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  1. @faatal @Gazz @madmole Question, its a cosmetic thing i was thinking about. When it comes to lighting, i know we have the red blinking lights and stuff, but have you ever thought about making it possible to add the paint we find for our weapons to lights? I would be neat to have a red hallway and all we have to do is find red dye and equip it onto lights, could that be a thing one day, fyi i have no idea how hard it would be to get the lighting looking good haha
  2. Did something break with the last update, now when a zombie dies from bleeding damage, i no longer get exp, kinda sucks with a knife build, also as odd as it seems when i shoot a wolf during the day with a pistol sometimes they run away, its really weird.
  3. Fair enough, sometimes i read into comments from way beyond left field haha, im kinda waiting for something in game kinda like can trip wires as a signal something is coming, or an alarm that sounds when you enter a room that triggers zombies in the house, making kinda like a mini horde, the paper and glass on the ground is too easy to ignore now, a setting to make them more or less sensitive could be neat though
  4. To expand on that, we could call it a special screamer, maybe use the same model but have her colored different, say a black dress instead, and when she wakes up in a poi she screams, not summoning a new horde, but waking up the others and possibly even changing some into a higher tier zombie for added difficulty, we could call her Siren as a placeholder name, maybe even have her spawn on horde night and when she screams some zombies "glow" like have a red mist around them meaning they have a boost to health and damage, kinda like a bard in dnd
  5. You know what I would love to see, when you attack a zombie with a shovel instead of the digging animation, you get a sideways slam with a nice dong noise, id so do a shovelman run in the game hahaha
  6. well with enough perks the workbench is faster so i figure we all got used to that nice crafting speed boost
  7. ive always crafted it in my inventory, just type wheels
  8. I hope that we can get seasonal clothing again, i remember the xmas hats and they were amazing for stats and boosted warmth in the snow biome, i kinda want costumes, maybe to look like certain zombies or simplu costumes in general with varying stats
  9. I play on medium graphics and the game still looks amazballs, i lowered my field of view and it improved my fps amazingly, and them fixing the little things do actually help the fps when those little things clash, do you got anything to actually add? like something you know could help the fps or did you expload?
  10. I would but im doing this run completely boycotting shotguns or rifles, including the turrets, machinegun turret and junk turret work still for me lol but if i can get the red blinking lights i will, i think they are only available in the cm mode
  11. i just need to replace the entrance lights with the blinking red ones for fun haha, and my wooden floor is being replaced with bulletproof glass as i get it
  12. i am, perfect spacing between to i have plates on the outside, rounded tops for walking between them so if one is going to fail i walk to the next, simple, easy to implement, can make bigger when demolishers show up
  13. im no base designer, i have fun but im liking how this worked out and looked 7_days_base.wmv sorry, its downloadable, for some reason i cant get it to load a video in that format lol
  14. Can i make a request for game options? I was thinking about it and it does work to have loot abundance and loot chance tied together, but what if we had them separate? like leave the loot abundance at 100% but we can change the chance of loot actually being in the container by a certain percent? I'm not saying its broken, just thinking of interesting things. And increased belt size, this makes me happy, now i can keep everything i want on the belt without swapping, hopefully haha
  15. This is the front of my base in my knifing world, im liking how its turning out and i didn't even have a plan for it, i do kinda wish the lighting had a multi block selecter like our building blocks, cleans up menus and gives us lighting choices lol
  16. Welcome to Master Baiters Fishing Emporium, we come stocked with the best bait you masters can throw on your rod, our rods shrink and extend for your baiting pleasure, we also have a house recipe for pickled eggs, love them or hate them the fish like to bite those eggs as well, so come on down - cause even the end of the world will not stop someone from being a master baiter... On a side note, i wouldn't mind seeing fishing in the game, we don't need to physically see fish swimming but to cast a line and relax and sometimes pull up armor, zombies, fish among other junk would be kinda cool
  17. As long as he sells pickled eggs, mega crush and beer we are good, ill take some moonshine too lol
  18. A poi i would not mind is a different grocery store, a place where you have a chance to loot eggs in the coolers along with meat and stuff, the shamways are neat but more variety is needed, like a competitor, could call it stubbs as a call out to the game stubbs the zombie, Stubs Convenience, and even maybe have open freezers in the isles where we can find canned food and such, just an idea lol
  19. I wouldn't mind seeing a food buff you gotta work for, like for grilled steak and boiled meat as an example, have an added effect for the last rank of master chef make it so the basic foods you can make do more for you as you have gotten more skilled at cooking
  20. Challenges and fetch quests that you have to work for could be kinda cool, if they worked on making it a thing i would be totally down for it
  21. She died in a funny way, she can't stop staring at me and my shiny knife
  22. It truly is my favorite pistol in any game, with it being in 7 days i fell more in love
  23. When I mention utility vehicles i do refer to water trucks, fuel trucks, trucks with a portable generator, would be kinda neat to have, drive from one base to another and hook up your vehicle to the grid to power it using the gas in the vehicle, able to be modded with bigger output as well as larger capacity (gas/water) it would help players make multiple bases and give electricity more purpose without losing anything, sure it would knock generators down a bit but they would still be used im sure, just some ideas since i know vehicles will get an overhaul at some point, i hope we can make a military truck and it has a stupid large storage given its size, i was looking forward to it till the grease monkey book was taken out for now hahaha
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