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  1. Can this ore extractor be damaged by wondering zombies/other players? I keep all 3 ore extractors that I build in within my landclaim boundary just in case of griefing.
  2. Is it possible to mod the ore extractor so that it can be locked with password? I keep having random people come to my base and grab my ore.
  3. I found a way to get though the stuck at loading issue. here are the step-by step 1) Has windows task manager open, keep an eye on the memory usage. 2) Launch the game, Connect to server as usual. 3) Now, if the game loads properly, the memory usage should raise. If it stop at some point, that means the game has stuck at the loading screen. 4) Back to the game at the loading screen, press F1 to bring in the command console. Use the command "reconnect" (without " "). I am not sure how this work but from what I can tell the game seems to be able to continue from where the loading progress break off.
  4. Guys I need some help. I am having issue connecting to a server. 95% of the time I am stuck at the loading screen with the last line that read: It is the same server that I've successfully connected to and played on for say 10 in game days. So I am abit confessed what may have been the cause of the issue.
  5. Living off the land is pretty bad as of A20. Way easier to just buy food from trader.
  6. In my opinion: Craft seeds--replanting is just a boring loop. It does not make farming(hence getting food) any harder. May be change it so that 1) Harvesting should not remove the plant. 2) Successful harvest is not guaranteed, points spend in living off the land improve the chance. 3) Remove the ability to craft seeds so every single seed you've found from looting/farming bundle is actually valuable. This way if you want some potatos, you can 1) spend your skills point on living off the land for better harvest. 2) spend your skills points on combat skills so you can go though POI faster, gather more seeds. The yield is bad but you can have more farm tiles to make up the difference. either way you still need to gather some seeds from outside so more POI raids.
  7. In my last game, I was gona craft my lv5 M60. Trader beat me to it and gave me a normal M60 bundle and tata lv6 M60.
  8. It is modded indeed as I have just found out.
  9. that is a rather offensive way to put doubt on what other player's experience. Yes it is the stealth boots. I know what I've found.
  10. I found a lv6 stealth boot this current game. It is from an airdrop bundle.
  11. May I ask you for more detailed steps? Like what command to use and how to find the related chunk.
  12. Ok let me give more detail how it is. 1) I was flying on my gyro. Trying to land on the roof of skyscraper01. Everything looks fine until the moment I somewhat crash/landed on the building, and mob started to spawn. 2) As the mob spawn, about 1/4 of the building suddently lost all it's floor and wall. So "naturally" mobs/me and my gyro fall to ground level. Furnitures alike are not affected and will hang on mid air. 3) So as I try to nerd pole my way to the ammo chest I notice something. If I place a block on the missing floor, adjacent tile will reappear. The building will look normal form afar so if anything, I will say the mesh is not affected. (or you can say the mesh is glitched because it should not look normal from afar when 1/4 of the building has vanished.)
  13. I am having this issue too. Since I am not the server owner I cannot provide logs.
  14. I am in lv137 and still missing some schematics (mostly from schematicsModsAndGeneralT2) and a lv6 pistol. I tried to go though the loot.xml but knowing which loot group a schematic falls into doesn't tell me which container/POI to go for. So I have a few questions here: 1) Any chance a trader has T2 schematics in stock? 2) T1/T2/T3 buried supply quest can sometime spawn a schematics. Can these spawn T2 schematics? 3) Does book bookshelf from all POI, which pretty much looks the same, has the same loots? Also in the server I am playing on, the skyscraper01 (which has many bookshelf) is glitched. 1/4 of the whole building is missing floor and wall. Starting a quest to reflash the POI does not fix the issue. Is there anyway from server side to reset that POI?
  15. I am not the server owner. Not sure what you mean by mod installed. I am not the server ower. I have not installed any mod. The server is listed as "vanilla file" on. Yet stuff like UI and backpack size are different than when I play single player.
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