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Help me understand why my dedicated server keeps loading old world file


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After the B233 release, decided to start a new server. Usually it's as simple as changing your game name and relaunching. But not this time. No matter what I do, even deleting everything I can find and reinstalling, it still somehow loads an old world file. But where is it and how do I remove it?



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See below.



Sorry to not post the logs, but I don't think the passive aggressiveness is fully warranted. Maybe this is just a southern guy upset about a northern guys tone. But it's hard to tell tone over text, and I've had a rough day so maybe its just me. :)


Could have been a bit nicer with:


Here is the log file location:

Windows client as dedicated started through startdedicated.bat



lease find the appropriate file, open it, copy everything. Then go to ​http://pastebin.com, paste all the text in there, click Submit and then post the link in the thread itself. If the log content is too big to be pasted on pastebin.com, try https://justpaste.it/ or attach the log file to the thread.


Next time please fully read the sticky before posting found here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?37912-IMPORTANT-Please-Read-Before-Creating-New-Threads

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Sorry, but there's a reason you should look at the Sticky threads first. Especially in a Support forum. It wasn't passive aggressive, it's just about having you go take a look instead of feeding you the info like cattle raised for fodder. BTW, raised in the South, live in the North. :tickled_pink:



Looks like the world files weren't wiped.


Loaded world file from different version: 'Alpha 17 (b172)'


Save data is kind of all over the place atm.

For example, lets say your default game installation is at "D:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days to Die Dedicated Server", and your login ID on your computer is primortal. We'll use a world called BlockTest


Your save folder is going to be similar to the following path...

C:\Users\primortal\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\Mavisa Mountains\BlockTest


Your basic map data is now stored in the following path...

D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days to Die Dedicated Server\Data\Worlds\Mavisa Mountains


You have to delete both folders to wipe the save.


I've been in the habit of just nuking the entire dedi client engine and doing a clean download every couple of updates also.

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Well, I didn't wipe from b238 to b240 yet, and this is what I get on my Navezgane server....


2018-12-21T17:09:20 17.984 INF createWorld: Navezgane, Navezgane, GameModeSurvival2018-12-21T17:09:20 18.046 INF Started thread ChunkCalc
2018-12-21T17:09:20 18.046 INF Started thread ChunkRegeneration
2018-12-21T17:09:20 18.133 INF World.Load: Navezgane
2018-12-21T17:09:20 18.144 WRN Loaded world file from different version: 'Alpha 17 (b238)'


Not sure what to tell ya there.

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while i cant fully explain it and believe me i have tried to dig up info about... it has been changed to INF instead of WRN.


this line is for the level/world developers info only and it has no adverse effect on what we create in our games... it is basically where the level developers left off when they do changes to the base world structure.


i am the type to ask why and why and why but there are things we will never know about life. :)


it does only show up when creating new worlds so enjoy and worry not.


i hope this helps a little :)



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