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  1. My last run ends when I try to punch glass window with my bare hand and ate glass instead by mistake.
  2. A19 vultures tip 1) put spike on roof top to kill vultures 2) As soon as you spot them, get off your vehicle, kill the vulture. 3) If you are flying, use shift to fly faster. Hold S to back off while the vulture fly closer to attack you, as it get into range kill it with spear, it is really easy to do. Pistol works very well too. I find it hard to kill it with bow. As for inflection, know which POI has food/med crate, so you can find a cure. I always have splint/antibiotics in my vehicle inventory.
  3. mod to change vehicles color will be great.
  4. At what GS does the stone age end? As in starting to find at least a handgun in safe/gunsafe?
  5. Same here, same map, same inflection from direwolf. I spent a full day looking for honey, always a little too late. After using 3 honey I looted the T5 food factory for my cure.
  6. " What does the poi's and zombie volumes msg at the top of hated b173 msg mean in simple terms? Not sure what you mean by that. Screenshot of the msg plx?
  7. is the toilet pistol still a thing? I loot every container, and I have not seen one in this alpha.
  8. After the latest update I started a new game. GS 127 and I am still using a lv3 Handgun. (fine I sold a lv4 handgun before but it has worst stats) Full luckylooter + candy + lucky goggles whenever I am looting the important boxes. The spear, the DE, 2 combat sg, chainsaw I get from quest reward. The rest I get from loot. P.S. That lv 4 assault rifle has an insane base ranged attack of 88 which is why I keep it in my stash. In my last game I would have almost every lv 6 items in the game already.
  9. Interesting. At this point I am only doing the T5 shotgun something factory POI over and over again. I can kill 90 % of the enemy by stealth bow/crossbow. I notice there are spot where I need to switch off flashlight, cannot run/jump or else risk waking up zombies from another floor/room. Then there are areas where I can use sniper rifle without waking up anyone. I don't have "From The Shadow", but I am using Padded Armor with Advanced Muffled Connectors mod.
  10. 90% of the time stealth is OP, zombie's detection range is like less than 4 blocks. 10% of the time zombie detects me from miles away. Feels like something is broken.
  11. happened to me on day 3. I have 2 x blunderbuss (so I can chain 2 shot at once) + a lv1 handgun. Just enough firepower to kill it before it killed me. 14 HP left and somehow get inflected from the bite. I don't mind early game wolf/bear etc. Just don't spawn them on top of me please.
  12. lucky looter lv2~3 + lucky goggles + eye candy. I got my AK pretty early, even thou it is only lv1. I didn't spend any points in combat/survival perk. Eat canned food + charred meat, fight Z with stone spear and spam blunderbuss. Stockpile enough handgun/rifle ammo for the first horde.
  13. 3. Lost control of player's first person view. It is like when your mouse is broken and not working. I know the mouse is working fine because as soon as I press Esc I can see my mouse moving normally.
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