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  1. With the passive radiation hazard being considered, how about if we could build a powered cleansing device to open up a practical way to build bases in the Wasteland? I'd love the idea of making maps that are mostly or entirely wasteland and you need to keep purification stations fueled and powered to survive that creeping death. Could have air purifiers that nullify the radiation effect and expensive Detox stations that cure rad sickness at an accelerated or instant rate. Requiring power would keep them limited but could create a whole new flavor of gameplay.
  2. I know the balance isn't going to be in A19, but just not visiting the trader doesn't help on PvP servers. I like the new loot balance but in terms of getting T3 gear it's sort of locking the door and then leaving the window open. Was just wondering if there was a plan already in mind.
  3. Got any ideas yet for how traders are going to be balanced compared to looting? Maybe make high tier gear also require a "trade-in" of same tier gear along with dukes? Could even just be a one time requirement to have tier 3 gear equipped when you talk to a trader "You look like you know what you're doing, I'll let you buy my serious equipment."
  4. Talking of new quest types, it'd be cool to have quests where a horde is summoned at a PoI and you have like a short window to reinforce it. Could be difficult to implement though, especially if somebody takes the time and resources to reinforce it before triggering the PoI reset, but I always like the early game days where you just try to patch up a small house to hole up in. Maybe could have the quest be "spend the entire night in X PoI, expect wandering hordes to arrive."
  5. So Blunderbuss ammo? Which is what I'm saying should be replaced with this generic crude ammo, except it would supply all pipe tier guns.
  6. Could have all the pipe guns use a generic "crude ammo" that's cheap to craft. They're meant to be weak anyway so the bulk of the stats could just be from the guns themselves. Plus then actual ammo could be made a bit more scarce since you don't have to supply the early game.
  7. Are you using a weapon with a laser sight on it? If so then the flashlight button will toggle the laser on and off, you need to hold it to toggle the helmet light. And that would be a nice QoL change to have the helmet light always be priority for hitting the flashlight button.
  8. Maybe smaller wounds should be frequent and less harmful but stack up. Could just be its own debuff called "nicks and bruises" that just does like -1hp per stack and heal fairly quick on their own, but zombies frequently apply one or more stacks when they hit you. Could also have it occasionally apply from things like breaking glass and mining, but this would be tricky to balance without making it obnoxious.
  9. I think shotguns and rifles will both be more balanced once there are more ranged threats in the game, be them bandits or new zombie types that try to stay at and attack from a distance. For spears, I'd suggest that Javelin Master's higher ranks give it increasing headshot damage bonuses on top of the AGI bonuses to reward precision. It would also be cool to have a rope mod to automatically retrieve spears as long as they land within a certain distance.
  10. I'd like to see a tier 1 INT melee weapon where you make a taser by jamming a couple nails through and out of a flashlight that attacks like a knife. My original idea was a meat fork but it technically wouldn't work since the prongs are connected.
  11. It would be nice to get a unique texture/model for the broken vending machines.
  12. I've only fiddled with it in creative so I don't know how it plays economically or at high GS levels, but have you tried loading up with explosive or at least flaming arrows? Being able to rapid fire bombs with the compound bow feels really strong, but I as I said I don't know how they fair against mutants and irradiated Z's. Also getting two fairly distinct weapons under one perk is also pretty nice, the compound crossbow is a stealth powerhouse even without perks in bows or hidden strike.
  13. Had an idea about balancing chest loot with the PoI they're in; would it be possible to tie the end chest to the PoI's Clear Quest conditions and have that influence the reward? Like the number of areas cleared would apply a percentage to the loot amount, clearing say 75% of the PoI would be required to get full reward, which discourages skipping to the end.
  14. If I was the only player who wanted wanted to add aesthetic decorations to my bases, sure. But tons of people play on private servers with their friends and would like to build bases that are more than pure functionality and having an in-game way to enable such styles would go a long way. Plus I literally mentioned it as something to do "down the road" after the more core aspects of the game are implemented.
  15. Maybe down the road there could be an "Allow Vanity Crafting" world setting that enables the recipe for Vanity Blocks which function like wood/metal furniture items, mainly for private servers where griefing isn't an issue.
  16. I do like where the loot progression is at, but we really need to get the traders and their quests in line. Not much use locking up the doors while leaving the windows open.
  17. Have you guys considered trying to implement "dumb" filler zombie spawns? Basically enemies that have more basic AI and internal mechanics that make them viable to spawn in larger numbers to fill out the world. I was browsing mods for Rimworld, a game that starts to chug even with just a few dozen colonists/creatures in play, and somebody made a mod called Zombieland that uses very simplified bare-bones entities that can be spawned in the hundreds with little performance impact. Wondered if something similar could be done for 7 days for those who want the zombies to have more of a presence in the day-to-day play. Could be like desecrated zombies whose bodies are barely functional anymore. Low health, little to no xp value, basic pathing to approach the player and attack when in range, weak senses make them easy to stealth past and aren't too much of a nuisance to bases. Could give the game a whole new feel between horde nights and POI looting.
  18. I can understand a level 6 stone axe being better than a level 1 iron axe, but I'm at level 43 and just looted level 2 military armor legs that are worse than the level 6 padded legs I looted in my 20s. The only advantage the military legs have is +1% crit resist and durability, the armor stats are the same and the padded doesn't have any noise or mobility disadvantages. And I have a level 6 wrench that's better than a level 4 impact wrench, similar to your own situation, it's a common theme I'm noticing.
  19. I do think it would be more thematic if the primitive tier was rebranded as the scrap tier. A bent Yield street sign for a shovel, a shard of glass wrapped in cloth handle instead of a bone knife, I think it would be harder to try to make a shovel with a rock than anything else available in a post-apocalypse setting
  20. Thinking about the idea of adding an actual helicopter, I wonder if it would be interesting to add high end multi-attribute perks/schematics. Like there would be an additional tab among the perk trees with things the Helicopter that require like 9 Int and 9 Perception, could be a way to add the game breaking stuff in a reasonable fashion.
  21. Could be just a particularly good ratchet and a particularly bad impact driver with the random stat ranges.
  22. Wondering if stats or mod slots should be flattened or reduced on lower tier weapons, I'm finding that my T5-6 primitive tools are better than the first T1-3 iron equipment finds, especially if I've managed to find a decent suite of mods for them, which I can't even transfer to the new gear. Same goes when I start upgrading from T2 to T3 equipment, sometimes more since I have many mods by that point that I can't utilize on the new gear.
  23. Looking at my quest log the most recent one I had this happen would be either house_old_bungalow_11 or house_old_spanish_01, the one where you go in through a room at the top of a shed/garage, take a catwalk into the main house, go down through an underground facility, and back up ending in the first shed/garage.
  24. I know there are just sometimes traps adn that's fun, gotta go toe to toe now and then. But I'm talking entire PoIs, entire buildings that seemingly just say "Sorry, should have gone strength or fortitude."
  25. Is it an issue with certain PoIs or some other factor that sometimes makes stealth just seem completely nonfunctional? Full padded armor, From the Shadows rank 3, Silent jumping book, avoiding/breaking trash, and no crouch sprinting. Sometimes I can weave through a house sneak killing every zombie outside of the occasional intentional ambush trap, but other times almost every room is immediately woken and on me as soon as the red dots from quest tracking shows up.
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