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  1. Well this update was no joke, loaded into my world and ran into 2 direwolves and a bear straight up, the animal increase is very noticed right away, i like it
  2. Whenever I get this i simply quit and reload and it fixes it for me, i think its chunks not being loaded properly yet unsure of the cause fair enough, i just figured it would be fun to add in, be a sought after book, almost like that grease monkey book that was originally gonna be in game, though im betting it got pushed back. i do like finding a ton of books in game, makes it so fun to loot for them
  3. Hey @madmole i have a thought for a book series in the game, what if we made a book that helped to improve the stacks of ammo we can carry with a description like..... Surviving in the apocolypse has taught me much, including how to better pack your ammo, now you can carry 25% more of .... ammo, could also be used for other types of items as well, what do you think?
  4. i like the roads that abruptly end, makes me think that the wildlife has overgrown that part of the road and beyond for roleplay purposes, cause who knows how long the zombies have been here since you were dumped off by the duke right.
  5. I admit, im not good at thinking up stuff like that lol, but it gets the gears turning for those more adept at it, i like yours so much better than mine hahaha
  6. We could always do something like Agility - Movement Speed increased by 2% per rank and reload Speed same percent Intelligence - Crafting Materials Reduced by 4% Per level and Crafting Speed Increased by 2 Percent per level Strength - Bow Damage increased by 3% per rank and 1 Less Encumbrance Level per Rank Perception - Ranged Weapon Sway Lessened per Rank and Ranged Damage Increased by 1% Per Rank Fortitude - Max Health and Stamina 1% Passive Increase Per Level and Stamina Use Decreased by 2% Per Level Those are examples i tossed together out of the blue, nothing i would consider perfect by any means but maybe a starter point for conversations on balance and possible skill reworks and removals making room for different perks
  7. I kinda want more types of explosives for destroying blocks, like back when we had tnt and dynamite, that was fun for demolition, i haven't played with c4 yet to see how I like it or not
  8. I have noticed the nights are a little brighter than in 18, not a game breaker but it doesnt have that dark feel anymore, still creepy but it does feel too bright
  9. I have never needed to run and reload so i never saw a use in run n gun, sneaking with a bow has new appeal to me, though my aim sucks with my mouse hahaha, but all this arguing isn't truly productive. I'm trying to think of new perks that can be added into the game which would make sense, like metallurgy and when taken it could help reduce the amount of metal used to create ingots and metal related items and maybe increase crafting speed of metal related items, lol, im odd that way.
  10. I wouldn't say no one likes stealth, i have found stealth appealing in certain aspects even for fun As far as the attribute debates you directed me too, i admit some of the stuff is true in the arguement, but i do think it is fairly balanced right now, i never perk into stealth myself but i look at it as more points into what i want. To the comment about master chef being weird in strength, well to remain strong you gotta cook awesome stuff, somehow it makes sense to me beyond words.
  11. What terrible leveling system? I'm finding it the same as always if not better cause it is a bit slower
  12. So far I am loving this experimental, my playthrough has been super lucky so far for my channel, i found a grace farm and the book for super corn by day 5, haha. Other than luck I am enjoying how the looting is tied to gamestage, taking lucky looter aside from looting speed almost seems not needed now, but nice to have. The combat i feel has more realism and difficulty wrapped into a rotting bow, the zombies not flinching from guns and having melee being smoother (at least i think so) is a nice treat to be sure. The stumble and fall the zombies do when breaking out of closets or busting the bottom block to break in is fantastic I have not gotten to try any of the new guns yet but the blunderbuss has shockingly become awesome, i definitely am loving it in a new light (i still wish it had a flintlock pistol as a counterpart with shared ammo lol) All in all this has been the best alpha update yet, even my computer runs it smoother than the past ones, hurrah to you guys and gals
  13. Question, is the grease monkey book in the game? when i looked at the skill books i didnt see it (i could be blind) or was it not working right?
  14. Turns out a simple verify of files helped, first time it ever happened lol
  15. I need some help, this keeps happening when i try generating a rwg, im not sure what im doing wrong?
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