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  1. the mod for a19.6 wont update please fix. plus i cant loot anything can rocks but thats it
  2. Do you have plans to bring this to Alpha 19.4
  3. If there was a way for me to insert a photo I took a photo of the red but it’s too small for me to read but it’s not working for me at all
  4. You said works fine for you but it’s not working for me keeps crashing my game
  5. Oh by the way is the seven days to die darkness falls mod broken because it keeps crashing my game
  6. Bummer but ok I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly By the way I really love this mod Man U did really good
  7. If that’s the model that looks like the Glock 17 then yes is there anyway I could take that from darkness falls and add it to my modded server if there is please let me know I really like that gun last time I added a gun mod to my server it kept crashing my server
  8. can anyone tell me what mod adds the glock????
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