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  1. hi, i have a question, there used to be a Fantasy mod that had sorcery in it, are you the same developer of this awesome old mod? if so do you plan on turning this mod to a19? thanks!
  2. Fellas, join the mod's discord, there you can get answers pretty quickly from people there, not many watch this forums
  3. Hey Jax, i found a bug, when you eat or drink and the ammount you get goes over the limit you have (example over 170 on 120 base HP/STA) you get reset to the base, its supposed to be like this or it should stay at max for some time (the 170 on the previous example).
  4. You need lvl 10 for forge always, i had the same issue, when i got to lvl 10 i was able to purchase it
  5. Hello, i was wondering, is there any bigger storage boxes?, cause i made the storage box and has the same size as the classic storage box?
  6. a question maybe someone knows, im trying to create the saw table, but cant do it on backpack or personal worktable, i imagine it might need the workbench, but to make the workbench y need the wood planks that are made on the saw table? anyone knows? thanks in advance
  7. Hey sphereii, i dont know if this is a bug or intended, but the xmas trees most of the time are unhittable and sometimes they block paths entirely, sometimes zombos get stuck behind and they swing to nothing, they also have presents and other lootable stuff under them, but since you cant hit em you only have to avoid them, this happens mostly inside poi's, i think the tree's on the open can be hit most of the time.
  8. Hey sphereii, found a bug, you cant USE food or water from the backpack, have to put it on belt to be able to consume. Mod's looking awesome!
  9. are the skyscrappers enabled on randomgen or still disabled?
  10. I installed a few more modlets, and also the compopack for a17b208 and im getting this error: Small window inside the launcher window with : "None of the targets are working copies". Game still loads and works fine, just dont know why this error pops, if you click ok then it repeats several times, but like i said before, game loads anyways
  11. Okay seems to work fine, couple questions: 1.- To install modlets i just need to extract on the mods folder on the creater (copy) of the game or do i need to follow some way inside the launcher to do it? (iv seen "installed modlets" on the launcher but its empty. (Nevermind i found the manage modlets button) 2.- Will the launcher (and this copy) work with a server (bluefang) by just installing the modlets in the mods folder on the server? Thanks
  12. Gotcha, i didnt had selected the path of the steam installed game, testing it now.
  13. Hey Sphereii. I installed the test launcher and when i try to install game copy (test) nothing happens, m i doing anything wrong? Also, any ETA on when can we have modlets working on your awesome launcher, comes from a user that doesnt wanna taint the original game files and loves to let you do it for us Thanks
  14. Hello, i was wondering, what (where) is the makasin tower the hint info on the ESC screen thats shown? (or at leas how to identify it, anyone has a SS of it? Also, it says ground zero, city UNDER, is there a city beneath the ground? I read that the speed decrease on diferent biomes was removed, why im walking (and driving on the minibike) still slow for example on desert biome? or did i miss something? Thanks for the info.
  15. Ok got it, i think the server still has 4.0 So i think we gonna have to update and wipe Thanks for the information.
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