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  1. What was your Loot Stage? My loot stage is ~320, and I am not able to find the acid at all... I need it desperately for Chem station and Learning Elixir
  2. Yeah, I've also had a robotic sledge placed on a concrete block ~10 blocks high adjacent to the stairs to push zombies down during the attack. It kept teleporting down without any reason, sometimes when nobody was around to shove it down.
  3. So you'll need to mine out a huge amount of stone. In order to not die of boredom and hunger during mining, you'll need high-end tools and max miner 69er / sex TRex / Strength levels. In order to obtain that, you'll need to gain a lot of XP, and the best way of getting XP is farming zombies. That's why you wouldn't want to hide from them deep underground, especially on Blood Moon nights.
  4. Also it seems they have nerfed XP for Zombie Moe ('Bloated Walker'). In A19 it was 750, now it's only 400, which seems little bit unfair
  5. Yeah, back in A15 there was a nice standalone setting "Zombie Spawning": Normal / High But at that time there were no sleepers in the game, and looting inside of buildings was safe...
  6. Well, for example Dying Light has zombie children... And it really adds to the game's atmosphere
  7. What's the name of the file? I would like to increase that time value.
  8. Do you want to pick up landmines or avoid them? To avoid them, find Urban Combat Vol. 5 book, and you'll be fine
  9. I had spawned the second trader (static) inside the Trader's compound once, and after that the main trader sent me to him for opening trade route. The funny thing is that after I had completed it, the next quests tier was not unlocked, as if the main trader suspected some sort of cheating 🥸
  10. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. In A20 for the first time I intentionally placed my horde base in the Wasteland to harvest fallen zombies loot bags, and it's really worth it, man! 😁
  11. Yeah, I set my morning time to 8 a.m. and enjoying 2 hordes a night. Each horde brings ~300-400 kills which equals to 300 - 800k XP/night. There's no way you can get so much XP by mining/building.
  12. Yeah, for me personally in A15 it was the main route to gain XP early game. When they removed it in A16 I was disappointed at first, but now I see such XP farming method was obsolete and it's a good thing it's no longer in the game.
  13. Yeah I had this bug too in A20. And my Trader was alive and well, he has not disappeared or fell through the ground, he just started teleporting me out for no reason... I used 'chunkreset' to fix this. It has some side effects, but overall it has solved my problem.
  14. In my opinion the decrease of HP for poles and plates is a justified and reasonable thing. I hope the devs will find a way to implement it properly. Though I also hope they remove the zombies poles damage buff which is 600% presumably when they feel they are stuck.
  15. Fire Station (the red one), because it contains 2 working Vending machines
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