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  1. Project 7 is a collection of tools which can be useful for server owners. Focus is on adding features other mods don't provide and PvP servers. The mod is currently in beta but has already a varity of unique tools. A lot of new features are planned, but feel free to show off me your ideas. Feature spotlight: Raid detection & discord raid alert bot Anti zombie base griefing Advanced zone system with real safezones and much much more Discord chat/kill messages Module List: Anti Base Logoff - Punish players for logging out inside enemy bases Anti Chain Explosion - Prevent mass explosions Anti Tree Spam - Prevent tree spamming on your server in various ways Ban Manager - Keep Admin/VIP permissions when banned for a short time. Biome Spawn Manager - Fix biome zombie spawns Claim Cleaner - Deactivated inactive claims Claim Limiter - Limit claims by player level or playtime Claim Spacer - Keep space between claims without a need of a deadzone Falling Blocks Limiter - Full or lite prevention of falling blocks Kill Messages - Modify kill messages in chat Late Wipe Helper - Help players catch up high level players LiteNetLib Monitor - Auto. restart server on LiteNetLib freezes Prefab Protection - Prevent claims, bedrolls, traps inside/around POIs or allow quest reset even with a bedroll inside Raid Detection - Various options to deal with base raiding, from alerting offline base owners, over adding buffs to attacker/defending players, to auto. removal of zombies when they are abused to destroy a base Sleeper Spawn Manager - Adjust spawnrates of sleeper zombies 0-100%. Prevent sleeper spawn on bloodmoon Team Balancer - Add buffs to players depending on their current active group size TileEntity Limiter - Limit workstations/power-sources/turrets within range TileEntity Tweaks - Auto. lock placed doors Vehicle Cleaner - Give players time to join after restart to pickup vehicles before they get deleted View Distance Equaliser - Enforce the server max view distance as a min for players Weather Manager - Change fog density from 0 - 100% ( vanilla ~20% ) Zones - Advanced zone system with varius options ... more ... even more planned For download & enhanced support join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/KeGx4qsRbK Source-Code: https://github.com/Zipcore/Project7
  2. Hello everyone. I'm currently working on a pvp server project and I like to write a Discord bot which alerts players when their base is under attack. If there is enough demand I would make a server admin friendly version you could use too. So far I have already proof of concept that this is 100% possible, but before I write this down I like to collect some ideas. Furthermore I like to add a system which limits per player claimblocks by the time spent on the server and would integrate this too if there is interest in such a feature and possibly more pvp related features. Please notice that this is meant as an addition to other tools like ServerTools, PatronMod, BC or whatever, so I would like to avoid including features they already provide if there isn't a good reason. Is there a demand for such a tool and what would you expect from such a tool? Are there other features you would wish you had for a pvp server?
  3. https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/ModAPI GamePrefs.Set(EnumGamePrefs.DayNightLength, 120);
  4. There are some things missing for me which would make this game a lot better for me (at least) and propbaly others. 1. Rotating prefabs in world editor - Replacing, deleting etc works but could be improved, but I have to rotate them manually each time using xml files and need to reload the game to take effect. 2. Ability to remove items using the API.cs - Would be the seed for TONS of cool features me & the community could develop. 3. Extended drop on death setting: keep equipment only I hope I'm not asking for 2 much but those additions would make me really happy. In case those features somehow already exist I would like to have some info how to make them work.
  5. Hello there, currently I'm working on a small project where I need to control which items a player drops when he dies. Does anyone know how I can get the backpack entity and give me some hints how I can make this work? I can use EntityPlayerLocal.GetDroppedBackpackPosition to get the position and then cycle all entitys until I got the closest one. But maybe someone knows a better way todo this which is more stable in case there are multiple backpacks at this location.
  6. Well if the player doesn't have the prefabs he can still join and play, ... but he won't be able to see those POIs when the chunks are not loaded by the player and it will give a lot of warnings when the player connects in console.
  7. Thats what I did but it becomes annoying when you have todo it over and over again plus you have to wait until the biomes.png is overwritten. However this only affects the preview map not the game. I can even edit the biomes.png when the map is generated with POIs already. Thanks for clearing this up, I thought this is related to nitro before. I thought about something more simple but I will consider this when I need a new map. Thanks a lot for this one. That sounds more like what I was looking for.
  8. Thansk for this neat tool! I've made some tests and there are some things I like to suggest. When using "use import_HM.png & mask.png" it shouldn't overwrite the biomes.png. Is there a reason heightmap & mask are upside down? If not would be nice to have the the same way as the final map. Could you add a new color to the mask to add trader spawns? And I know this meight be a big one, but: Would it be possible to add street helpers inside the mask aswell?
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