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  1. Could implement a loot quality game setting. So setting loot quality to 50% would halve your GS when determining loot.
  2. I really like how bows and knives have built in sneak attack bonus, but it sort of makes Hidden Strike a bit redundant unless you're really wanting to hybrid stealth with other weapons, which in turn is difficult with hidden strike still being 5 perks. Some ideas to retool it, either by changing the base effect or by adding them at certain tiers; Grants a chance to inflict sneak attack damage even when spotted. Increases damage based on visibility Increased damage when hitting enemies from behind Stealth kills increase all damage for a few seconds Enemies have a higher chance to drop loot when stealth killed
  3. I vote for a mouth slot item like the cigar, maybe a "Particularly nice strain of Wheat" to give the farmer look to match the perks. Could be looted more commonly from farm POIs and rarely from harvesting crops. This would also have wheat be officially added to the game.
  4. I think a "Stamina Management" journal tip that unlocks when you acquire a metal tool would suffice. Could also add a line like "Metal tools are heavy and drain stamina quickly, eat and drink well for big jobs." to iron and steel tools.
  5. Think we can get a confirmation message for removing quests? Easy to do on accident since share and remove are right next to each other.
  6. I think it'd be neat for other INT melee weapons to not stick to the club-style form factor of the stun baton. Junk Taser, batteries hooked up to a steak fork, attacks like a knife Stun Baton, like a club Cattle Prod, attacks like a spear, heavily modified with like a glowing tesla orb on back end Would also be cool for T3 melee weapons to have special attacks, like a power attack with the Cattle Prod causing chain lightning and incurring a cooldown for the weapon to recharge.
  7. I suppose the food consumption will be fine for now until repair changes are in. I would like to see a sort of biofuel refinery that can take excess crops to make gas, and serve as an alternative to going to the desert for shale.
  8. Had the idea that once you have the relevant skill maxed out, that we can use weapon parts to reroll the stats on tier 6 items. Like T6 Item + 20 Parts + Other Crafting parts = New T6 weapon with new stats. Equipment parts kinda lose their value once you've found a decent T6 item that uses them.
  9. The VSS Vintorez would actually be interesting to see in the game, it has an integrated suppressor which would free up a mod slot. The 9x39mm bullets it uses also have steel tips that give it greater armor penetration. Though I feel like most people would want a .50 cal, and I can't blame them.
  10. Very nice, I can definitely see myself rocking this bad boy. I often think of the deagles used in Boondock Saints that have a large barrel weight attachment, could be inspiration for a model utilizing the extended barrel mod. https://www.imfdb.org/images/thumb/5/5d/BDSIIDeagle-1.jpg/500px-BDSIIDeagle-1.jpg And now we just need the VSS Vintorez added in as a sniper rifle. But I'm just a tad biased there
  11. Kinda surprised the magnum discussion has gone on as long as it has, but I think it does show how questionable the magnum's overall viability is. It'd be harder to argue something like the AK being superior to the M60. I would just like to reiterate that I don't think the magnum is useless, sometimes I still like to use it to get some piercing shots out, but it could be made less niche if it got some adjustments or a replacement. I would still prefer to have something like a Deagle that could be kitted out with more mods, but even just shortening the reload animation/time and increasing the effective range (currently 20m, vs the SMG's 30m) would go a long way, maybe let the 4x scope be used to turn it into a mini sniper.
  12. Not sure what you even mean by this. Find it hard to "manage" 6 strong bullets to outweigh 60 medium strength bullets. Especially when you can silence the 60 bullets to one-shot every irradiated sleeper in a treasure room.
  13. Maybe it's just myself and the people I've encountered, but a lot of the people I've talked to say it "feels" good to kill the big guys in 1 or 2 shots with the magnum, but it's more much effective to use an SMG with a 40+ mag (and sweet jesus the drum mag) with high hip accuracy and barrel mods and take out entire hordes much quicker. And I think it's not so much that the magnum is bad, just that there are other high powered clip-fed guns that could fill the same role but better. The Desert Eagle comes to mind if we're talking hand cannons, and they look badass with barrel attachments and could fit mods like extended mag and Rod & Spring
  14. Any plans to buff or replace the .44 magnum? Most people I meet that have tried a pistols build consider it to be the worst firearm due to the low ammo count and most mods being incompatible with it.
  15. Looks like Wood ctr plate can't be upgraded like a normal wood plate, seems like a bug. Also can't select a wood 1/4 block corner with frame or build it on a table saw. There's a 1/4 block ctr but no non-ctr varient.
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