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  1. this mod is the bees knees!
  2. Can we please get block shape 393/395 (ramp incline filller) as part of multiblock selection? It is currently only non-upgradable wood and corrugated metal. It fits nicely with wedge pieces.
  3. If you are holding certain multi-shape blocks and aim at certain other multi-shape blocks, you can choose "copy shape" from the radial menu. Can we please have this enabled for ALL multi-shape blocks?
  4. sarcasm detection mechanism malfunctioning
  5. A few ideas... Progression Tier 1 perks should unlock crafting tier 1 items, instead of tier 2 as it is currently. The current setup renders most tier 2 schematics worthless because it only costs 1 point to unlock the crafting. Maybe move the requirement up to tier 3 so there would be more of a skill point cost. Tools Add 1 more tier between stone and forged iron (perhaps scrap?) and one super tier that could only be crafted with its corresponding perk maxed out and no schematic existing (such as diamond-tipped). Expandable stacks Perking up in a specific weapon skill could raise y
  6. i agree with this idea. the more options you can cram into the pre-game the better. For example, to this day I still don't understand why 'drop nothing on death' was ever removed from the pre-game list. I know how to get around that but still, how is 'no zombie spawns' a vanillla option but 'drop nothing on death' isn't? i fully understand that's not how YOU would play but that shouldn't matter.
  7. seems to be buggy too. the wife noticed sometimes she can hack down a whole tree and her stamina would sort of flutter between 90 and 95, never lowering. she put her axe away to kill a zombie, took it back out and chopped another tree and the stamina actually went down normally the 2nd time time without changing anything else. not enough evidence yet to submit a bug ticket but if we notice it happening more and can reproduce we'll get one submitted. just keep in mind just because you didn't intentionally change it doesn't mean it's not changed..
  8. this mod is so awesome i can't wait to see what the update brings D2D rocks!
  9. troll "bug reports" should be ignored and deleted.
  10. lol @ how many F5 keys are getting grinded down to dust after roland said 'incoming'
  11. is your editor compatible with a17 yet trollol
  12. surprise surprise, streamers not trustworthy and their friends got the early access codes
  13. with the new empty open cabinets, will the chance to loot nothing from real, non-empty containers be lowered or removed?
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