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  1. I ended up settling on a population density of 60 combined with survivalist difficulty. A reasonable number of zeds lurking about and a tiny bit of a challenge to kill them.
  2. Upping my test server to Survivalist difficulty and lowering the population density to 50. We will see how this plays out.
  3. Perhaps a delay in re-spawning the zeds at the edge of the map after they are killed. This might create a ripple effect where the zeds wander in waves. How low have you set the population density mr.devolver?
  4. I love this mod. Been running this on my test server and here are my observations: Initial server settings - Insane difficulty, walk-walk-sprint-sprint, 80 zombies plus vanilla walkersim settings This was very very intense. After a few minutes there were zeds everywhere. We had to continuously run to avoid getting overwhelmed. It was difficult to do much non-killing activities due to the constant throngs of zeds. Tried a different set-up. Second server settings - Warrior difficulty, walk-walk-sprint-sprint, 64 zombies plus vanilla walkersim set
  5. For a dedicated server, you simply copy the mod into the Mods folder. That's it. The viewer would need to be set up to work with the server, so I did not try that. What was neat was seeing the initial "wave" of zeds slowly appearing on the horizon. I felt like I needed to keep moving or risk getting surrounded by too many zeds.
  6. Running this now on my test server and so far so good.
  7. Your skill points would be awarded once you complete the trader quest. You could also make wood frames and all wood items require a nail as well. That places a much larger value on the forge. Alternative 7dtd starts are kind of fun to explore. Wasteland only maps are really easier than you might think. The key is to scavenge everything that is useful.
  8. Here is another one for you to try. Your normal settings, wasteland only map, no starting inventory (The Duke took ALL your stuff), no traders and no skill points for completing the starter quest (just award 100 XP). It's a bit of a different start with no free skill points.
  9. You copy the nitrogen map folder (located in the output folder) to the /data/worlds folder for your server. You can use an FTP program to do this. Once this is done, you will need to also edit your serverconfig file to change the following: <property name="GameWorld" value="your world name"/> You might also want to name your save game file to be the same as your world name. Hope this helps.
  10. I bow to your greatness Aldranon. These are certainly interesting discussions.
  11. One players "hardest" settings equals another players "easiest" settings. When he plays on nightmare settings with horde nights every night, uses nothing more than a stone axe for the entire game, uses no perk points and turns off all loot, then perhaps he might be worthy of his silly icon. Until then, he is just trying to swing his little e-peen around the forums.
  12. Was gonna do this myself, but why reinvent the wheel. Great mod Orsey.
  13. 7dtd 2 will be a game everyone's great grand kids will be talking about and playing.
  14. @Damocles, any chance that you could add an "add burnt forest option" without linking it to the wasteland?
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