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  1. Something I have noticed with Random Gen is that more often than not you will not get large POIs such as skyscrapers, hospital and etc. My idea for Random Gen is that every generation has at least one of each large POI.
  2. I understand that change is coming to the skill tree, I just hope it doesn't dumb things down too much.
  3. Joel, will you ever add some Dead Frontier style zombies to the game? By that I mean mutant nightmares. Don't get me wrong I like killing zombies, but this game needs more freaks and the Wights just are not that dangerous anymore.
  4. I have to say, those new zombie models are looking great. I hope we see some new comers though. I would really love to see some more dangerous mutant zombies though. Not sure if anyone has ever played Dead Frontier, but scary messed up stuff that appears in that and Dead Frontier 3 would be awesome. Horrible boss zombies that can really mess you up!
  5. Hey Joel, is it too much to ask for you guys to add a sailor zombie and Native American zombie to the game to complete the Village People line up? Maybe add a rare horde where a feral cop, biker, construction worker , Indian, cowboy and sailor (or soldier) appears and charges right at you?
  6. When will we start seeing some new zombie models? Kinda tired of seeing the same old crew. Would also be cool to see more special and boss zombies. Maybe even boss zombies that exist in the Radiation zone only? Would also be cool to have a Steam workshop option. One of the things I really wanna do is craft a custom map and share it and etc. A map editor which would also let you edit biomes and weather and events would be cool.
  7. I wonder when the new Alpha will be? Also when will radiation zones be added? They sound interesting.
  8. Hey Madmole. Will we ever see the return of the scary, dangerous big cities we had in the previous versions? You know, the ones with the green atmosphere and bombed out buildings? I feel like each map should have a super dangerous hub city that's filled with (even from day 1) hordes of very strong zombies of all shapes and sizes. The reward for all this danger and horror is the best gear which can only be found in the city with the bestlegendary gear only available at the end of the biggest, baddest city dungeons filled with all sorts of horrors and boss zombies. It could also be
  9. If I had to describe this mod it would be... tedious. Don't get me wrong, there are some parts that are good and I understand that this is a hardcore mod. But I think just because something is hardcore does not mean it needs to bore you to tears. The building in this mod is as stated, tedious. Building was already quite tedious however this mod increases that. For example, upgrade kits, these will increase your building time to insane levels. Realistically, with all the hoops you need to jump through you will not have a functional base by Day 7. Leveling is also painfully slow, this w
  10. Pictures speak better than words, so I spent a little amount to crate this to summarize my thoughts on A17. https://imgur.com/a/adrNhFD
  11. I really hope there is a way to add the A16 quality and parts system to A17, even if it is only through a full mod. Wouldn't mind it being an independent mod, because I'm not sure about installing a full mod until stable is out... Whenever that is.
  12. How many times have I said "both"? We can have both.
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