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Attention Pimps,

Multiple third-individuals have reported one or more of your recent actions as being inappropriate.

Upon Review, we have determined the following actions are in violation of the book of judgement.

" not releasing alpha 17 / Making Gamers cry "


Your Pimperial right of exitance has received one judgement witch wil expire on your deathbed.

Please note that killing yourself will not resolve the judgement on your existence, as you will be reassembled as a semi-sentient servitor until your tithe has been paid to the Pimperium.

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well its about time! this is either gonna be a huge success or a massive failure. Me? I prefer huge success. I love this game!!!


A massive failure in that when I start the game it becomes sentient and spreads to all computers in the world enslaving human kind to play E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Atari clone 24/7?

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