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  1. Maybe pipe guns could be better suited as disposable emergency weapons rather than their own tier. Low durability and the inability to repair them would make them less viable to use all the time, but it's nice to have them early on when it can sometimes feel like you're smacking zombies with a wet noodle. Also been thinking if it would be better to have two separate skill trees, one for combat and one for utility instead of having them bound together.
  2. Perhaps traders should have most of their high tier stuff be behind it's own per-player tab. Then, in order to for the trader to actually start stocking that tab, the player has to sell/donate their own high tier stuff to the trader to level it up. Could be done with a "Requested items" board that rotates with quests. Sometimes they might want a ton of raw materials, or maybe they want some high tier food you happen to know how to make. Obv A21 stuff, but would be neat IMO.
  3. From watching the stream I can't help but think that the pipe rifle could have a more interesting reload animation. Maybe a latch that keeps the barrel closed, or a have that big lug nut need to be unscrewed a bit from the barrel in order to free it. Just something that could be a pet project for a future build if anyone on the team feels the same. Also going back to the idea of zombies breaking food containers, that could be an interesting function for attracting bandits when they're implemented. Could be based on quantity so having less but higher tier food would draw less attention that just stockpiling canned food.
  4. With the passive radiation hazard being considered, how about if we could build a powered cleansing device to open up a practical way to build bases in the Wasteland? I'd love the idea of making maps that are mostly or entirely wasteland and you need to keep purification stations fueled and powered to survive that creeping death. Could have air purifiers that nullify the radiation effect and expensive Detox stations that cure rad sickness at an accelerated or instant rate. Requiring power would keep them limited but could create a whole new flavor of gameplay.
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