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  1. Well then I can't say why my game is freaking out on the blood moon. Is it a difficulty thing?
  2. The balancing in this mod is pretty broken. The first Day 7 came around and I was attacked by what I can only describe as a Day 2100 horde. Complete with radiated zombies, demons, bears and dogs and etc. Simply put any preparing I could have done was utterly irrelevant and a waste of time as there was no way I was going to survive that. It was so much that I honestly cannot tell if it was intentional or if my game is buggy.
  3. Is there at-least a way to disable the custom POIs? Because honestly, most of them aren't very good and feel off and some are down right goofy.
  4. Alright. Is there any way to enable trader protection? Because the guards are completely useless and don't shoot at anything and my first trader is in a snow biome and has a wolf and lion inside of it so now I can't progress.
  5. Have you thought about getting someone to model some boss and special zombies for you? I have to be honest, the pre made demon unity assets look a bit silly and out of place.
  6. Does this mod re-add the scary hub city from earlier versions of the game? Along with the dangers it had?
  7. Will we ever see the return of the terrifying hub cities? I miss the scary and oppressive atmosphere. I feel like these could be like end-zones.
  8. Hey all. What would you guys say is the best Overhaul mode? I'm looking for something with the following: Is up to date and active. Adds new weapons and items that can also be modded. Adds new zombies and boss zombies. Adds new challenges. Makes the game scarier. Generally just enhances the game. Also, is there a mod manager for 7Days?
  9. Something I have noticed with Random Gen is that more often than not you will not get large POIs such as skyscrapers, hospital and etc. My idea for Random Gen is that every generation has at least one of each large POI.
  10. I understand that change is coming to the skill tree, I just hope it doesn't dumb things down too much.
  11. Joel, will you ever add some Dead Frontier style zombies to the game? By that I mean mutant nightmares. Don't get me wrong I like killing zombies, but this game needs more freaks and the Wights just are not that dangerous anymore.
  12. I have to say, those new zombie models are looking great. I hope we see some new comers though. I would really love to see some more dangerous mutant zombies though. Not sure if anyone has ever played Dead Frontier, but scary messed up stuff that appears in that and Dead Frontier 3 would be awesome. Horrible boss zombies that can really mess you up!
  13. Hey Joel, is it too much to ask for you guys to add a sailor zombie and Native American zombie to the game to complete the Village People line up? Maybe add a rare horde where a feral cop, biker, construction worker , Indian, cowboy and sailor (or soldier) appears and charges right at you?
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