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  1. ok, i'm in Thx mon... i really do hate reading, im working on it tho
  2. damn my eyes .. lol 3.02.. good grief Soooo how do i get verified for discord again? Its only showig me 3 topics rules - wilderness - wild issues....
  3. I downloaded this from here on sept 13. I'll check the discord again because i have been a member for at least a yr now or close. But yeah.. thx for response.
  4. Hi, my latest gameplay do not have the updated construction workers or business men. I made a fresh copy f vanilla and i'm also runnin version 3.2, is this normal? Also.. since DF discord isn't posting updates anymore and the title here says 3.1, where can i go to manually check for latest update files and patch releases? Thx in advance.
  5. I hope you do cause after 1 more run today I will give up. I'm on one of the small maps and drove around the whole map yesterday looking for it. Today I will cheat and fly around, didn't want to but I'm on solo anyway..
  6. I am having a Blast with 2.3 TYVM for the awesome overhaul!!
  7. Yeah I have been dealing with this too. I only have 12gigs, I alt tab to watch Task Manager and once 7dtd pulls about 9gigs of RAM my pc freezes. I do get a warning from pc that the virtual memory is low but when I try to pause game, screen goes black and pc freezes.
  8. 1. yes 2. I believe if it has a Perk, the book was removed. 3. Open inv, look along the top and press ! with circle around it, find the quest you want, click it then look top left and choose an option (tag quest, look on map, etc.) 4. Maybe you can, experiment. Think it works on vanilla otherwise, dig some dirt then open inv and highlight dirt then click recipe and choose grassy, forest or whatnot and make dirt chunks to lay down anywhere and use hoe to till. 5. Run for your life or try to get head shots with whatever you got (if you lure it out place a barbed wire fence down for it to get stuck on). 6. If they don't see you, they will just break their legs and keep on moving but if they do see you, you will have to keep kiting them over the spikes to die..eventually. Hope that helps.
  9. I've seen @borekplays play some of this mod and I love the UI. I just read the mod description and it seem more Builder based. Are there any special zombies or quests? Bandits or Npc's? Awesome looking UI tho!!
  10. Check blunt crafting or tool head crafting, can't remember
  11. Scrap the wood for sticks. No more stick recipes.
  12. I believe bandits are still in there, I usually find them in the concrete military bases.
  13. This was an issue since release. The rule is to always put food and meds in toolbar before using.
  14. It's because of the extra recipes, whenever u open your inv or other workstations use the star "Favorites" and that will help.
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