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  1. I can agree and disagree with you, like if it got changed to something like, home 203 on yada yada street, would be world building. Same time i dont mind the way it is especially for those that like to modify buildings in creative they know what to look for in the files One thing i would love to see though, is some of the houses that have fallen to disrepair and buisnesses that have broken areas, id love variation in them so an example would be messiah_01, messiah_02, messiah_03, where some areas are not broken, paths are different, it would be more world building, but that would be down the road
  2. Agreed, im picturing a mix from say fallout and metro for the making in a sense
  3. I wanna know what the pistols animations will be like id like to think we would load a pipe pistol in the rough way we would load the red9 from resident evil 4, through the top either with a track or one at a time
  4. I remember that happening back in old a15 and on the xbox, would stop dead while the next stuff loads, was kind of a pain haha
  5. I remember that was a thing in Zombi, and if you died on the way to the corpse with all the weapons they got scattered and lost all over again
  6. I have a very dumb question, was it ever considered with the new zombie types to possibly enable an option to have both old and new zombie types in the world at the same time? I ask this as far as variety goes, the updated textures are awesome not gonna lie, this was just an odd question that popped into my head.
  7. With the armour sets, are you guys thinking about tools or weapons that could go with each set for an added bonus? Like for the farmer it could be the iron shovel as a special one to find and depending on how many pieces of the outfit you have could determine how many boosts the tool gives? So for the miner as an example we could have a legendary Iron Pickax then say you only have the helmet it gives like a 10% extra block damage, gloves gives an extra 5% swing speed and stuff like that Oh and not going to lie I would love to have a policeman outfit in the game, simply because it would be awesome haha
  8. There was something from a19 that im curious if a20 will have it, there was going to be a grease monkey book that would allow you to craft the vehicles in the enviroment, so the cars, busses and such could be driven, is that still a thing or was that removed completely?
  9. I haven't gotten to watch the stream yet, lol, but that looks amazing, and seeing how different pieces give different bonuses as well as a full set bonus, im loving that detail, thank you for the screenshot, i so cannot wait to see what else is in store, even if its early stage sketches
  10. Someone mentioned radiation mods for resistance, does that mean the rad suit is coming back? Its one outfit i miss cause it was such a milestone to complete the set lol, if its still in the game its damn rare, but with that will we have rad zones or would it simply help with defence against glowing zombies or cop bile?
  11. In regards to the power restore quests, does this mean there could be a chance to repair generator banks and battery banks in pois that are existing for say someone wanting to live there and kinda do a repair to live type playthrough? im just curious
  12. It is good to hear that the water is getting a work on, even a bit, i also am looking forward to the updates for vehicles this round
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