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  1. This happened on top of a working stiff's store. On a side note, I thought I was out of ammo, but I think that weapon shoots in 3 round bursts, and it's semi-automatic. Didn't know that. that_was_cheap.mp4
  2. Dang! My light is low, but my noise is non-existent! My silenced TAR and Marksman Rifle don't even make any noise. >:D The ghillie suit didn't effect my light levels at all, but that might be because I'm using a mod that makes the ghillie suit installable in standard clothing. Otherwise, it's useless in anything but PvP, imo. So now it's more of a skin than a useful feature. Oh well.
  3. I have to apologize to @Maharin. The seed I was giving you, which I found in a text file, is not the correct one. I just discovered this by learning about the debug menu in another thread. When I opened it the seed listed was "PWSOLO2" Again, I apologize for sending you on a wild goose chase. 😕
  4. Just initial generation of the map takes a while. It varies between 4 - 8 hours. Once generated, starting the server and connecting to it don't take long.
  5. Great reply, Jugginator! Thank you so much! I'll give this a whirl.
  6. Are you joking? You must be joking.
  7. Perhaps, but sleeping zeds don't seem to care about a headlight. I use it mostly while I'm clearing PoI's.
  8. There another volcano on this map! It's at 300W 1700S. EDIT: Another at 3400E 2300S. My world must be along the ring of fire.
  9. I'm happy to provide any information you need. I just don't know what you need. EDIT: I'm not using any mods. That's the max # you can select in the serverconfig file is all.
  10. 16K, I believe. 16384 to be exact. I don't roll any other way. Yes, it takes about 8 hours to generate. No, I'm not crazy.
  11. This week marks the 5 year anniversary of when I purchased the game, way back in alpha 10, and I've now logged close to 1,700 hours. This is easily one of my top 10 favorite games of all time, and I'm having as much fun with it now as I ever have. NEW THINGS I LIKE I just experienced the gyrocopter for the first time this weekend, and it was a blast. I also invested points in parkour for the first time, and can't get enough of going all super mario on those PoI's. OLD THINGS I MISS I remember how dangerous towns used to be. They were crawling with zombies a
  12. Oh, I know. Zombie pop up is really bad in my games because PoIs are designed for the player to take a certain route, but as a stealth player, I reverse engineer these routes to surprise the zombies that are waiting to surprise me. When you clear the shamway from the top down, instead of vice versa, as it was design, zombie pop up is the norm throughout the whole thing. I often watch an empty room suddenly appear with half a dozen zombies or more. I've just learned to deal with it. This example upset me the first time, because I was so careful approaching those boxes, and then
  13. Yassir. The zeds are scripted to appear when you cross the catwalk. Come from above, though, and the game doesn't know what to do.
  14. Never fails. You're just tryin' to be stealthy and the zombies decide to pop up, literally from nowhere. 😕 P.S. Sorry for the potato quality video shamway_stealth.mp4
  15. SEED: PWSOLO2 W: 550 N: 2700 Have fun!
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