasionally hunting the spikes and reducing them. A big one was chunk collider mesh baking, which now happens on a separate thread. CM now causes certain blocks to not reduce in count, which makes it easier on POI designers. CM is off by default, but if player does not wipe all their files, it could cause odd issues.
  8. There was no time set. We just made the hopefully final build and are still testing. Any date/time we give is of course going to differ with all the time zones that are in the world and potentially be after midnight for some people.
  9. One of the first things I noticed on Friday. I've spent many hours this weekend analyzing and fixing. Found our block entities were the issue with no culling or bad culling distances. Code now adds missing culling, enforces a minimum and warns us if devs don't set any renderers for a LOD level. Got big FPS boosts. Ultra Object Quality has also been reduced a bit, since this was hurting their FPS for little visual difference. MP paint bug was also fixed. Saw TexCubSF having trouble with his group not seeing each other's paint. Perfect examples of how streamer weekend allows us to watch real players test the game and fix stuff before a ton of people get hit with the issues, which would make for lots of complaints and duplicate bug reports. Now we could have our own testers play the game and somehow stream it, so we could watch and do the same fixing, but it would still release on Monday either way. Our own testers would also have to stop playing to repro the bug and make a report. No fixes yet. This alpha I've not spent a ton of time on AI and with all the new blocks combined with ducking, it needs more work.
  10. Massively positive. Maybe 90%. You always get the 10% who liked whatever some other way.
  11. We have made 3 builds since the streamer release and there is no final build yet, so we don't know. The team will be meeting around noon to discuss.
  12. We do as needed or if people choose to. There were 11 changes to SVN today by 6 different people and many are watching streamers, testing and making bug tickets. I do at normal times, but releasing is not a normal time.
  13. I understand your point. There is value in planning and many people work better with a strong structure. I'm self motivated and just tend to like to jump around and work on multiple things. Brainstorm stuff and just do it. I actually get bored working on the same thing for more that a few days. Documentation also bores me, so I prefer to do the minimum to get a task moving along.
  14. I do not believe in working 70+ hour weeks or even 60 hours, except in rare occasions. Several studies over the years and my own experience tell me you get diminishing returns until you reach a point you are so burned out, you make extra bugs and bad decisions, subtracting from what you actually fix or improve. Meaning you could of just stopped at 50 hours and got the same net amount of work done.
  15. Well, my post was specifically about the game industry. I don't care how long it takes to do other types of programming. We do tons of experimentation and deal with lots of unknown problems. You know how many times I have to fix a bug that can take 5 minutes or 5 days? A lot. How do you schedule how long it will take to fix an unknown amount of bugs that take unknown amounts of time to fix? You guess and guesses are often wrong.
  16. LOL! That only works when your feature takes 5 minutes to do or you are just copying someone else's idea. I exaggerate, but it is usually the case. I never trust how long someone says it will take to do something in game dev. Usually it is x2 and I've worked with people where it was x3. At a past company we would ask if it was "done, done, done", because at "done, done", it was still not. I saw a case with horizontal bars (yes, saw it on a stream!). Possibly path gen top down ray casts are missing their collider (thin or off center?), so it looks open.
  17. Many choices devs make are not great. Game development is a lot of experimentation. Dev teams internally often add or change features and later find them not fun or impractical or resource hogs. Early access just exposes this to the public, who then if they choose, get to experience all the back and forth of the design process. We try to minimize that with public releases, but there is only so much time to test things or else people complain you are too slow and don't release updates.
  18. Of course you would and so did everyone else years ago. Those vehicles are now trashed and gone, leaving you with roadside junk and stuff you build yourself. In any event, it is a game and it is designed for fun, not realism. I can pick apart this or any other game, but I'd rather ignore the nonsense of, in this case, zombies and just play the games or watch the movies they are in.
  19. Sure we do, if it is a major bug. It may not get released that same day, since it needs testing by others, but it would get worked on. Just like I saw performance issues today in downtown areas and debugged it and made some improvements. Needs more work, so I'll continue tomorrow, to hopefully go in a Sunday build to be ready for Monday.
  20. Actually, lots of games take many years and tons of alphas/betas, you just don't get to see it, because they are not early access. I don't care how long a game took to make, as long as I got my money's worth. I buy plenty of normal games and have no clue how long they took to make. I buy some early access games and will sometimes play them right away if it looks far enough to be a good experience like I did with 7dtd years before I was an employee and I certainly got my money's worth. Other times I just wait for them to finish and then play to get the full experience like I did with Black Mesa. Now I could have just bought it when it was done, but it was a deal on sale, so I took the chance and just purchased it and then ended up waiting several years.
  21. Not interested in Linux. Have not had a BSOD since then. The BSOD error codes were vague. I have updated gfx drivers and windows updates, so you never know what may fix something.
  22. No, but you can hope for it. Big problems are like the game crashing. These 3 arlenes over here looking the same is not.
  23. All our tinting is a way for a color value to be multiplied with a gray texture generally using a mask. The zombies may use it at some point, but art has to be changed.
  24. Experimental is basically a buggy version. Some features may be added before stable, but generally nothing major, since the goal of exp is to fix bugs and tweak before a stable release.
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