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  1. I was referring to the drop in viewership in Joel's videos. What can explain the drop in active viewers, In your opinion?
  2. Developer videos on youtube, the 100k being the average viewership. Since A17, the viewership went from 200k+ average viewers to just below 100k, that is a sign of a community decreasing in viewership to me.
  3. (Disclaimer: From a consumers standpoint...) Weve gotton to a point now where we cant talk about 7 Days, without talking about the poor inconsistency of the devs. It doesnt matter if Borderlands 3 gets its updates becuase people have played the game and werent happy, It doesnt matter if Anthem gets it's updates becuase people played it and arent willing to give it a chance. Factorio was in development for 8 years, but was also given patches. 7 days does NOT get patched, only on rare occasions. When i think of Factorio, i consider those Devs to be interested in delivering a quality product
  4. If thats true Roland, Why is it an issue to implement all of these ideas into the game and let the player choose what core features to enable and disable? Wouldnt it be a more entertaining experience to try and play the game on different ideas? Like Playing on Ye olde A15 but with modern-day improvements? I guess from a Dev's prespective, itd be harder to try and optimize these systems all at once... Mod support anyone?
  5. Well where else are you going to get the data from? Just vivid guessing?? You are shooting down my arguments and not presenting your own... To refute this silly statement...If someone is passionate about a specific topic, they are inclined to write one positive or negative, whether they vent their fustration or pleasure in the reviews or Forum posts, I have written both positive and negative critiques on the forum, So thats why your argument is poorly misinformed. Are you really trying to insinuate that the Fun Pimps have their own private reviewing section of reviews? "The fact is, only
  6. "Basing your development around avoidance of negative input" There's no negative input because the game is optimized to function properly, Keeping consumers pleased and excited for future releases. We make sure were communicating and giving hope to the 30% of people we did not reach out to. (Mainly the bugs are fixed later on) "but how can you be sure what you're doing is really beneficial in the long run?" Because what is the point of planning to fly, when you cant even get off the ground? This is the oldest flaw in any long-term investment, its also the easiest to avoid. Plan from gett
  7. Being part of a team of Indie game developers myself, I call BS on this. here really is no "Stages" towards this, you can improve the quality of the game on any spectrum to please and provide evidence towards community engagement and commitment towards furthering an end goal. For example when we Release a patch, we make sure the game is completely optimized for near enough 70% or more of our core audience's PCs before release, So we dont get bombarded with negative replies and disrespectful comments. Please, please, PLEASE, stop comparing alpha releases that take hard work and effort to po
  8. Linkhead2

    Car Respawning

    it doesnt seem to work for me, Enever i try and load my game, a box pops up saying "uh ok, we've hit an error. Please leave athe Devs a message as to what could have caused this accident, it'd be greatly appreciated"
  9. im not sure, all these ideas remind me too much of a micture between Darkwood and Minecraft
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