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Issue getting enough gas


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RNGesus smiled on me and gave me an auger on like day 2 or 3!


My problem now is getting enough gas to power it. As far as I know you can get gas from oil barrels and gas pumps at Pass & Gas and from wrenching cars. Random POI's also have oil barrels around. You can only craft gas from oil barrels and oil shale. The description for grain alcohol says you can use it to make homemade fuel, but it doesn't seem to be there. And finding oil shale is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Are there any other ways of getting gas? If not, maybe the devs need to look into this issue and give us more ways to craft/find viable fuel sources.

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Pick up ever single red barrel you find. I have not any issue having 10k+ all the time by doing that and wrenching cars a lot. That is storage gas with enough in inventory to use the chainsaw, auger, and motorcycle. Red barrels are actually pretty, at least have been for me.

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dont forget the desert when you can up your mining and have good tools




depth="1" blockname="terrSandStone"> <resource blockname="terrOreSandPlusOil" prob="0.8130" rwgGenerationType="all"/> </layer>

<layer depth="10" blockname="terrSandStone">

<resource blockname="terrOreOilDeposit" prob="0.1300" rwgGenerationType="all"/>

<resource blockname="terrOreSandPlusOil" prob="0.8130" rwgGenerationType="all"/>

<resource blockname="terrOreSilver" prob="0.00030" rwgGenerationType="all"/>

<resource blockname="terrOreGold" prob="0.00020" rwgGenerationType="all"/>

<resource blockname="terrOreDiamond" prob="0.00010" rwgGenerationType="all"/>




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